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Snow Owl

Nap Time

I didn't mean for this to happen. It just did. I couldn't control myself. No, I couldn't control it. Whatever it was. I don't like this life. The life of a demigod. No, was being normal to much to ask for? My head hurts every hour of the day, these thoughts they're haunting me. Driving me mad.
Even my day had started out bad. I woke up covered in sweat. I was beginning to dream again. Not lovely dreams with rainbows and unicorns. Nightmares, the worst kind. I shook my head, trying to get rid of the pain. I looked out my little round window, it was still dark outside. I swung my legs over the bed. I knew I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. I walked out to the bathroom without checking the time. I looked myself in the mirror. A horrible sight. My natural silver white hair was big and fussy and under my ice blue eyes were dark bags. I didn't know whether to take a bath or not. I was afraid it would awake my mom, with these extremely thin walls you could hear anything. I stood in silence, looking at my reflection in disgust. Not only because of the morning look. But because I saw what everyone else saw, a loser. I ended up taking a bath, hoping it was not to early in the morning.

I could hear my mom knocking on the door, I had just gotten out of the shower. When I was dry I slipped in my baby blue bathrobe. I walked out the door. My mom was a mess, she could barely keep her eyes open. "Good morning," I said. "It's 5 in the morning Malou," My mom is French, and her accent is very clear. Most people can't understand her, but I can fluently French, English and Greek. My mom had told me, that my dad was Greek. So I'd tried to learn it on my own, it was surprisingly easy. "Sorry. I couldn't sleep," I put my hand on her shoulder. She is a lazy woman, normally she doesn't even get out of bed before I go to school. She gave me a kind smile and went into the bathroom. I walked back into my room to change. I quickly got into a pair of red jeans and a loose black top. While my hair would dry, I went to get some breakfast. I had plenty of time so I decided to eat an omelet, whilst drinking juice on the side.

When I had eaten, I went back into my room, passing my mom on the way. My mom was the most understanding person in the world. I could talk to her about anything. I talked to her about school, how I was treated. I told her everything. But I hadn't mentioned the dreams. She would just get worried. Last time I had these dreams I was eleven. It had been five years ago. But somehow they had found their way back to me. I wasn't exactly the same. When I was younger I would be crying in my sleep. At one point my mom had been so worried, she had me go to a therapist. Even though we couldn't afford it. That's all you need to know about her. She's understanding, amazing, lovely, incredible and definitely the best mom anyone could ask for.

It was still very early, and I didn't know what to use all of the time for. I tried out different hairstyles, but the truth is, no hairstyle fits silver white hair. Unless you have enough time and skill to make one of those Targaryen hairstyles, which nobody does. After playing around with my hair for a while, I just pulled it up in a messy bun. I also put on a little bit of mascara, since my brown eyelashes almost are invisible. I looked myself in the mirror. It was a strange combination, silver white hair, brown eyelashes, tanned skin and ice blue eyes. I had often thought about coloring my hair, maybe black or dark brown. But it wouldn't be me. My silver hair is what makes me, me.

Time passed when I started reading. When it was time for school I put the book in my bag. I walked out in to the entrance and took my converse on. They used to be red, but they had been used for so long they looked more grey. I took on my military green jacket and walked out the door. I locked the door behind me. I didn't mind the walk to school. Actually, I enjoyed it. I love watching people running down the street in a rush, or couple's hand in hand. It makes the world around me more real, so my mind doesn't stay on the dreams.

When I arrived at school I tried to walk in the background. Tried to. The kids at school were determined to make my life a misery. Again I tried to shut them out, their looks, their mean comments about my hair or how little I am. I was born to early, so I am very short, besides that I'm really skinny. I rushed to my first class; history.

I was the first one to arrive, only our teacher, or substitute, Mr. Blofis was here. Mr. Blofis was our English teacher, but sometimes he found time to substitute history. The bell rang and kids stormed in, all wanting a place in the back. The class was about to start when a boy came trough the door. "Percy, you're late again," Mr. Blofis complained. "I know. I'm really sorry," He found himself a seat in the front. I heard giggling behind me. Either they where laughing at me because I'm a loser, or they giggled because of Percy. Most girls in the school fancied him. I couldn't say he wasn't attractive, because he is, but I'm not what you would call the typical high school girl. I don't have crushes on celebrities, or hot boys in school, I don't dress up and wear tons of make-up. I just like to sit with a book reading, or with a paper and pen drawing. I could hear them again, talking about me. I put my arm's on my desk, then my head on my arms. I just wanted them all to stop. As I felt sleepy.

I woke up when someone was shaking both of my shoulders. "Wake up," The voice was from a male and he sounded desperate. When I didn't react, he moved on. I sat up. "Sorry." I began "The answer is… What was the question?" I heard a gasp behind me. I could barely see anything, the room was swept in sunlight. "You're awake," The voice was right next to me again. Are you serious? I looked up in a pair of sea green eyes. "Well, what did you expect. You were shaking in me and asking me to wake up, honestly it felt like an earthquake," I shrugged. He laughed for a moment. "What?" I asked. "It's just ironic. You wouldn't get it," I could now see who it was, Percy Jackson. I stood up. "Why did you wake me up?" I asked. "Look around," He answered. I did as he said. What I saw was definitely not normal. Everyone was sleeping, even Mr. Blofis. "What happened?" I looked at Percy. "Don't know, but they won't wake up," I frowned. This was pathetic. I whistled. The all awoke slowly. He looked at me with widened eyes. "What now?" He kept looking at me weird. "How'd you do that?" He looked suspicious. "How I whistled? Well it's quite simple actually -" He cut me off. "No. How'd you wake them up. I went around yelling all of them in the ears and nothing happened, only you woke up," He looked around on the confused students. "No, you were awake," I pointed out. He looked a little bit confused himself now. "You now what? This is crazy," I sat down. I found my book from my bag and started reading.

I could see that Percy was still confused. He kept looking around, from student to student, and at times he looked at me suspicious. The bell rang and I packed down my things. I was the last to leave the classroom. I gasped. I looked it right in the eyes. I started running. The thing that was chasing me was a huge grey dog and it had red eyes. It was fast, but I was smarter. I ran out a little door that lead out to the parking lot. The parking lot was empty, I tried to catch my breath. When I turned around, there it was. It wasn't going to be that easy.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my new story.


Cuz that story would be awsome

Do you want to write a story together?

More more more!!!

piedpeterpan piedpeterpan
@Thalia grace
I will. Still working on it though :D
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