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I'm A Disappearing Act Done Poorly

Friday Morning Rain is Falling (Ugh)

The war is over. Gaea has been defeated. We're all here; we've rescued Percy and Annabeth successfully. Both the Greek and Roman camps have united, settled their differences, and made peace. And I'm alive.
Yup, you heard that right. Nico di Angelo is breathing and enjoying life.
Well, things started looking alright, taking a turn for the better. Everything changed on a trip to Camp Jupiter. I'm fifteen now, and frankly, I haven't changed one bit. Well, that's what everyone says. Hazel and Frank are dating. Hooplah (in case you're wondering, that's not sarcasm, seriously, I'm totally cool with it). And yeah, I'm still pretty much…how should I say this? Um…I guess Leo called it "a free man", or whatever. I guess he meant I still didn't have a girlfriend. But, that's cool, I mean…I'm only 15, and yeah, still in my junior year. Plenty of time.
But Leo thinks otherwise…see this is part of the reason why I took a visit to Camp Jupiter, Leo asked me (more like begged) to come with him in search for his one true amour. Ugh, yeah, I know it's kinda disturbing. But hey, he's my best friend; I don't think telling him that he's not going to be getting a date anytime soon with that creepy method would cheer him up or anything.
So yeah, it all started on a nice, cold, and rainy Friday morning. Leo decided to knock on the Hades Cabin door, waking me from my sleep, yelling "Hey Nico! Let's go and find my soul mate!" (Um…yeah, I guess he's getting really lonely), and basically messing up my whole morning routine, which basically consists of sleeping, sleeping, and let me see…sleeping.
"Leo, shut up. Please." I groaned, loud enough for him to hear on the other side of the door.
"Aw come on man, it'll just be like what…2 hours. Or maybe even an hour if you're a good best friend! Pleeeeeeeassse?"
"Pretty please?"
"More like an ugly no."
"With a cherry on top?"
"How 'bout a nice big juicy N-O instead?"
"Come on…just this once. I know she's out there. And anyways, you'll never hear the end of this hopeless romantic if you don't come."
I sighed. I guess this was one way (probably the only) to make him shut up. "Okay," I replied, "But don't expect me to help you or anything, got it?"
"Yes! Thank bro! I'll be waiting at the Argo II!" Leo exclaimed, and Nico could hear him whooping, happy that he won't be walking along Camp Jupiter searching for a date like a nutcase (which he obviously was).
I got out of my bed (my very beautiful bed *sniff*), got dressed in a simple black shirt with a Day of the Dead design, black jeans, and black converse sneakers. I grabbed my Stygian iron sword from my bedside table (just in case) and headed out for the door. I didn't bother checking my hair. I mean, what's wrong with looking like you've just rolled out of bed? I mean, technically, I really did roll out of bed. I checked the time from a wall clock in the dining hall; 9:00 am. I groaned. Leo really has dreadful timing. I decided to skip breakfast and just get this trip over with.
Leo was waiting by the Argo II entrance; tinkering with some gears on an alarm clock, when he spotted me he gave me one of his crazy smiles, like he was planning to do something stupid or crazy, or usually both. "Ah there's ma wing man! Ma head honcho, the big boss, the Prince of the Dead, the Ghost King—"
"Leo, shut up. Just this once. I'm already coming with you on this trip, and I had to ruin my morning schedule. Don't give me a migraine." I said, shooting him an irritated look.
"Alright, alright. Geez, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed."
"Can we just go? Now?" My patience was wearing off. I mean, seriously, you try and wake up 9 am on a nice Friday morning just to go girlfriend hunting with your best (yet highly annoying) friend.
Leo shrugged, "Alright. Get inside bro," he smiled "Camp Jupiter here we come!"


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Come on don't let it end!!!!!

Keep writing! Really good so far!

Phoebe Phoebe

Keep writing! Really good so far!

Phoebe Phoebe