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Children of Greece

Chat about parents or a history lesson?

Agnes' was still freaked out. Honestly, monsters? If her father had told her about this camp, that he still hadn't told her more about, she would probably be laughing her butt off. But she had seen the monster, in real life. It was terrifying. And the fact that this had to do with her mother, just made her sad. Isn't the mother supposed to be the one who can't let the baby go? Apparently movies was not even close to reality. No, none had lion-goat-snake monsters in them.

She pulled her platinum blonde hair up in a ponytail. So all four of them had a parent that was some sort of 'master' in Greece or what? She knew Brianna's biological mother had left her too, and that guy only had had his father. Creepy, all three of them had grown up without a mother. But what about Theia?
"It was North" Brianna's father, Larry, said.
"So are we gonna be included in this conversation or?" She said.
Both of the fathers looked at her.
"We should probably take this another place" Larry said. Her father nodded.
"But are we sure they all are? - " Her father said and looked at Theia and that guy with dark hair.
"According to my grandfather, yeah" Theia said, she was apparently the only one who got it.
"I have no idea what we are talking about" The guy said. Agnes had no idea either, and it didn't look like Brianna knew anything. She had this confused look over her face.
"Did you know your mother" Larry asked.
"Nope, but my father used to talk about her." The guy said, his tone was bitter-ish.
"What would he say?" Her father asked
"That she was like a goddess, and that stuff" He replied. "But I don't see what she has to do with all of this" His tone was still bitter.
"She has all to do with this" Larry said.
"Did you know her name?" Theia asked him.
"It was Cate or something" He said bitterly.
"Cate?" Theia muttered as if it were a question.
Nothing happened, everyone were quiet.
"Well, what exactly does our mothers have to do with this?" Agnes asked.
"Maybe we should discuss this over tea?" Brianna suggested with a smile.
They all looked at her weird.
"Sure" The guy said. "Why not?"

Agnes had actually never been at Brianna's place. But it was nice, though maybe the were too many dreamcatchers, feathers and other things like that. Larry started making tea. This was extremely weird. No talking. Everyone jus sat there looking at the table, except for Theia. She had borrowed an phone from Brianna and were probably talking to her foster parents. Larry came over with tea and sandwiches.
"Okay kids," Larry began. "Its easier if you just ask"
"Okay" Brianna said positively then straightening up. "What is it, there is in the North direction?"
"A special camp" Larry answered.
"Camp?" Theia cut in, confused. Finally something Theia didn't understand about this situation.
Larry nodded. "A special camp" he said again
"Why are our mothers included, in this camp?" Agnes asked.
"Well, its a camp for children or teenagers with special parents" Her father said.
"Special parents?" The guy said. Agnes was almost about to say the same thing.
"From ancient Greece" Theia began. "Can we move this on?"
Agnes was just about to burst out laughing.
"My mom is like - very old then?" Brianna said. Her face expression was priceless.
"You could say that" Larry said.
"Whaaaat?" The guy said trying not to laugh.
"Yours to" Agnes' father said, witch straightened the guys face.
"You're serious?" Agnes asked. Thinking that this was crazy.
"Dead serious" Larry said.
That she didn't take well. Agnes started protesting, 'thats impossible', 'they don't even exist' and so on. Brianna and the guy joined in. Only Theia sat there looking at her necklace. She looked like she was wondering about something. Theia looked around. Agnes followed her eyes, she was looking at a drawing of a rainbow.
"You like rainbows?" Theia asked Brianna.
"Yeah, who doesn't?" Brianna said.
"Why do you like them?" Theia continued.
"I just do, why are you asking?"
Agnes tried to find out what Theia was doing, why would that be important now?
"So mr. Hower -" Theia began. Everyone turned their head towards her. "Brianna's mother is Iris?"
Larry nodded. Agnes tried to remember a Iris from greek mythology. There should have been a connection to rainbows right? Then why did she think of some sort of evil goddess.
"Isn't she evil?" Agnes asked.
"Thats Eris, goddess of chaos. Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods" Theia answered.
"Is that not Hermes?" Brianna cut in.
"Thats why she is mostly known for the goddess of the rainbow" Theia said.
"Cool but, you're not for real, are you?" Brianna said nervously.
"If Brianna's mother is a goddess, does that mean all of our mothers are?" The guy said. He looked at the door as if he was prepared for someone to jump in screaming 'PRANKED'.
"Or fathers, correct" Agnes' father said.
"Dad, this is just crazy talk" Agnes began. "There is no way, all of that kind of stuff is real"
"Then explain the Chimera?" He said.
"Probably a prank" But Agnes knew her father couldn't pull of a performance like this and the thing had been looking so realistic. Her father shook his head. She sunk down in the chair.
"Okay if this is real -" She started "which I don't believe, but if, why haven't you told me earlier?"
"The more you now, the more you smell" He said.
"I smell?" Agnes paniced, smelling herself.
"The smell of a demigod" Theia said. "We smell to monsters, like the Chimera, but the more you know the more you smell and the more demi-gods the worse smell".
"So why haven't the monster found you four yet?" Larry said.
Theia looked at the guy.
"What?" He said.
"Cate? Are you sure" Theia asked.
"One hundred, maybe i'm not a -" Theia cut him off.
"Hecate, maybe?" She said with pressure on Cate.
"Hecate, as in the goddess in triple form?" He asked.
"Yeah. That could explain why there have been no monsters" Theia said.
The two fathers looked at her confused. "How could that explain it?" Larry asked.
"Her children are said to could shield themselves from the the tracking abilities monsters have." Theia answered.
"They can what now?" Brianna said with eyes wide open.
"They can -" Agnes interrupted "We got it"
"Even if that were, how would -" Agnes' father looked at the guy.
"Oh right, my name is Caleb" Caleb said.
"Okay, even if Caleb were a child of Hecate, how would he control it?"
"Don't know" Theia said. Agnes was getting a headache from all of this gods, abilities and monster talk. All she really wanted to know was who her mother is.
"So" She began looking at her father. "What about me?"
"What do you mean?" Her father asked.
"Who is my godly parent mom?" She said and was even confused with what words to use.
"Of course, I almost forgot" He said. "Your mother is Aphrodite"
"Aphrodite goddess of love right?", "And beauty" Theia said.
"So Cupid is my brother?" Agnes said, probably making some face.
"Yep, your half brother" Theia grinned.
"What about you, did your grandfather ever tell you anything about your mother?" Agnes' asked.
"Father" Theia corrected. She looked at the ground. "Nope, just that he was a Greek god"
"Did he tell you anything about your connection to the Greek things?" Caleb asked.
"Just that my father was a god and that I was named after a titan goddess" She answered.
"Which goddess" Brianna asked excitingly.
"The titan goddess of sight if i'm right" Theia said. "So about this camp".


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