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I loved a god of war

It Begins

I was 19 in my sophomore year of college. College had gotten less scary, and it was great at last. I was a world history major, my theses was Wars of History. My research paper showing how wars even centuries later can influence a country's way of life. But I didn't know that my life would take such a downward spin. It all started when an exchange student from Rome came to study Ancient History. That's how we met.
I was hurrying to my next class with a bunch of papers and books that seemed to overflow in my arms. I was hardly paying any attention when I ran into him. My papers spilled everywhere, I started to panic, “Oh no! I'll be late for sure!” I hurried to pick up my papers no even thinking about the exchange student that I had just bumped into. The guy knelt slowly and helped me pick up my papers, “I am so sorry miss I wasn't paying attention where I was going.” He said, “I apologize for making you late.”

I didn't even look up as I continued picking up my papers, “I was already late, I accidentally slept in because I was studying the Trojan war till like 4 this morning.”
“You like the Trojan War?” He asked.
I smiled to myself as I picked up more paper, “It's a little dramatic for my taste but yeah, I like the wars of History.” I picked up the last page and turned and finally looked at the guy and I recognized him from my Roman history books, and I thought I was going crazy.

The guy smiled, “You must be a one of them.”
“Who?” Before my question was answered my watch beeped, I looked at it quickly and completely forgot about my question, “I gotta go!” I shouted as I ran.

I quickly forgot my strange encounter, and quickly munched down on my lunch. Then it happened again a plate of food plopped beside me, “Hello!”
It was that guy again, apparently it wasn't just my imagination. Then again, a figment imagination doesn't get me even more late for class and ends up me getting extra homework.
“Hi” I replied shyly.

“I apologize again for this morning,” He paused again, “Miss-?”
“Maggie,” I replied, “Everyone calls me Maggie.”
“Miss Maggie.” He replied with a genuine smile. I looked away and continued eating, watching him from the corner of my eye nervously. How could the guy be Mars? I mean come on! Mars is the Roman form of Ares the Greek god of war, the dude is supposed to be a deity from an ancient world!
He smiled as he just stared at me, “You're probably wondering who I am.”

Yup pretty much.

“They call me,” He paused, Caesar.”

Good: apparently he just has a likeness to the Roman war god.
I speared my salad, “Although I love History, Ancient Rome is the hardest for me.”
Caesar smiled, “I am the champion of Roma!”

I chuckled to myself, then I looked up at Caesar, “Would it bother you if you could tutor me?” I paused then I added, “It's my for research paper actually for my sophomore theses.”
“What is this theses?” He asked.
“Well it about the effects of wars, how it can shape a world even centuries after.”
He smiled, “I am a champion of war as well.”

I didn't even consider that he was being serious.

I smiled again, “All right, can we meet at the library say 7:30ish?”

Caesar looked at me confused, “7:30? You must mean 1930 hours!”
“Yeah.” I replied wearily, “Sure.”
Caesar chuckled to himself.
I got up with my tray in hand, “See you at the library at 1920 hours.”


I hardly knew what the wear, I hardly knew why I was worried about what I was going to wear. This wasn't a date, I asked him to help me with my paper. Not the other way around. So I ended up in sweat pants and a Fort Hood t-shirt, hair was in a long pony tail with a head band holding back my bangs. I waited for Caesar, I was early, but still nervous. I was already reading a few books, Latin translation books, to help me read some of the reproduced manuscripts of accounts of war of Ancient Wars of Rome and Greece.

My head throbbed as I tried to translate each word and sentence to make sense. “God. This is seriously confusing.”
“What is confusing?”
Caesar's voice made me jump. I turned around and found him standing before me, I smiled and looked at my watch, “You're early!”
Caesar smiled as he circled the table and sat in his chair and pulled up to the table in front of us. “It's polite to be early.”
Caesar clasped his hands on the table, and sat there and smiled. We just stared at each other for a moment then Caesar broke it when he glanced at my books, “Well, where shall we begin?”

The night continued with laughs as Caesar told stories of Roman war as if he was there himself. Part of me was starting to second guess my theory about him being a Roman deity but the rest of me said that he was he was just a good story-teller. I flipped a page in one of the books in front of me and let my hand rest on the table, palm up. I was looking at the book, when Caesar gently took my free hand into his. I quickly looked at our hands and then looked at him, somewhat surprised. He only smiled back at me. I pulled away my hand gently from his, but he didn't seem to be hurt.


After a few more minutes of studying I closed my book, “I-I think it's time for me to go to bed.”
Caesar smiled, then he took up my hand again and slightly kissed it, “Have sweet dreams Miss Maggie.” I pulled my hand away blushing blood red, “Uhh, thanks.”
Caesar smiled at me then I found the courage to walk

I hardly knew what to do, I could hardly sleep! My head swirled with different thoughts, craazy thoughts. My head was like a whirlwind, a roller coaster going 5000 miles an hour, hurricane, and a whirlpool all in one. Then I heard my dorm room window burst open with a gust of wind I turned and -


A arrow shot from the window and hit my desk. I got up quickly and jerked the arrow out of the desk. It was made of a cherry, maybe red wood with an ivory tooth as the tip and a red bird feather at the other end. A piece of paper with a string was tied the shaft I turned the paper over and red the words on the small slip.

Hello Maggie, I ask you to meet me in front my dorm tomorrow at 7; 00 p.m. We'll go into town and I will tell you everything.
Love, Caesar

I turned to the window and looked out and didn't see anything. But I held the precious slip of paper in my hands. I held it to my chest gingerly as my heart did a flip-flop. I looked at the page again and re-read the last part:

. . . I will tell you everything

What did he have to tell? I did my best not to worry about it, so I went to bed and finally fell asleep.


Whoo! Working another story! I thought about what if i told the story about the mortal parent side of the story? So here's Maggie Patterson, I maybe will late write a story about her kid and maybe have Hannah and the kid cross paths. I dunno. :shurg:



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great fanfiction

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