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Curs of the sea (Percy Jackson)

ένας : One heck of a day

I walked slowly down the halls of my school,trying to keep an eye out for Kaily Wildermen: the schools main bully who loves to pick on me till I stand it anymore and I loose control. She thinks she's 'Ms know it all' but in reality.....she doesn't know a thing.
A thing about what I really am anyway.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Atheila Sheirain (Pronounced: A-Theal-a she'er-rain). I'm sixteen years old,and attend Midwood High School. My home is Brooklyn New York and I live with my (Adopted) mom/aunt. You mite think I'm crazy if I I told you I'm Demigod. My dad.........well........I'm the daughter of Hermes.
How I've come to know this is really something I cannot explain right now. Yep being a half-blood..............my ratting for how fun and cool it is......0. If I'm not being attacked by my school teachers,almost being eaten alive from my neighbors dog (Witch is really a Hydra) or being pulled,thrown,tossed and stomped on by angry Cyclops,my life is,well.....not normal.

I don't know why I've been attacked so much when I'm not a child of the Big Three,but than again I am the granddaughter of Zuse. But still.........................anyway where was I? oh right I was walking down the halls slowly,trying to keep an eye out for....you already know.
Okay well let me explain the hole situation I'm in right now. My bully Kaily,yeah during lunch I kind of.......well made her really pissed by 'accidentally' spilling my try of lunch on her new dress she got yesterday.

The look on her face was priceless,but the glare in her eyes was so mean,it could kill a Laistrygonians. So I did what I had to do,I ran for my life. I managed to loose her somewhere outside in the parking lot and was able to sneak back inside the school without being noticed...I hope.

Um.......I kind of stole something from her to,like 20 bucks (Witch she actually took from me) so that's partly why she wants to rip my head off. She hadn't noticed the money was gone until she went to the vending machine to buy a soda (That was before I spilled my food on her) Oh of my dad could have only been there to see it.

Small muffled voices rose from behind me. "Where are you you little brat !!!!!!" It didn't take me twice to know who's voice that belonged to. I was doing grate at hiding until one Kaily's asshole friends pointed me out "Look there she is." "Seize her!" Kaily shouted. Instantly I broke into a sprint,for my life.

Seize her? really who says that anymore,that's like so...old school

I thought to myself. I could hear their foot steps as they ran down the long hall after me. I could see the back exist of the school,my escape root. This was to easy.

I smirked running faster towards the exist,when I was about ten feet away the door slammed shut and standing there was asshole number 1 with a sly smirk on her face. I slid on the smooth floor slowing myself down just in time to run down one of the halls on the left that intersected with the main one. "What's wrong with you you idiot,you let her get away!" Kaily yelled to her friend.

These girls mite have had the looks,walked the walk and talked the talk,but their really uncoordinated!

"She's heading towards a deaden we have her this time." They were right I was heading towards a deaden. I had to think of a escape root quickly. Than it hit me jump out one of the windows in the class room. I took a sharp turn into the Chemistry room and down the rows of chairs towards the window. In one swift move I unlocked it pulled it open and jumped out.

Before Kaily and her friends could jump out after me I shut the window closed in their face and wedged it tightly with a stick.

All the girls shouted and screamed in anger and I smirked at them before running off. I laughed to myself at my victory until a voice from behind scared the wits out of me. "You know,that wasn't vary nice." I instantly turned around to find a boy standing there with a old man with in a wheelchair.

The boy had brown hair that hung over his eyes a tad,he had tan skin blue eyes and he was really tall. The man in the wheelchair beside him had long curly brown hair that went down to his shoulders,a brown beard to go along with that with matching brown eyes. "Yeah well they deserved it." I answered simply as I placed a hand on my hip. "Oh I'm shore they did,but spilling your hole try of lunch of them wasn't necessary." The old man said.

"Well I'm sorry you think that,who ever you are." I replied,giving them a strange look. "My name is Brunner,and this here is Connor Stoll." The man answered. "I'm--" "Atheila,yes we know." The boy said. I was curious as to how he knew my name. "Have we met before?" I asked stepping forward slightly. "No,I'm afraid not." 'Connor' answered. He stood there,with dark blue jeans a blue shirt that red 'don't mess with me--I'm a Hipster' on the front and a dark navy blood hoodie over that.

