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the offer

Connor's POV
i knew that odin was well just different from the start i mean what kind of demigod sucks at everything and now he gets to stay in the zeus cabin like thats fair! when Chiron dismissed everyone from dinner i knew something was up so Travis and i decided to go eavesdrop until we got caught and were banned from our desert privileges okay that sucked! we didnt even hear that much.... okay we heard everything and im still confused by it but it went like this

travis and i leaned up against the walls of the big house and listened i heard someone else inside but couldnt make out who they were just by them walking when i heard them speak

"what do you mean there is some prophecy that i have to worry about i just got here!"a voice yelled and i could clearly make out that voice which was Odin's

"when you turn 16 there might be a chance that you would either destroy olympus or save it."
chiron replied

i heard a deep sigh which i assumed was Odin,"why me?"the asked

"Because you are one of the children from the big three and not a child from the greek gods but norse the viking gods."i heard chiron say

"well what do i do now?"odin asked

"stay here and train but for now i would advise you to move your stuff into the zeus cabin since thor is the god of thunder-" chiron opened the door and then travis and i fell into the room of the big house considering that we were leaning up against the door which was travis idea and i had no ide why i listened to him.

we both stumbled and got to our feet,"well hello uh chiron we were just uh..."
"waiting for our friend yeah thats it!"travis finished for me i nearly face palmed myself at how obvious my brother could be.

chiron sighed and pulled travis and i inside then made odin leave and then the punishment list began.

Odin's POV
I shook my head completely stressed out when connor and travis came inside when i left the big house i felt alone and realized that there was no place for me here no cabin that said Thor on it.

after i had gotten claimed i did change back to my regular clothes but my dad left me one thing a hammer with norse writing on it which some how it was lighter than the sword that i had picked up.

i twirled the hammer around my hand and sighed then sat down on a nerby log when i heard foot steps behind me.

"you okay kid?"the voice asked i turned around and saw a boy who was probably 17 or 18 he had blond hair muscular features and not to mention the scar that ran across his face

"who are you?"i asked rudely

"the names luke,"he said,"luke castellan."

the name sounded familiar but i coudnt put my finger on it."okay what do you want luke?" i asked

luke smiled,"i wanted to tell you that there is no were in camp half-blood for a norse demi-god but i know a place were there is." he told me

"really where?!"i asked excitedly

"on a cruise ship just think about it never having to deal with another monster ever again join my side Odin you wont regret it!"he told me

"what side are you on exactly?"i asked confused about what he meant luke smiled at me

"power be on the side with power cause then again that is all that you've wanted right from being bullied in highschool to having no one like you here how would you like to have the opposite of all that?"he asked then tossed me a gold drachma. luke stood up and took a step back away from me

"think about the offer kid and say good bye to all of this just contact me when you've made your decision ."he said luke then unsheathed his sword and took a swing at the ground a large black hole formed and he stepped into it and disappeared.

i looked back at the drachma luke was right there was no place for me here i looked around camp and made my decision . I then stood up and quickly walked to my cabin i would wait for tomorrow to answer luke and make the desicion that would change my life


so what will odin do will he join luke or will he stay at camp?dont forget to rate and subscribe


Where in the timeline are we exactly? Oh and I love your plot idea. Plus reading about the Norse Gods is so cool, since I'm scandinavian and all ;P
childofsun childofsun

Your welcome
I love it
@Daughter of Poseidon123
thanks and i will
TheYoutubeGurrl TheYoutubeGurrl