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The lost son of Hephaestus


Peter was almost ready to let Thanatos come and get him. He was bleeding hard from his left shoulder, and had a cut over his left chin. Two of his ribs was broken, that he was sure of. And the world was starting to spin. He cursed lightly as he was covering behind a dumpster still hearing the crackling and hissing from the gorgons that was after him.

stupid quest. He thought as he reloaded his two guns. They didn't look so special. True they where a sight of beauty. If you look really close. The details in the carvis was amazing. They never got dirty, They never got rusty. They where made of Celestial bronze, They where made by his father Hephaestus. The greek god of blacksmith, And fire. He had just gotten them. No more then a week ago, at his 20th birthday, his father had appeard at his front door, smiling. Clapping his shoulder and laughing. Saying that Peter was a true son of Hepaestus. Even if he had his mother's blood.

His mother...

He had thought about her the last ten minutes. His mother named Fr√ły moved from Norway, to the united states of America. Fell in love with his father. And brought up him. She was kind, always smiling. But also fierce if you made her mad. And she was well. Some would say beautifull. But Peter didn't see her like that. And then Camp Half Blood came to his life. Or rather he had run for his life towards that place at the age of 9. And now he was 20 crouching down behind a dumpster, bleeding and broken.

But he still had a fighting chance. He loaded the guns and waited. Started to plan his escape. When he heard the first Gorgon ''Coome here demigod, we promise not to eat all of you'' He shivered.. Right...... He didn't want that.. ''Yes we will only eat half.. Each'' Peter rolled his eyes. ''Oh yeah? If you eat half each, then it's a whole me. How stupid do you think i am?'' He yelled back waiting for them to come closer.

''I told you that wouldn't work!'' The first gorgon hissed ''How would iknow a son of the forge god would be smart?'' That made Peter really angry. ''Come closer and i will show you!!'' He screamed back ''Or are you guys the scared gorgon monsters?'' He asked them hearing them almost hiss extra loud. that should do it. He thought as he heard them starting to cuss at him. He rolled out from behind his cover, saw the first gorgon and fired his dual guns. The bullets went through the first gorgon, right through each eyeballs. As he fixed his guns towards the last one, a huge thunder appeared and a flash.

He closed his eyes and thought, maybe Zeus was mercyfull and had killed the last Grogron. But he heard her screaming and it was getting fainter. She was running away.. From what? He opened his eyes. And he saw the three fates. ''The son of hephaestus. Born of noble blood. He who stood next too Percy, Annabeth and Grover. Who fought the war with titans.. Shall be forgotten. So is the curse layed on you'' And they vanished. Peter looked around as he didn't see them or the last gorgon. He suddently got a chill. As he went to his pocket and took out his driving licence. It was blank


This is the prolouge, hope you guys enjoy.


please keep going!
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