"Than,how do you know my name." I stated. Both guys exchanged glances for a moment before focusing on me again. "Tell me child,have you heard about Greek myths?" Brunner asked. Raised my eyebrow giving him the 'are-you-kidding-me' look. He simply sat there waiting for me answer.

"Who hasn't heard about Greek myths." I said.

"Well--" I didn't let him finish

"Yeah yeah I know,The Greek Gods are no myth their real and sometimes they come down to earth and have children with mortals ect ect. I'm the daughter of Hermes."

The two guys looked at each other rather shocked from my statement. "Don't ask me how I know all this,but I just do." I said. The moment the words came out their mouth I saw the six bullies I had trapped in the class room. Rage burned on their features,so strong that you could see the steam coming from their ears. It almost looked as if they weren't human anymore but........Just than something shocking and not completely surprising happened. The girls slowly melted into each other forming a Chimera.

A creature that breathed fire and had the body of lion with a goats head rising from its back and the tail of a snake. "Maybe I made them to upset." I said backing away as the thing cried out in anger.

"RUN!!!!" Connor shouted. He didn't have to tell me twice. In a flash I could be half way across the U.S. To bad I only made on the other side of the road. I watched as Conner pulled out a sword and Mr Brunner transformed into a...Cantaur. I half expected him to bend down and star eating the grass. But instead he too -like-Conner- pulled out a sword,ready to fight.

I just kind of stood on the other side of the street watching,not knowing what to do. Should I help,or not. It is my fault the Ch- I didn't have time to finish my thought. I was tackled to the ground with a big HUMP as fire blazed above my head.

I noticed it was Conner to tackled me down to the ground. I owe him one,a big one. "Come on we have to get out of here." He said standing back up. "Why can't we just kill this thing." I asked. "Well look around,there's at least twenty people watching. We just can't kill monsters in the middle of town,and besides it's after you. We have to get you out -oh come we're wasting to much time." He grabbed my hand and dragged me away from school.

"What about Mr Brunner,will he be okay?" I asked. I was shore he new how to handle a sword,I just wasn't shore he knew how to handle a Chimera. "Don't worry he'll be fine. It's the monster you should be worried about." Connor answered. I would have found that funny,if a fire ball didn't fly towards my head just missing me by one inch.

Connor said "We need to get to your house." "Why?" I asked "The monster won't fallow us there,and besides. Chiron has to get you to Camp Half-Blood." Connor answered. Chiron? "Who's Chiron?" I asked just barley missing another fire ball. "Mr Brunner,his real name is Chiron."

Oh. okay.

Fire balls came from what seemed like every direction. My arm got a little burned,my shirt got some rips from falling down. And I bet my hair looked like a mess.

It hand't downed on me that Connor was leading me to my house ,until we were at the front door. Only one question was going threw my mind right now. "How do you know where I live." I said stepping away from him. His blue eyes that were full of mischief sparkled a bit as he smirked. To me that was always a bad sign.

I took another step away from him hitting the side rail. His shirt should have said 'Don't mess with me--I'm a stalker' That fits him better. "No need to worry,Connor hasn't been stalking you." Mr Brunner said rolling to us in his wheelchair. He was okay and looked like nothing had happened at all. His statement relaxed me a bit until he added "We both have." "May I ask why? and what happened to the Chimera."

"I took care of him,as for your other question. That will be answered soon."

"Honey is that you? Oh your home from school early,and I see you've brought friends. Please com in." My mother said standing at the door. She's always loved visitors and newcomers. It's part of her nature. I remember one time I brought a friend home after a party. His name was Micheal Deen. He had black hair and hazel eyes,his looks were off the chart.

Anyway I brought him home to hang out,and my mom didn't even care that I'd known the kid for only ten minutes. When we were up stairs talking,turns out he was really a Kobalos, he didn't attack me but he for freaked the living day out of me. You see my adopted mom doesn't know who I really am. And well not to be mean of anything,I want to keep it that way.

Connor,Brunner and I walked inside onto the living and sat down on the couch,well they sat down I more like fell down. My mom walked into the kitchen to - I'm presuming- make coffee four our guest. "I didn't introduce myself. I'm Lora Sheirain. And of cores you've met Atheila." Mom said walking from the kitchen with a try of cups,coffee and snacks.

