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Son of War

My Dad Just Might Die

So yea. That's basically how I figured out I was a demigod. After my encounter with the wolf-boy, my dad appeared in the school and told me to find Camp Half-Blood and here I am. Safe and happy. Not for long.

"Hey Percy," I say, walking up to the stables.
Percy jumped a little. "Oh my gods Andrew don't do that. You scared the half-blood out of me.
"I'm sorry man. I just wanted to ask you about that prophecy. You know, the one about the child of Ares and all that."

A few days ago Rachael Dare, the oracle who hosts the spirit of Delphi, had came up to us with a new prophecy that a harpy had read. The spirit of the giant awakens with rage, breaking the lock that will open his cage. The child of Ares shall answer the call, before the giant, a god shall fall.

"Gods why does everyone come to me with their prophecy problems," Percy said with a sigh. "I'm not always the go to guy for this stuff but Andrew I think that god just may be your dad."
"But how could that happen? It says the child of Ares shall answer the call. I just don't understand how a god could fall if..." I was at a loss of words. It suddenly came to me. A giant must be defeated with the power of a god and a half-blood working together. Whoever this god was, there was no half cooperating with him.


It was great. I like it. Hes telling the story as if it had already happened. Continue continue, you have potential I can see it. its interesting although it might help to develop your own characters without referencing Percy by name. You know the son of poseidon or the hero of Olympus. Vauge titles that point to him but still leave the reader within your time.
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