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Ever’s P.O.V.
“Go away Nico.” I said, moving past him to pick up a pair of Percy’s jeans. I threw them in the basket I was using to collect laundry.

“C’mon Ever just let me explain!” he said, exasperated.

“Look, I know what I saw.”

‘No! It’s not- it wasn’t- I’m not into Rhine like I’m into you!”

“Really, because it didn’t look like you minded when that damn daughter of Aphrodite was rubbing all over you.”

“Ever, come on! I said I was sorry, but I don’t like Rhine!”

“And apparently you don’t like me.”

“Ever! I told you, she kissed me, I wasn’t- I don’t like her.”

“Go away Nico.”

He grabbed my arm, causing me to drop the clothes I was going to put in my basket. “Ever, I said I was sorry.”

I tried to shrug from his grasp. “Let go.”

“Not until you listen to me!”

I struggled, trying to get free.

“I believe she said to let go.” I heard a voice say; I turned and saw Percy standing in the doorway. Nico dropped my arm. He pushed out of the cabin, shoving into Percy’s arm, or trying to. Percy pushed him first; he stumbled out of the cabin, almost landing face first in the dirt.

I was pissed, pissed at Nico and pissed at Rhine and pissed at myself for being pissed at myself.

“Was he bothering you again?”

“When isn’t he bothering me?” I grumbled, throwing the laundry I dropped into the basket.

“Why do you put up with him?”

“I don’t if he didn’t let go in ten seconds he was going to take an unexpected swim.” I said.
Percy smiled his one ended smile. “That’s my girl.”

“What are those?” I said, pointing to a pair of boxers lying in the corner.“Pick them up; I will not touch your underwear.”

Percy sighed and helped me pick up the rest of the laundry and tidy up the cabin for inspection, I had to go up behind him and clean whatever he tried to clean, and seriously he can’t even dust. Finally both our beds were made, the laundry picked up and the evidence of Percy’s junk food obsession disposed of. I could watch him swallow down three bags of blue corn tortilla chips and a six pack of soda in fifteen minutes, he has a problem. I guess the blue food thing must run in the family, because the food at Percy’s mom’s house was blue.
I loved his mom; she was like a mom to me. I was an orphan so his family is as close to a real family as I’ve ever gotten. The first time I went over to their apartment I was really stressed so I just started cleaning. Grover eats furniture I wash dishes. I cleaned their entire apartment. His mom said she loved me and I was part of family ever since. Percy said there was a case of mistaken identity and I was actually the daughter of the god of Lysol and Dawn, I hit him in the ass with the mop.

Once inspection came around we got a five out of five, Annabeth was doing the inspection and she knew it was all me, she’s aware of Percy’s cleaning impairment.

“Good job Ever.” She said smiling.

“How do you know it was all Ever?” Percy asked, pretending to be offended.

“You can’t turn on a vacuum; I don’t even think you know how to plug it in.” I said, pushing him.

“I know how plug it in.” He said, mimicking my voice.

“Can you turn it on?” I asked, tapping my foot.

“Well.” He said, drawing out the word, he turned and dashed out the back of the cabin, diving
into the lake.

“Cheater!” I said, screaming at the water. I growled and whipped off my tee-shirt and shorts, revealing my swimsuit underneath. I leaped into the water, the moment I hit the surface I knew exactly where Percy was, I swam over to him, he was in his stupid little bubble. I liked actually being in the water. I waved my hand and his bubble literally burst, it sent a ripple through the water.

Now who’s the cheater?
He said telepathic-whatever-ly. Just like we can talk to fish and stuff underwater we can talk to each other the same way.
I stuck my tongue out at him and propelled myself towards him. I clapped my hands in front of my chest and a whirl pool formed throwing Percy around and up and out of the water. Even though I’m younger I’m the stronger sibling. I propelled myself up, rocketing out of the water and landing on the dock. I jogged over to where Percy was about ten feet away, stuck in a pine tree. His shirt was stuck on a branch so he just hung there while Annabeth laughed too much to actually help him. By the time we got him out of the tree night had fallen so we went to our cabins and went to sleep.

I was woken up by a cold hand over my mouth, my immediate reaction, though not a smart one wasn’t to scream but to bite. So I was pretty surprised when Nico di Angelo started cursing and screaming about me drawing blood. I jumped from my bed and grabbed my bronze daggers from under my pillow I pressed one to Nico’s throat and the other to the back of his neck, not allowing him any room to maneuver.

“How did you get in here?” I spat.
He choked on his response and I loosened the knife on his neck.

“Shadow travel.” I glanced over to Percy’s bunk, but it was empty. “He’s out, with Annabeth.”
I made a sound similar to a gag. It was midnight so I could only imagine what Percy was doing with Annabeth “out” at this time of night. Two campers who weren’t of the same parent are not supposed to be allowed to be alone together, and no one is supposed to be out after curfew.

