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Seeking Happiness

Chapter 3

We were all sitting around the table, the boys were digging into their breakfast. Jason was sitting next to me enjoying his waffles. He took a bite way to big and syrup started to drip down his chin. I laughed and grabbed a napkin, "That's real cute Jason." He looked at me, his brilliant blue eyes twinkled.

"Oh I'm cute, am I ?" Then he went in for a kiss and smeared syrup all over my cheek. I swatted at his shoulder , "Oh my gosh Jason, you got syrup all over me !" Leo looked up from his breakfast, "Sounds kinky." He wagged his eyebrows at us before going back to his breakfast. Jason blushed, "Leo can you not?"

"Sorry man, just trying to break the silence. Its really quiet this morning." He stretched out his arm and pilled up his plate with sausage and bacon.

I leaned into Jason's side, and he instinctively wrapped his arm around me. Conversation began to pick up and the tension slowly released from his shoulders. Jason always had this sense of leadership. To most people he might come across as stiff. But I know better, I know how goofy he gets when he tries to act romantic, how sweet he is, even how funny he can be when he lets his guard down.

I laced my fingers through his and kissed his cheek. I was starting to worry about Percy and Annabeth. They went to bed before everyone, and yet they're not a breakfast yet. Being the daughter of Aphrodite, I wasn't totally clueless as to what activities they may or may not be partaking in. But I still would have thought they would have been here by now.

Just as I was about to voice my opinion to Jason they walked in, together as always. They were inseparable. Not that I blame them, if I had been though what they had, I would never let go of Jason's hand. I subconsciously leaned in closer to him, and he responded by squeezing my hand and rubbing his thumb over my hand.

"Good morning everybody." Percy seemed to walk with just a bit of pep in his step. He took the seat on the other side of Jason. They chatted for a bit, Percy was one of the only other demigods that Jason respected as an equal. They tended to argue over the little things, but I could see them growing into really good friends.

As they talked I thought about last night, about the big step we almost took. I thought he would have been mad at me, but Jason really was sweeter then I would have given him credit for. After everyone had gone to bed he had sneaked over to my room.

I was in my usual pajamas, one of Jason's t-shirts and boy short cut underwear. I was laying on my side when he walked in, he quickly pulled off his jeans and his purple shirt and crawled into bed next to me. This wouldn't be the first time we've slept together, and by sleep together I mean literally just sleep in the same bed. But last night wasn't the usual cuddling we usually did.

He pulled me tight to him, at first I just thought we were going to spoon, but then he started to kiss my neck. Then his hand went up my thigh, paused at the hem of my shirt, but then boldly continued. He cupped my breast as he kept working on that hickey I was sure I was going to have in the morning. He picked me up and set me in his lap straddling him and started kissing me. Weaving his fingers through my hair.

We were getting pretty heated, a voice in the back of my head kept saying this was normal, teenagers were supposed to do stuff like this. I had a suspicion that was just the lustful Aphrodite in me, because every other part of me was yelling stop.

When he went for my underwear I grabbed his wrist and hesitantly pulled my lips from his. "I'm sorry, I just cant. Not now, I'm not ready." I couldn't look him in the eye, so he cupped my cheek, "Don't worry about it, hey I mean it look at me." I looked up and he had just a hint of a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. "I love you no matter what." I could still hear the words, "I love you" I couldn't think about it without getting butterflies.

I didn't even realize they were done talking until Jason took my hand shattering my thought of the previous night and lead me out of the top deck. He stopped at a pile of pillows, "I thought we could cloud watch." I smiled, "You are the son of the sky god after all."

We sat down facing each other. "So what were you and Percy talking about?" He didn't look me in the eye, "Honestly... Strategy." I didn't like the tone of his voice, "Strategy? For what?" He looked up, straight into my eyes, " For battle.... We're going to be attacked tonight."


This is really good Pleease update!!!!
Or write a complete different story

I can't believe I stayed up just to finish this fic. I love it. Please continue it

Garg0yle Garg0yle

I read all of the books years ago, but I have recently been getting into fan-fics. This is honestly the best one I've read so far. Only request is more of Grover, other than that one chapter it feels like you forgot about him. But great read overall!

rexdude99 rexdude99

I agree with both Ideas

So great!!!!! I actually love this soo much!!! Please update as soon as you can!

Percababies!! Percababies!!