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Seeking Happiness

Chapter 28

The whole time Annabeth was giving birth the whole group was standing close outside the door, just waiting for the signal that it was okay to come in. Jason made a joke that Percy probably wasn't to happy with another dude looking at Annabeth's private parts. And then Hazel laughed and said the he shouldn't be, because Glen was homosexual. I shouldn't have been as excited as I was. I mean just because I found out there's another homosexual boy here doesn't mean anything. Maybe I don't find him attractive, maybe he's dull. Considering my last crush was Percy Jackson, this new mystery man had a lot to live up too. Which wasn't really fair because he didn't even know he was being judged.

As soon as everyone pooled into cabin three, I saw him. He was definitely handsome, I mentally kicked myself, of course he was attractive his mother was Aphrodite. He was tall, maybe a few inches taller than me. His muscles were toned, but not bulky, his hair was a honey color, you know kind of brown, with just a little hint of red. Then there was his eyes, they were a burst of colors, the predominate one being a dark, hard blue. His glasses sat at the edge of nose, which was spattered with a patch of freckles.

So... I guess you could say I was attracted. I found myself naturally gravitating towards him. He was talking to Piper about something so I thought I would join the conversation. "She did great, I knew she was strong, but she really was amazing. You should have seen the look on Percy's face when I handed him Noah, it was like shock and protectiveness all at once. It really was adorable. Then when I handed him Gracie you could just see the father daughter bond forming. I just love this, I'm so glad I was blessed with the gift of being great with babies." I nudged him, "So he didn't break your hands for touching his girl?" Those knowing eyes met mine, "I think we both know he was okay with it, well at least he was after Piper told him my little secret." He winked at me, oh gosh he knows. There's no way I'm that obvious. I blushed and ran my hand through my hair. He smiled and stepped a little closer to me, if I wasn't obvious before I'm pretty sure I just sealed my fate. "So Nico, how long have you known about my uh, little secret." I lookd at my feet, "Not long, only about an hour actually." He mussed up my hair, "No need to be embarrassed, I'm not going to tell anyone." I picked up my eyes to meet his, he had pushed his glasses up, but his eyes were still beautiful.

Everyone began filing out, I could feel his presence right behind me. When we got out everyone naturally split up. Jason and Piper to cabin one. Luke and Thalia to the big house basement, Hazel and Frank to Hades new cabin. I didn't really want to go back to our cabin if there was going to canoodling. I sighed and thought about where I was going to sleep that night.

A hand came down on my shoulder, "You know you're kind of cute kid." I spun around, "Kid? You do realize I'm probably like quintuple your age right?" Glen whistled, "You're looking good for eighty." I narrowed my eyes, "I'm actually eighty four, but if eighty is quintuple your age, that would make you... 16?" He nodded, "That would be correct, do you think you could find it within yourself to date a younger man." I wanted to say yes, I wanted to say I could definitely date him, but it seems I had lost my voice. So I just nodded. He grabbed my hand and lead me to cabin two, Hera's cabin. He turned on the light as we walked through the door. Everything was covered in dust. No one lived here because Hera being the goddess of marriage didn't have any kids. There was one bed that was completely dust free with a small cooler full of soda and snacks. He turned to a very old looking record player and dropped the needle onto a record. The sound of Kansas filled the room.

He sat down and patted the spot on the bed next to him, motioning for me to sit down. "I come here a lot, to get away from everything. It's not so much that I want to keep my sexuality a secret, but I just don't feel like it's my job to force everyone to be okay with it all the time. My siblings have never expressed any discomfort, but I just like to take a little time away sometimes."

I made a bold move, and took his hand. I knew what that felt like, to be afraid others wouldn't accept me. But he had more guts than I did, at least he told some people. I had only told, one, well now two people. He seemed grateful for my small gesture. He leaned his head onto my shoulder, "You know I'm just a natural cuddle slut, so feel free to let me know when I cross your comfort level." I just laughed, "I think I crossed my comfort level when I followed you in here. There's no going back, and I'm actually kind of enjoying this. It feels like I lifted a huge weight off my chest. It's like for the first time I'm wearing clothes that actually fit, instead of clothes that are way too small constricting my every move. I know that sounds weird but..." He squeezed my hand, "No that makes perfect sense."

We talked about our lives for the majority of the night. As it happened we had many things in common. We liked the same music, books, movies. Moments before falling asleep, him spooning me, I asked him something, "Glen, If you don't mind... I'd like to take your secret and... and make it our secret." He tensed up before kissing the back of my head, "It would be my pleasure."



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I read all of the books years ago, but I have recently been getting into fan-fics. This is honestly the best one I've read so far. Only request is more of Grover, other than that one chapter it feels like you forgot about him. But great read overall!

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