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The Search for Ogygia

Chapter Two

Chapter two - Welcome to Deadly Demigod Life

After my mom kept swooning over the memories of her forgotten love and how I shared his dark hair and green eyes, I quickly headed to my room because I had gotten my lot of information for the night. Over the night, my mind kept wandering to my mom’s and Percy’s words and how they just fit together. About how my life fit Percy’s description, perfectly and the more I thought about it the more it just creeped me out. So, that’s why the next day, I avoided him as much as possible.
Until lunch, at least.
I had grabbed my tray and headed to a empty table instead of my usual, where Percy and Tucker sat. As I ate my lunch, I tried to seem as relaxed as possible. Nothing screamed ‘target’ more than a girl who’s uncomfortable sitting alone. Obviously, my efforts were useless because the meanest person on the planet approached me.
Her name was Alexia and she was a nightmare. By looking at her, you wouldn’t think so because she’s got the ‘I’m just beautiful and innocent’ look that most people just fall in love with, but I’ve seen her evil side. I knew that her glossy brown hair and pouty lips were makings of the Devil himself.
“Well, isn’t this a surprise!” she exclaims in faux tone. I try to ignore her by watching as the majority of students leave to go out on the roof. “Did you and Percy have a fight?” I didn’t respond because it would only fuel her, but I couldn’t hide my glare. “Who’s going to defend you, now?”
That set me off, though. “I don’t need Percy to defend me!” I snapped at her. “I’m perfectly capable of making you feel stupid myself.”
She grinned and I just about jump out of my seat as I noticed that her perfectly straight teeth had been replaced with yellowed fangs. “I’m going to enjoy killing you, demigod.” she sneers as her eyes glowed bright red.
I scramble up from my seat and looked around, anxiously in hopes that someone’s watching, but the cafe is empty. There’s a lump in my throat because I had a strong feeling that Alexia wasn’t joking about the killing thing. She crept closer to me with every step that I take back. As cliche as it may seem, I ended up with my back against the wall with no escape.
I searched the room, hoping to find something I could use to distract her, or fend her off. My eyes land on her feet, except they weren’t feet. They were hooves and one was bronze.
I had just about had it was the weird stuff by then and I’m pretty sure that I was starting to feel faint. In other words, I was going to pass out and Alexia would kill me without any effort.
As you can tell, I was having a stellar day.
She grabs my arm, so tightly that it’s painful and pulls me to her. Now, if she didn’t have a mouth full of fangs and donkey feet, I probably would have called her a freak and pushed her away, but Alexia was beyond freakish. She was downright monstrous.
“Now, don’t worry.” she said in a tone that made me worry. “Your death will be quick.”
I squeeze my eyes shut because I knew that I was a lost cause. I waited for some type of pain, or even maybe a white light, but it never came. Instead, I heard someone shout, “Hey!” from the other side of the cafe. I snapped my eyes open and glanced toward the noise. I almost cried when I seen that it was Percy, or it may have been the fact that I was thrown onto the floor.
Alexia shrieked at Percy and I noticed that he grins in response. “I knew you looked familiar, Alexia.” he said in a taunting tone. “It’s hard to forget an empousa as ugly as you.”
“You’re not going to kill me, again!” she growled. “Instead, I’m going to return the favor!”
I wanted to think about what she said because well, if she was killed how was she here? I was also wondering why she mentioned that Percy was her killer, but what happened next had my attention. She started charging towards Percy with her red eyes brighter than before. Percy reached into his pocket and took out a ballpoint pen. At the moment, I was certain we were doomed, then he removed the cap. The pen grew into a bronze sword causing Alexia to freeze in her place.
It gave me about two second to freak out over the pen thing, then Percy skillfully slashed at her with the sword, but she dodged it just in time. They do this dance where he slashed and she dodged and I might have been impressed if it weren’t for the circumstances. Finally, the blade hits her on the shoulder and she screeches as she dissolves into dust.
Percy wipes sweat off his forehead and heads over to me. “Are you alright?” he asked, warily as he touched the cap it the tip of the sword and it shrunk back into a pen. I started hyperventilating and he frowns. “Yeah, you’re definitely not alright.” he mutters.
“What in the hell was that?” I then shout, frantically. Trying to make sense of the mayhem. “She was talking about killing me and then she said that you killed her and that she wanted to kill you! Why can’t we just keep the kill-.”
“Aria, stop.” he interrupted, sternly. “And breathe.”
I then exhale and look up into his green eyes. They reflected calmness and I was trying to figure out how he could be calm about killing. “What’s happening?” I croaked.
Percy sighed, “I tried to explain yesterday, Aria.” he said in a low tone. Maybe it was just me, but I think that his tone might have contained a little annoyance as well.
“What does this have to do with my dad being a god?” I questioned him.
He raises his eyebrows in surprise. “It now makes sense why she tried to kill you.” he revealed. “It seems that you believe it.”
“No, I don’t.” I denied, feeling like a child who believed in everything someone said.
He rolls his eyes, “Alexia was an empousa and she happened to be the first monster that wanted to kill you. Congrats.”
I widened my eyes. “What do you mean by ‘first’? Do you mean to say that there’s going to be more attempts on my life?” I asked in fear.
He holds out a hand to help me up, I take it. When I’m on my feet, he gave me a sad smile. “Welcome to the life of a demigod.”
Considering the welcoming party, I didn’t feel so welcomed at all.

so, its been a while... Sorry. I've been focusing on school... I'm taking AP Art His and it's killer, so thank the gods for my background knowledge on Greco-Roman culture... Um, I arleady have the next few chapters written out, so its a matter of remembering to post.


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