"I'm Brunner and this Connor Stoll." Mr Brunner said. Mom gave him a friendly smile saying "I hope you guys like coffee." "Oh yes,I vary much do." Mr Brunner reached forward and grabbed a cup,Conner ignored the cup and reached for a snack.

"So,Conner right?" My mom asked the boy. He gave a nod munching on a cookie "Are you and Atheila friends?" Mom said. I was going to speak up and say-no I just met him less that ten minutes ago-but he talked before I could "Yes,we're great friends. We're going to camp together today." What Camp? Who said we were going to camp. "A camp I wasn't informed about any canmp." My mom said. Mr Brunner snapped his fingers and a rush of wind blew threw the house. My mom just sat there smiling "Oh right,you must be the Mr Brunner who contacted me about the camp." she said

What just happened????? One second she has no idea about a camp,and now she has full acknowledgement of it.

I spoke up saying "Camp what camp. And beside mom you were just asking about the cam-" Conner elbowed in my side cutting me short of my sentence. I looked up at him with a hard glare. "Yes I'm Brunner, We ran into Athiela at school earlier. I came to inform you we'd be leaving today." Mr Brunner said "Yeah,like now." Conner added.

I looked at all of them as if they were crazy. "Oh well than honey you better pack." Mom said "Yes child." Mr Brunner said after. I looked up at Connor who noted. Sighing I mumbled a "Okay" as I got up and walked up stairs into my bedroom. I bulled out my duffle bag from my closet and sat it on the couch. I backed up all my clothes,shoes,makeup (Even though I don't wear that much) and everything things ells that had great value to me.

Once I was done I came back down stairs to everyone. "I'll miss you honey." My mom said hugging me tightly "I'm shore I won't be that long mom,just for a few weeks." I said. "Its a summer camp sweetie."

I looked at her somewhat shocked. I've had crazy days before,none were like this. "I'll miss you to." I said hugging her as I let out a shaky sigh. Mom kissed my head before sending me out the door where she said Mr Brunner and Connor would be waiting.

They were waiting outside. Waiting in a car that is. "Where did you get the car?" I asked sliding in the back next to Connor. "We have our ways." Mr Brunner said before driving us odd........wait driving? he's a Centaur.....and hes driving??? Is that even possible.

"He's not gonna get us killed is he?" I whispered to Connor. He laughed a little before answering "No,he's not going to get us killed....I hope." "I can hears you,you know." Mr Brunner said looking at us threw the rear view mirror.

I laughed nervously as I looked out the window. "So this camp,what is it." I asked after a moment. "Cam half blood,is a summer training camp for half-bloods." Connor answered like I should have known the answer. "So we train,is that all we do." I said "Kind of......so your telling me you know what half bloods are and all,but you haven't heard about camp half blood?"

I looked at Connor and shook my head no. "Than how do you know about the Gods,and that your the daughter of Hermes ." He asked. "He told me in my dreams,when I was younger. He explained everything to me about the gods,what I am. What he was. He told me that no matter what happens he'd be watching over me,and protecting me. It's funny because when I was born I remember him holding me,and saying I was to be called Atheila."

I explained. Connor looked at me with a big smile on his face. As if he was remembering the same thing. "So....who's your Greek God parent." I said. "You'll find out soon." He answered. That got me thinking. But my mind was to out of it to think long. His hole day so far...like I said before has been crazy. I woke up this morning with some creepy guy looking at me threw my window,than he weirdly disappears in a blink of a eye. Than on my walk to school I had a lady stalking me.

There was something fishy about my pre-algebra teacher (And I mean like fishy-fishy) A kid named Chase in math kept on looking at me as if I was a big stake and he was a lion who hadn't eaten in months. Turns out he was thinking perverted thoughts...gross. And than there's my bullies who turned into a monster (I should have saw that coming) And Mr Brunner driving can be added in there as well.

Just the thought of all these's things made me tired. So I closed my eyes and rested my head on Connor's shoulder. The last thing I heard before drifting to sleep was his voice saying "You've grown so much Atheila from the last time I saw you."

