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Princess of the sea (DISCONTINUED

Camp Half-Blood

Now here I am, 4 years later, and my parents have finally decided to claim me. The discussion that happened years ago stumped me until then. I got the Poseidon cabin. Barely any people, one boy inhabiting it, perfect.

On my first day, my entrance was not as great as you probably thought it was. I was being chased by a ginormus hellhound, and I wouldn't have made it over the barrier, but my satyr guided me inside the camp, where I would be safe. As soon as I started the claiming began. An odd sign flamed above my head, a dove on a horse's back. Immediately a camper with sea green eyes and a pen in his pocket (I mean seriously. Is he a writer or what??) ran up to me and said,
"I'll take her."
Every gasped, as it this had never happened before. It did though, it did. Ignoring everyone else, the boy led me over to a square of cabins, gently lifted my luggage/dead weight off of me, and walked ahead like he hadn't even grabbed the stuff. I ran ahead to him, and decided to make small talk.
"Um, hi, what's your name?" I asked tentively.
"Oh, sorry, I'm being rude. It's Percy. Yours?" He asked.
"Brooklyn, but you can call me Brooke. Why were you so quiet?"
"Oh, just fuming about what's going to happen later."
I smiled, though I was a bit disoriented from all the hellhound stuff. We got to a cabin with green and blue marble walls and a trident over the door.
"Behold," Percy said, "The Poseidon cabin."
I walked in, stunned to find it wasn't like any normal summer camp cabin. It was decked out in the coolest things, like a marble fountain with gold coins in it, bunk beds with a water bed function on all of them, in other words -- it was AWESOME!
Percy dumped my stuff in the top bunk that wasn't above him(there were two bunk beds). I admired his thinking. I think it went like this: boy <---> girl. Since the other beds were empty, I asked,
"Is there anyone else that lives here?"
"I don't think so," he shrugged. "Tyson, a cyclops, comes in every so often, but he usually isn't here."
My brow furrowed, and he laughed.
"You look funny when you're confused. Come on, it's almost dinnertime. Let's see what food you like!"
I wondered if they had some kind of endless buffet. Turns out, it was even better. I looked at our empty plates and cups, wondering what we were supposed to do. Turns out, it's a lot less complicated then dinner at a normal house.
"Just think of what you want and it will pop up. Don't forget to give the gods offerings!" He pointed to some bronze braziers.
Gods? Offerings? I really needed to get used to this place.


Keep going! I can't wait to hear more!
This a such a great story! Can't wait to read more. :D
ZoniDuck ZoniDuck
  1. Your awesome
  2. Your awesome
  3. YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love ur writing.

DaughterOfTheSky DaughterOfTheSky