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down the rabbit hole

Odin's POV

I woke up and got out of bed it was still foggy outside so when i got dressed i decided to put my jacket on and walk outside. i made the decision to join luke last night and told him to meet me in the forest through an iris message. i got a little ways without anyone noticing me when i herd two foot steps behind me

"where you going?someone asked i turned around to see newt following me. he had his usual red beanie on camp half-blood t-shirt and jeans but when i looked at his face i realized that he looked as if he hadnt slept in hours.

i stopped walking and sighed,"im going for a walk..."i said and turned back around

Newt skipped so that he was along side of me and yawned,"well im coming with you."he said
and managed a smile

i glared at him,"no..no your not."i told him

newt laughed,"nope!your being followed!" he said and started walking backwards infront of me

i frowned,"just go back to sleep or something!"i said quietly making sure that we wouldnt wake anyone up.

newt laughed and began to walk beside me,"so where are you going?"he asked

i walked out of the camp entrance and into the forest,"i told you for a walk."i replied a bit irritated

"well are you coming back?"he asked i stopped walking when i realized that i had no idea where i was going i was about to answer no when i heard a rustle in the bushes i turned around to see luke.

Newt drew his dagger from his belt and looked at me,"did you now he was gonna be here?"the satyr asked and returned his gaze back to luke

"well fisher i didnt know that you were bringing your friend."luke addressed me by my last name and smiled

"i wasnt he followed me here."i said and stood next to luke

"what are you doing?!"my friend asked

"leaving newt..."i replied," im leaving there isnt any place for me here."i responded a bit of sadness in my voice

Newt shook his head,"I WONT LET YOU!"he shouted and took a step forward and luke smiled

"sorry about this Odin but no one can know that you left with me."he pulled out a dagger and threw it at my best friend my eyes grew wide as it stabbed him in the stomach

Newt pulled the dagger out and fell on the floor gasping for breath

"NO!" is screamed and was about to help him when Luke pulled me back and held another dagger to my throat,"he'll be fine if you listen to what i say."

of course i was gonna listen to him if this was the chance that my best friend might survive i was gonna take it."fine."i growled from behind my teeth

Luke pulled out his sword and the black hole opened again but this time he stepped inside it along with me. Then we went


the dark rabbit hole and into darkness


okay i had writers block so i ended up watching the percy jackson movie 2 times in a row and the hunger games just so that i could write some more of the story!!!!


Where in the timeline are we exactly? Oh and I love your plot idea. Plus reading about the Norse Gods is so cool, since I'm scandinavian and all ;P
childofsun childofsun

Your welcome
I love it
@Daughter of Poseidon123
thanks and i will
TheYoutubeGurrl TheYoutubeGurrl