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The Search for Ogygia

Chapter Four

Sorry! I forget about this site so often! I feel like a criminal. Two chapters for you lot, tonight!

Chapter Four - Welcome to Camp Half-Blood

Percy had me lead him up to the roof of our apartment building. I decided not to ask why because I had a feeling I wasn’t going to get a straight answer. Once we’re up there, he closed his eyes and seemed to concentrate. I didn’t question that either. His green eyes flashed open and he smirked. “Our ride is on it’s way.” he announced.

I didn’t know what he meant by that, I hoped he didn’t expect me to get on a helicopter or something. I didn’t like to fly. He points to the horizon and my stomach churns. We were flying.
In the distant was a black figure that was so far away, I could squint and block it out with my pinky. “What is that?” I asked, deciding that questions were necessary as the figured grew bigger.

“Blackjack.” he answered, simply as if it was the most detailed explanation. It went over our heads and landed behind us. I whipped around and saw a beautiful black horse... with wings. I was passed the freaking out stage. Too many strange things had made me numb to the weird and impossible. “He’s a pegasus.”

“I can see that.” I muttered, still unsure of the flying aspect. Blackjack snorted, and I catch Percy rolling his eyes. Blackjack must have sensed my hesitation.

“You’ll be safe with Blackjack.” he promised, then smirks. “This guy fought wars with me.”
The pegasus snorted, again. Percy laughs and I realized that he must be able to talk to him.

“You can talk to animals?” I muttered in disbelief.

“Only horses,” he glanced at Blackjack. “Horse-like creatures and marine animals.”

I took a deep breath and chanted my new mantra inside my head. Don't freak out. “Oh, thanks for the specification.”

He hopped on Blackjack’s back and held out a hand to haul me up. I took it and he pulled me up. Once I’m steady, Blackjack kicked off the ground and flew in the direction in which he came from. I clinged onto Percy, in fear of falling. I promised myself not to look down. “Where’s this camp, anyways?” I questioned to distract myself.

“Long Island.” he replied, quickly.

“And what will people think when they see a horse flying in the sky?” I pressed. Asking questions seemed better than paying mind to my surroundings. One look at the ground and I was sure that I'd hurl.

He turned and gave me a smirk. He seemed enjoy knowing more than I did about something. “The Mist hides things from mortals.” he explained. “They might think we’re a large bird or they might not even see us at all. I”m not sure how it works, but if it didn’t, I’d be a fugitive.”

I gave him a look. I was too beyond confused. “Do I want to know?” I grumbled.

He shrugged. “Probably not.” then there was silence for a while, but I managed not to scare myself by looking down. “There’s camp!” his exclaimed, suddenly. His tone was excited and I could tell he loved the place.

I resist my inner warnings and look down. No hurling, if you wondered. The camp was huge and a lot less Greek than I expected. Sure, the architecture was Greek and everything was written in Ancient Greek, but it just didn’t seem history textbook worthy. I assumed the only sport they’d play around here was discus, but instead there were several volleyball courts and even a few basketball hoops.

We landed next to stables and they were nothing special, but I heard a lot of chatter and it was odd because no one was around. Percy hopped down and helped me off the pegasus. I gripped the straps of my backpack and looked around me. I couldn’t see much from where I was.

“We’re going to go talk to Chiron.” he told me as he led me away from the stables to a four story building at the heart of the camp. Percy called it the Big House and I asked him if that was really the best they could come up with.

On the way to the Big House, I noticed a lot of things that separated Camp Half-Blood from a regular camp. Firstly, I don’t think many other camps have a dragon guarding a pine tree and then there was the issue on the abundant amount of weapons the campers seemed to possess. I’m pretty sure that if my mom knew about the weaponry these guys carried, she would have never agreed to let me come here.

We entered the Big House and Percy led me to a room with a ping pong table. Seated at the table was a pudgy, almost purple haired man, a guy with a rasta hat and an old man in a wheelchair. A rather odd bunch, if you asked me. “Percy!” the guy in the rasta hat cried. “You’re still alive!”

“Always, G-Man.” Percy replied, giving the guy a smirk. He then turns to the guy in the wheelchair. “Chiron.” he greeted with a respectful nod.

Chiron gave Percy and I a warm smile, his eyes were wary. I wasnt sure why. “A safe journey, it seems.” he observed. “That’s astonishing, but fortunate.”

Percy grinned back, “I’d call the mission a success.” he announced, proudly.

Chiron nodded in agreement, but the pudgy purple haired man mumbled without looking up, “Yay, another brat to look after. Bring out the party hats.”

