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Grovers Quest

percys POV
i was a bit confused when annabeth said that she wanted to talk to me alone but I knew better than to ask her why.

"percy i need to tell you something.."she said and bit her lip

i looked at her,"well tell me."i replied

Annabeth sighed and tapped her fingers together,"well you know how grover left to find pan again."she said sounding a bit nervous.

i nodded as my response grover had left a few weeks ago and said that he would be back with success in finding the god of his dreams.

"well he didnt exactly find pan he found something else vital to your future.."she said with great concern in her eyes

i was still confused about what she was talking about but then it hit me the prophecy that was supposed to happen when i turned 16 that prophecy would either end in the fall of olympus or that i would save it.

"so what did he find?"i asked my voice a bit shaky some part of me was still wondering if i should've asked or not.

"percy..."she said,"Grover found part of the prophecy."

my eyes grew wide,"wait so the oracle didnt know something?"i asked

Annabeth sighed,"or just didnt wanna tell us the prophecy said something about the child of the big three and now im starting to doubt that it was you."she told me while kicking her feet in the dirt

i gulped everyone at camp thought it was me or this kid named Nico a son of hades who was no where to be found he just dissapeared."well what do you mean exactly Annabeth?"i asked her

She gulped,"Percy the child of one of the big three.."she said and stopped herself

"yeah what is it?"i asked again

"well the thing is their godly parent... they're not greek."


Sorry that this one is short but i hoped that you liked it!!!!


Where in the timeline are we exactly? Oh and I love your plot idea. Plus reading about the Norse Gods is so cool, since I'm scandinavian and all ;P
childofsun childofsun

Your welcome
I love it
@Daughter of Poseidon123
thanks and i will
TheYoutubeGurrl TheYoutubeGurrl