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Children of Greece

Hairspray can come in handy.

Theia always knew she was different, when she walked down the hall people would look at her, whispering, but this? This was just plain crazy. Gods, ancient history and not to forget the monsters. Her grandfather wasn't crazy, which is no good thing. Theia didn't want to believe in it, but when a monster attacks, she was sort of forced to. Luckily grandpa Harley had told her about this monster.

It all started as a normal morning for Theia. Making breakfast for her foster father and sister, having to walk to school because she missed the bus. She came late to class, wasn't paying attention to what the teacher said about the book they were going to read, why would she care? She was dyslexic. She saw one of the other dyslexic children, Canlek or Caleb or something, wasn't paying attention either. They were the only dyslexic children in this class, there were others at the school though. It became so boring she started to draw, something her grandfather had told her, her she would be good at. Since that day she had drawn, she would draw people or places, or whatever she could think of. Her notebook was filled with drawings, almost no text, just drawings.

When class finally ended she had to go to another class, Math, yet another subject were she had to use letters... Theres no need to use letters in math. When she was younger math was one of her favorite subjects, no letters, just numbers. Math went smoothly though, she ended up only doing a little bit, then getting lots of homework. The rest of the day went the same way, all the same. She had detention today with a few other kids, probably the same as usual. She was almost always in detention, it was so often she barely remembered why she was there.

The only good thing about detention, is that she got to sit in peace and draw, if you could call it peace with three other ADHD kids tripping their feet and some bullies trying to hold their laughter in, because they had gotten someone in detention that didn't deserve it. Thats when something weird happened. A little dog ran in the door and right up to one of the popular kids, Agnes. Theia just thought it was Agnes' dog, but she just looked at it weird and continued putting on eyeliner. The dog then jumped up on the table next to her and started transforming. Theia blinked a few times, it was really transforming! Most of the kids didn't mind it but it wasn't just Theia who jumped up of the chair. Agnes, Canlek or Caleb or whatever and a girl named Brianna - she was wearing a name necklace - also jumped up. When the dog was fully transformed the other kids and our teacher noticed. It was a bloody lion, but not a normal lion, no no that wasn't enough. It was a half goat, half lion. But instead of a tail there was a snake. Everyone started running and screaming in horror. But Theia, she couldn't move, she recognized the monster from her grandfathers old greek stories. It was the Chimera. He had warned her, he had told her the stories were real. But she hadn't believed him, of course not, that was just crazy! She was dreaming, she was thinking of the old man, and she was dreaming. She just missed him, nothing else. But the snake bit out after her and she snapped out of old memories with her grandfather. The snake tail had missed, which was lucky, cause it was toxic. She started running and kept looking back to she how close it was. It was chasing her.

She bummed into Agnes who was crying and Brianna standing by her side trying to comfort her. After all that had just happened Brianna wasn't looking confused, sad or scared. Agnes looked up as I literally ran right into them. Her eyes were red, except for her iris, it was... purple? Who had purple eyes? Her face went from sad to angry.
"Look where you're going - or running!" Agnes snapped at Theia.
"I can't both look forwards and backwards!" Theia said back and looked over her shoulder. "Listen - " She began. " - that thing is almost right behind me, so why don't we just run?" She said and they all three started running. If just we had some lead balls, she thought. That was how Bellerphon killed it.

They couldn't seem to find out where they were running, they were just running. On the way they meet some other kids running for their lives, most of them started to run right behind them. Agnes, Theia thought. She's a leader. She tried to figure out where to run, the school was huge. It's a high-school in Miami, of course its huge! A lot of the kids that had been going here longer knew exactly where to go, unfortunately they where behind Theia, Agnes and Brianna. They found a classroom to catch their breath. Surprisingly none of them were that tired, so they could run again in just a minute. In the other side of the room Canlek - or Caleb - stood, he was looking in cupboards and everywhere for something. Then Theia realized that they where in the chemistry room. Jackpot. She just had to find something to burn the monster with. Theia and Brianna both started doing the same as Canlek/Caleb. Only Agnes didn't seem to get the idea.
"What are you doing?" She asked us.
"Tring to find something to kill the bastard with!" Canlek/Caleb said.
"Oh. Of course." She then ran over to help Brianna find something.

Theia then got an idea, instead of looking trough the whole room she could just take Agnes' hairspray. She walked up to Agnes. That girl had EVERYTHING in her bag, if it was related to beauty.
"Your hairspray" She said with her hand right in front of Agnes.
"You're a genius!" Brianna said.
Agnes then went trough her bag, and she found the hairspray in no time. Canlek/Caleb threw a lighter towards her, and Theia catched it. She then walked almost right up to the door with the lighter and hairspray ready. And it was perfect timing, the Chimera ran straight in the door, right into it. Theia reacted fast and a little flame came up from the lighter, at the same time she pressed the tip on the hairspray. The monster went up in flames, and then turned to dust. The three of them ran out on the parking lot where there where worried parents everywhere. No where to she Theia's foster family but that was okay, she hated them anyway. Two men and a woman ran up to us. One of the men gave Agnes a big hug, which she returned. The other two embraced Brianna. Canlek/Caleb and Theia just stod there awkwardly... His parents hadn't appeared either.

"Does any of you know what that thing was?" Brianna asked us when her parents and Agnes' father had left to get us all something to drink.
"It was the Chimera" Theia answered.
"A what now?" Agnes asked.
"My grandfather used to tell me stories about ancient Greece. He also told me about some of the monsters, and that was the Chimera" She explained.
"Wait, ancient Greece? As in Heracles and Zeus and stuff?" Canlek/Caleb asked.
"Yes" A man voice behind Theia said.
It was Agnes father. He'd come with bottles of water to us all, and we happily took the bottles.
"What do you know about that?" Agnes asked her father.
"Because of your mother" He answered.
"Mom? Was she like an master in ancient Greece?" Agnes asked.
"You could say that..." Her father replied. But Theia had figured it out. She wasn't a 'master' in ancient Greece, she was a part of ancient Greece.
"What was her name?" Theia asked.
"You're a smart one, huh?" He said.
"I have my moments" Theia answered.
"So was the thing only after you hun?" He said, ignoring my question.
"No, it was after me, Brianna and - " Theia cut her off. "Theia" She said.
"Oh no, the damn thing was after me too, right before I got out of the classroom, that lion face breathed fire at me!" Canlek/Caleb said.
"Four? At one school, and the monster first appears now?" Another man voice said. It was Brianna's father.
Agnes' father looked at him. "Yours too?"
"Mine too" Brianna's father said
"What about you two" Agnes' father said. Looking at me and Canlek/Caleb "Where are your parents."
None of us answered. There was just silence. Theia looked at the ground. She was definitely not gonna tell them about her past.
"My father died a year ago" Canlek/Caleb said to break the silence.
"What about you... Theia?" Agnes' father continued.
"She is in foster care" Brianna said, saving her.
"Oh. Well. They have to get to the camp right?" Brianna's father said to Agnes'.
"Yeah" Agnes' father begun. "One problem though"
"You don't know where it is either?"
"No, she never told me."
"Then we have a problem" Brianna's father said.


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I like it.. now write more

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