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Princess of the sea (DISCONTINUED

Fire and Water

Not fun. That's what I describe sitting with Samantha Hart like. Not fun.

"You cannot be a princess!" Samatha said skeptically, raising her eybrows at me like I was making this up.
"I AM a princess, Sammy, and stop trying to deny it to yourself!" I said back angrily.
We were sitting on a bench by the ocean, my main realm. I picked this spot because I would be able to dunk this girl into the ocean if she got on my nerves. I warned her of that happening. But instead of taking the hint, she tried even harder to annoy me, as if to test my powers. Of course, I was not sure that it would actually work, so I tried my best to keep my temper down. And that only made her pursue even more. At one point I raised my eyebrows at her, like "Do you want to get thrown into the ocean?" but she didn't reply to my expression. So I tried to find ways to get out of the conversation, only succeeding in further agitation. So I walked off at the hint she was done talking.

That's when I started to smell it.

It smelled like burning paper, coming from the direction of the cabins. Wondering if a cabin was on fire, I ran into the square of dwellings. Immediately, I saw it. Coming from the Iris cabin. People from that cabin were currently in arts and crafts, thank goodness, but when they came back, they were probably not going to be happy. So I gathered up all of my anger in the ocean, and water crashed down on the flaming building, soaking everyone, but altogether solving the problem. When the water receded, the people were wet, but nothing else was. The fire was still burning, and the other cabins weren't wet. Instead of yelling at me, people started cheering me on, like I was a big hero. I ran back to my cabin, which now had telltale rock music coming out of it. I threw the door open and yelled,
My best friend was there, and that was all that ever mattered. Then I turned my attention to Percy, who had returned to the cabin after finishing off the drakon. He stared at me for a couple seconds, and then started congratulating me on how awesome my water 'show' was. I hoped Samatha got soaked in the back of my mind.
"Hey, girl!" I slapped Savvanah's hand, happy to see my best friend after 7 years. I was 9 then.
"How're you doing? Did you get my text?"
I looked down sheepishly. "No, sorry, I didn't have it with me at the time. But you're here now! Did you have any problem getting over the barriers?"
"No," She said. "but I still want to see some monsters!"
My brow furrowed. Why exactly? I mean seriously! Those things are really scary. She'd flp out if she saw a monster even a mile away!

That was before the prophecy.


Keep going! I can't wait to hear more!
This a such a great story! Can't wait to read more. :D
ZoniDuck ZoniDuck
  1. Your awesome
  2. Your awesome
  3. YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love ur writing.

DaughterOfTheSky DaughterOfTheSky