I noticed Percy rolled his eyes at the man. It was understandable because the man sounded like he hated his job. “Perhaps, you should give Aria a tour.” Chiron suggested.

Percy gave one more nod and led us out of the building. Campers were greeting him as we walked. We head towards the cabins that looked nothing alike one another. One was bright red and gory, while another seemed to be completely made of plants. “Hopefully, by the end of the night you’ll know which cabin you’ll be staying in.” Percy told me. “You are sorted into the cabin that honors your godly parent.”

Now, I didn’t know everything about Greek Myths, but I didn’t ace Latin on good looks, so some of the cabins weren’t hard to pin down. Hera’s cabin, for instance, the peacocks carved in the marble were a dead give away.

After we tour the entire camp, we even revisited the noisy pegasus stables, we head back to the mess hall for dinner. It was already crowded with campers and at the head table was Chiron, though he now appeared to be a centaur and the guy with the rasta hat. I don't even question Chiron's new centaur status. Percy started leading me to a table when a blonde, that I realizes was Annabeth stopped in front of him.

“That was fast.” she commented. I noticed that her eyes were stormy grey and calculating. Looking back at it, I’m going to add intimidating to that list.

Percy smirked, “Hero of Olympus, remember?” he joked.

Annabeth rolled her eyes, but gave him a swift kiss. “You’re an idiot.” She noticed me, and pushed Percy away. “Nice to meet you.” she said, kindly. “I’m Annabeth, daughter of Athena.”

It was Percy’s turn to roll his eyes, but she didn’t notice. “Goddess of wisdom?” I asked for clarification.

She nodded, proudly. “And battle strategy.”

“You just can’t leave that part out, can you?” Percy mocked, and she shoved him, but he kept his balance. He then looked to me. “I wish whatever god would just claim you.” he told me. “I’d hate to think that the Hermes cabin might steal your stuff.”

I heard a loud, “Hey!” from the table behind us and assumed it was the Hermes table. Annabeth and Percy laughed. Annabeth leaned over to whisper something in his ear before she went back to her table. He didn’t seem troubled, so I figured it wasn’t bad news.

“Until you’re claimed Hermes is your cabin, okay?” Percy mentioned.

I nodded in understanding, “You never told me who your dad was.” I deadpanned before he can take off like Annabeth did. She was sitting at a table with a small bunch of blondes like herself.

“Poseidon.” he revealed. “God of the sea.”

I wanted to laughed because I realized it explained all the weird occurrences that happened when he was around water. Not to mention the fact that he was captain of the swim team. “That actually makes a lot of sense.” I admitted and he gave me a grin that said, ‘What can I say?’

He lead me to the Hermes table and addressed them. “Hermes cabin, meet Aria.” he told them. “She still undetermined, so be nice.”

“Will do, Perce.” One of the older guys, replied. He had a glint in his eye that made me remember that Hermes was the god of thieves and pranks. Reminder to watch my back. “You go can, now.”

“I mean it, Travis.” Percy said. “She’s a friend.”

Travis waved him off and he left. I watched him sit at an empty table. Maybe Poseidon didn’t hang out with too many mortals. “So Aria...” A guy who looked a lot like Travis said. I assumed they were related on the non-godly side as well. “How do you know the son of Poseidon?”

Travis nudged his brother with an elbow. “She just got here, Connor.”

I ignored Travis. “We go to school together in the city.” I answered Connor. Connor doesn’t reply because Chiron calls for the campers attention. The entire mess hall goes silent and I assumed that they all respected the centaur.

“Before we eat, I’d like to welcome our new hero, Ariadne Clark.” Chiron announced, everyone clapped. I was a little upset that he used my full name, but I was flattered that they even attempted to clap. it ceased when Chiron began, again. “Also, I’d like to remind everyone that we are due for a game of captur-.” He cut off and there was a gasp from somewhere in the crowd.

“Di immortales!” I heard someone, who sounded a lot like Annabeth cry out. ”I knew it!”

I was pretty sure that I heard someone mutter "Of course, you did." in reply. I realized that everyone was looking at me after her outburst, or rather above me head. I looked up to see a glowing green trident. The mess hall was silent. “Hail, Ariadne Clark!” Chiron exclaimed, breaking the silence. “Daughter of Poseidon, god of the sea.”

So what do you think, huh?
Thanks to those who left comments. I felt terrible that I hadn't posted.
Please excuse any errors! I edit some, but you know what they say about never catching all of your own mistakes. Thanks for reading and sticking with me, you guys are awesome!



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