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Seeking Happiness

Chapter 22

Thalia finished sharpening the spear, and brought it to me at the bottom of the stairs. "We just need to dip it in blood and it's done." I nodded, "We'll discuss it tonight. Right now is not exactly the best time."

We had already discussed and decided that by innocent they meant virgin. She had brought it to me in the assumption that I was in fact a virgin. The ancient Greeks used to hold virginal girls to the highest caliber. They would use them at the ultimate sacrifice to the gods. It would make sense that they would have wanted the blood of a virgin on the tip of the spear made to kill the the embodiment of all evil. Virgin's were pure, innocent, everything good; it was only natural that it would oppose everything Tartarus stood for.

That night Leo's brothers and sisters brought forth his shroud. On it were pictures of hammers and bronze dragons. We said out prayers and watched as the flame consumed him. It was tragic irony. His whole life he had the ability to control fire and now it was taking him away from us. It was amazing to listen to the stories. As much as Leo had thought people didn't like him, there didn't seem to be a single person in this camp that he didn't help. People came forward with stories of how he fixed their plumbing or built them custom weapons. He did everything because he wanted to, without any expectation of repayment. We all thought back to all the times he basically saved us just by fixing something. And now our favorite little engineer with his magical tool belt are hopefully in Elysium.

After our quiet dinner we all went back to Cabin three. Where we had most of our meetings. Percy pulled out my chair and helped me into my chair. At this point most of the others knew I was pregnant. Is been a little over a week since I found out that I was pregnant but according to one of Pipers brothers who specialized in babies, I was about three months along. The plans for our wedding had been put off until Tartarus was put down.

Thalia cleared her throat, "Well it's time to uh, dip this in some uh, virgin blood. For obvious reasons we count Annabeth and I out, so how about you Piper?" Piper squirmed and looked uncomfortable while Jason blushed scarlet red. I could feel Percy trying not to laugh next to me. He let out his giggles, "Jason you should see your face man." The tension that was so thick you could have cut it with a knife began to slowly dissolve, and before you knew it everyone was laughing. Jason smiled and shook his head, "It's funny I have Leo to thank for that. He kind of caught us making out and suggested we get a room. So we did." Everyone erupted into laughter again. You could always count on Leo to lighten any situation even in the afterlife.

Hazel raised her hand, "I believe I still qualify for the job." Frank rolled his eyes, "Yeah unfortunately." She swatted at his shoulder, "I'll do it, just tell me what to do." I took out my dagger and slid it down the table to where she was sitting, "Just cut your palm and let enough blood drip out that we can dip the spear in it." Frank handed her an empty bowl, with a worried look. "It goes against my nature to let you voluntarily hurt yourself." Hazel kissed his cheek, "I'll be fine, just a scratch and then it's over."

She sliced her palm open and held it over the bowl. After a minute or two Frank tore off a piece of shirt and wrapped it around her hand. She ate some ambrosia and watched as her hand started to heal. Between bites she looked at me, "Is that enough?" I nodded, "Yes, plenty." Nico took the spear and dipped it into the blood. The wood absorbed all of the blood quickly, like it was made to do so.

Percy squeezed my hand, "Now that it is complete we can officially go after Tartarus, the only problem now is finding him."



This is really good Pleease update!!!!
Or write a complete different story

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Garg0yle Garg0yle

I read all of the books years ago, but I have recently been getting into fan-fics. This is honestly the best one I've read so far. Only request is more of Grover, other than that one chapter it feels like you forgot about him. But great read overall!

rexdude99 rexdude99

I agree with both Ideas

So great!!!!! I actually love this soo much!!! Please update as soon as you can!

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