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stuck with hermes

after percy explaining everything about the gods and how he was son of Poseidon i eventually fainted like the wimp that i am so percy and newt carried me to my moms house and at first i thought it was a dream but it wasnt but instead of fainting again at the sight of percy i had a little talk with my mom that went like so:

"so my dads a god?"i asked still overwhelmed by the fact

My mom sighed "look sweet heart i wanted to tell you sooner but-"she was cut off by me

"But what?!"i yelled ignoring the fact that percy and newt were still watching

"if i told you your scent would've become stronger and monsters would have found you more easily."

I sighed and sat down on the couch then ran my fingers through my golden brown smooth hair,"did you know who he was well you know really was?"i asked

my mom shook her head in response i sighed and percy stood up

"im sorry mellissa but Odin should probably get to camp soon before anything else goes after him."he explained

my mom stood up and gave me hug goodbye and i hugged her back

"i'll see you soon."i told her as i walked out of the apartment building along with percy and newt who was chewing on a tin can

we all decided to take a cab 2 words for that BAD IDEA. the three fates almost killed us and then dumped us on the side of the road when percy mentioned that we didnt have enough drachma to pay them with.

"it was your idea!"we all argued back and forth for about an hour when we reached the gates of camp

i looked at the writing that was in greek and couldnt understand it

"what does that say?"i asked him while pointing up at the foreign text

percy looked at me like i was crazy,"it says CAMP HALF-BLOOD."he told me and started laughing

"oh."i replied still confused why he was laughing at me

i looked ahead to see a girl standing in the arch way she wore an orange CHB t-shirt which was identical to percy's. the girl had grey eyes and blonde hair,"who's the newbie?"she asked percy

percy looked at me,"oh thats Odin and uh Odin this is Annabeth."he said while introducing us to each other

i waved in hello and she smiled back,"hey Newt you should show him around ive gotta talk to percy alone."she explained newt nodded and walked into camp with me

"so what do ya think?"newt asked after showing me around

"its awesome!"i replied and i couldnt actually say anything else because it truly was just awesome

newt clapped his hands together,"well now time to show you your cabin."he told me

"whoa! i get my own cabin even better!"i commented

my friend scratched his head,"well its not exactly yours. you see you kinda have to stay in a cabin until your claimed."he told me

i remembered what percy said about being claimed you had to wait until your godly parent gave you a sign that you were their son/daughter.

"so what cabin am in?"i asked newt sighed and opened the door to a cabin that we hadnt been through immediately my smile faded

there were 4 beds and not to mention all of the sleeping bags and mats on the floor none of the beds were made just trash every where i was about to say that i would just sleep outside when a kid and his twin brother came up to the door

"well i'll leave you to it see you later!"Newt called to me

i watched him leave and turned back to the two twins one wore his camp half blood t-shirt and jeans while the other wore his shirt and boxers

"hi im odin you know the new kid."

one of them smiled,"hey odin im connor and this is travis and welcome to the hermes cabin and hopefully you wont be here too long cause it is getting crowded."connor explained as travis shoved me inside the cabin.

i looked around and just thought in my head FUCK.MY.LIFE.


thank you for reading dont forget to tell your friends about this too!!!!


Where in the timeline are we exactly? Oh and I love your plot idea. Plus reading about the Norse Gods is so cool, since I'm scandinavian and all ;P
childofsun childofsun

Your welcome
I love it
@Daughter of Poseidon123
thanks and i will
TheYoutubeGurrl TheYoutubeGurrl