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Come on, Seaweed Brain

Come on, Seaweed Brain

There was the lingered smell of seawater that was his signature fragrance, yet she loved it. His green eyes stared back into her own. It was like the sea was always with him. Sometimes, she wondered why she was so lucky to get him. Anyone could have had the son of Poseidon as their boyfriend. Okay, maybe not anyone, but she felt lucky to be his someone.

“Something wrong?” Percy grinned at her. His grin was the switch that made butterflies dance in her tummy. She couldn’t help it.

Sheepishly, she said, “Nothing, seaweed brain.” That was his nickname. It was something that she’d always call him. It would never grow old. He played in her curly blond hair that tickled his neck. They always did things like this, because it was the littlest moments that count.

The sun was ready to take a nap. They stood so close to the shore. The warm waves washed up and kissed their feet. Silence overcame the two. It wasn’t that they didn’t have much to talk about. Besides, they felt like they could share the whole world to each other. Tell each other secret that no one else knew. The ties of their relationship were much more than girlfriend and boyfriend. It was two lovers, two best friends, and two soul mates.

Percy tilted his head to kiss her forehead and she sat up a little more to kiss his lips. She turned to face him. The two entangled through a bond of love and warmth.

---- To Be Continued ----


It's uncomplete.


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Update please!!!

I love it! More
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I like it.
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