And the first thing I heard was his voice shouting "Atheila wake up. We need to get out of the care now!" I was going to ask -five more minutes- but the sound of a huge boom was enough to tell me if I stayed five more minutes,those would be vary last minutes of my life. I quickly opened

my eyes to see a Cyclops. Vary angry and ugly one mite I add

Its gross drool dripping from both ends pf its mouth. Its one big eye in the middle of its head alone would made you want jump off a cliff. This wasn't like any Cyclops i'd seen before,it had strong gaze of hatred. "One monster was enough today." I said quickly getting out of the car. Mr Brunner(though I should really start calling him Chiron) was already out in his true form with a sword in hand.

"Conner you bring Atheila up the hill to the cam she'll be safe there." Chiron ordered. Conner started pulling me away but I stopped him saying "You mean this thing is after me?"

"Yes now come on." I started running up the hill with Connor but was stopped when another Cyclops appeared in front of us. This one just as ugly as his friend. "Gonna have me some half-blood meat." he said moving forward. I was to in thought thinking of how ugly this thing was to notice Connor was telling me something "Get passed the tree,you'll be safe. I'll fight this thing off." "I'm tired of running I want to kick ass." I said back.

Connor gave me stern gaze witch was telling me -we don't have to argue,get into the camp- I wasn't budging. Without thinking I picked up a big rock and threw it at the monsters eye. "Why don't you go get a makeover you ugly ghastly sun of bitch!!!" I yelled. Connor and the Cyclops looked at me like I was insane. Maybe I was,maybe I wasn't.

What I did wasn't a good idea because the monster charged ate me with pure rage. You could see the fire coming out of his nostrils. I quickly ran to the right for my life but the thing was much much faster than I was. In one swift move he picked me up from the ground and started crushing me in his large hand.

"Little girls need to shut up!" He shouted

"N-Never!" I chocked out

"Than I crush you!!"

The Cyclops grip got tighter around my body. I could feel the air coming out of me as if I was balloon. I'm not the fattest girl in the world,I was mostly made of bones,witch were getting crushed "Put her down now!" Connor demanded. The monster only laughed before squeezing me tighter. I yelp in pain as I felt my insides mashing together.

Down the hill I saw Chiron fighting the other Cyclops,he seemed to be standing on his own but he'd need help.

My air was running short and I was getting lightheaded. In no time I was passed out once again

This time when I woke up. I woke up to soft humming. I opened up my eyes squinting slightly from the bright light shining threw. I looked around and found myself laying on a bed,in a big room with other people laying on beds as well. But they were all hurt. Sitting on the foot of the bed was a young girl: no more than Eight.

"Your vary pretty." She said. I gave her a "Thank you" as I sat up but dizziness hit me hard in the head making me lay back down.I Observed the girl. Long brown hair,beautiful gray eyes and a pretty face."What's your name." I asked,my quiet from being squeezed to death. "Eamy,what's your name." She answered. I smiled answering


"I like that name." She chirped. "Okay young one. Lets leave our friend alone foe bit shall we." Chiron said walking-well more like steering over. He was back in his old form.

Eamy gave a sad nod but left anyway like she had been told. "Where am I?" I asked "In the Infirmmary." He answered "At camp Half-Blood?" He noted. "Just drink down this drink than you'll be able to get out. Connors worried about you you know. He kept checking in on you to see if you were awake,but you were sleeping." He said handing me a glass cup of what looked like orange juice.

It wasn't orange juice I'll tell you that. It tasted like melted chocolate cookies. It was delicious. Instantly I felt better and stronger. But my mind was brought back to Connor. "He's been worried,how long have I been out?" I asked "Oh just a few hours not that long. But come we have a lot to talk about." Chiron answered. I sat up not getting the dizzy feeling this time and stood up. I noticed I was changed into different cloths.A pare of white sweats and hoodie. "Who changed me?" I asked "Not a boy,I'll inform you of that." Chiron answered as we walked out. In front of me was a beautiful camp,kids all ages trained in different places. In one part of the camp they had Archery in another they had sword fighting. They even has a huge arena for chariot racing.

This wasn't like your normal summer camp. Not at all.

We walked down the small steps passed people as they turned to look at me.Girls whispered among each other and while the guys smirked my away. "As you can see we have various training quarts." Chiron said as I looked around "Where will I be staying?" I asked "Cabin 11.With your half brothers and sisters." Chiron answered. "How many siblings,well half siblings do I have." "At least a dozen." was his answer.

Wow I guess my dad kind of just..........slept around.

"Atheila!!" Connors voice ran threw the air. Before I new it I was pulled into the bone crushing hug.