“I just want to talk.” He said. I tightened the knife then dropped my arms, releasing his neck.

“Say what you have to say, and get out.”

“Ever, I’m sorry, I’ve told you before, and why won’t you accept my apology?”

“I walked in on you making out with Rhine!”

“I told you I’m not into her like I’m into you!”

“I’m not taking you back Nico.”


“Goodbye Nico.”

“I’m not leaving until you take me back.” He grabbed my arm and tried to pull me closer, but I resisted he pulled to hard, he dug his fingernails into my arm.

I ripped free of his grasp and kicked him straight in the chest; he stumbled back and fell out of the back of cabin straight into the lake. If the cabin wasn’t as close to the lake as it was I wouldn’t have been strong enough to literally kick him out.

“If you ever so much as step foot in this cabin again I will drown you.” I snarled at him as he resurfaced, I swatted my hand and the water shot him straight across the lake.
I looked across the lake and saw a light on in the Zeus cabin. There was a shadow in the doorway, I realized it was Ian. Ian was a nice guy, he was 16 and had short black hair that spiked in the front. He looked like one of those guys who would be on a motorcycle, and he was British. From what I could see he looked amused.

I walked back over to my bed and lay down under the covers. I could hear Nico get out of the water and grumble. I stared at the ceiling until Percy came back from whatever he was doing. I felt better when Percy was there, he’s always so protective over me, and it was kind of nice having someone to stick up for you, even if that person was an annoying older brother.

I slept pretty well after I kicked Nico into the lake except for my sore arm, I woke up before Percy as usual. I started sweeping the floor; someone had tracked in mud that had dried into dirt, either Percy or Nico. I made my bed and walked down to the showers. I wished we had showers in our cabins, but no. I had to walk from my cabin to the showers every morning. I was wearing a gray tee shirt and black sweat pants. I had my clothes in my tote bag along with my toiletries.

I took a quick shower and changed out of my pajamas, putting on my tight red tank top and jean shorts with my red flip flops. I brushed my hair, back but didn’t bother tying it up. I had on my white bikini underneath because I go swimming every day. When I got back to the cabin Percy was still asleep, his mouth was open and he was snoring.
I pushed his shoulder. “Get up.” I said, but he didn’t move. I put my hands on my hips and got an idea. I opened my tote bag and dug around until I found my little bottle of perfume. I put it at an angle and sprayed right in his gaping mouth. He sputtered and gagged, it surprised him so much he rolled right off his bed onto the wooden floor still gagging. I threw a bottle of water next to him and he ran towards the door, spitting and cursing. When he finally spat out as much as he could he gargled some water and spat it out.

“That was by far the worst wakeup call ever.” He said when he finally got the taste out of his mouth.

“Maybe if you hadn’t gotten in so late you wouldn’t be so tired, maybe I should tell Annabeth you need more sleep and less sex.”

Percy turned pale. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh please. What else could you be doing out with your girlfriend at midnight you couldn’t do during the day? Talking?”

Percy looked at the floor and took another sip out of the water bottle.

“Enough about your late night endeavors. I have a promise you need to uphold.”


“Nico showed up here last night when you were out. He said he wanted to talk, so I held him
at knifepoint and kicked him into the lake. If he ever steps foot in this cabin again I have to drown him.” I said in one breath.

“He was here?” Percy asked, getting angry.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Did he hurt you?” Percy asked, his face getting red.

I sighed and turned around showing him my arm, there where bruised fingermarks and it looks like where he dug his nails into me started to bleed at some point last night.
Percy pushed out of his chair and strode out of the cabin, still in his black tee shirt and blue plaid pajama bottoms. He walked barefoot over to the Hades cabin and walked right up to sleeping Nico and pulled him out of his bed.

“What the-” Nico began but he realized the situation and shut up, not voluntarily. Percy kicked him once in the stomach, causing him the scrambled for air. I knew that if Percy continued Nico might die, and I knew there was no way Nico could win since Percy had the Achilles Curse. But I didn’t stop him, I watched Percy beat the shit out of Nico, and I realized I was smiling. I didn’t step forward to stop Percy until I saw the pen in his hand and realized it was Riptide, if Percy drew his blade Nico would die. I pulled on Percy’s shoulder and yanked him back.

“Don’t touch my sister.” Percy spat and he kicked Nico one more time before pushing out of the cabin back towards out cabin. By then a group of campers had gathered but they parted as Percy stormed past. Annabeth ran after fuming Percy.
I walked out of the cabin but as I was pushing past campers someone grabbed my arm, I realized it was Ian.

“Walk with me.” He said. I looked towards my cabin where Annabeth was trying to calm Percy down. I sighed.

“Let’s go.”


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