"C-Connor. C-Cant b-breath." I said in pain. Only a few hours ago I was being crushed by a Cyclops.

He let go of me saying a "Sorry." It was then that I realized four people standing behind him. Three guys and one girl. The first looked just like him,just a bit older. His hair was the same color as were his eyes,he had on normal blue jeans and a purple shirt . The one next to that one was a Satyr who had short black curly hair and horns sticking out of his skull.He had on no pants or a shirt,only a a chest plate,and next to him was the girl. She had blonde hair and piercing gray eyes that were so bright it was hard to look into them,she wore dark blue jeans with brown boots,a white t-shirt that was now stained with grass and dirt with a chest plate or her front as well. My heart stopped as I looked upon the last one.

He looked like a god. He had jet black hair,the eyes that would make any girl swoon over him. They were as green as grass,but as blue as the sea. They were beautiful,he was beautiful,he had on dark blue jeans as well with a teal shirt and he to was wearing a chest plate,they must have all been training. "Athiela this is Travis Stoll. Older brother of Connor. And next to him is Grover Underwood,this is Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena and Percy Jackson,son of my brother Poseidon." Chiron introduced "And everyone this is Atheila Sheirain,daughter of Hermes."

The girl Annabeth scoffed saying "Great another Hermes kid,just what we needed." I felt like snapping back at her but Chiron's new found grip on my hand told me not to. I locked eyes with all three of them,until I met the orbs of Percy.

"It's us,nice to meet you." Grover said reaching out to shake my hand as he gave me a wink. I took it in my own giving a nod. "As you know I'm Percy,welcome to camp Half-Blood." He said reaching forward as well. I took his hand and tried to ignore how soft they were as I gave him a smile and noted.

The one Travis was just standing there,observing me carefully. "Hi I'm Travis." he said holding his hand out. I took it for a shake but was cough off guard when he pulled me into a warms hug. I awkwardly patted his back saying "Its uh-nice to meet you?"

He let go giving me a smile witch I tried to return but I bet I just looked like someone who was trying to say a new weird language, "Well,I see you guys just got back from training. Go rest,clean yourselves off. Connor Travis and I will continue showing Atheila around." Chiron said to the four. They noted hurrying off laughing and goofing off.

Chiron showed me everything in the camp,the chary orchards,the chariot arena everything. He explained to me about the cabins to. And that's where we are right now,in Cabin 11. Connor and Travis have been showing me the different rooms that belong to my half siblings. But I was curious to know how they knew all this. Anyway it turns out before everybody didn't get their own rooms and things to fill it up with,the sleeping aria was shared among everyone,and they all had bunk beds,but that became a problem for all the cabins because campers stared complaining about their stuff being gone or stolen. And the girls were saying that the guys were peeking on them as they changed. So they gave everyone their own rooms. Smart right

"This is Eamy's bedroom ,it's a bit kiddish but than again she's only eight" Yeah turns out that sweet girl I met back in the Infirmary is my half sister.

"And lastly this is your bedroom(It's smaller,the walls are a light gray,and the couch can fold out into a bed)." Travis said leading me in. I gasped as I looked around me. The room was so awesome,much much better than my room at home. This took my breath away. "This.Is.So.Freaking.AWESOME!!!" I shouted. I plopped down on the couch/bed with a laugh escaping my lips . I saw a closet and opened it and grasped from amazement again. I had a walk in closet (Smaller) I had hundreds of shirts,beautiful dresses,shorts (shorts) jeans,shoes and much more.

"Do you like it?" Connor asked. "Do I like it?" I repeated "I love it!" "Stealing most of this stuff wasn't easy,and getting it in was even harder. But we wanted our little sister to have everything she needed." Travis smiled,but I cough on to 'the little sister'

"Oh cool,you guys sons of Hermes to,that means we're half siblings." I said. Both boys exchanged looks before Travis spoke up. "No we're not your half siblings,we're your real full siblings." I didn't know what to say "I'm pretty shore your not.My last name is Sheirain,I got that last name from my mother." I said

"No,your real name is...Atheila Sheirain Stoll. Our little sister." Both said as once



Hey guys. If some of the words are miss spelled I'm sorry.I have Dyslexia,it's kind of bad. Anyway I hop you guys liked it ^_^


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