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I loved a god of war


Chapter Three:

I woke up with my bare shoulder's peaking out of the sheets. I awoke with the sun shining and warming me up slightly. My eyes slowly fluttered open and I looked around the room. I turned over and found that Caesar was gone, a slip of paper was on the pillow. I sat up slowly keeping myself covered with my sheet. I opened the letter:

Hello Maggie,

I left a little after you passed out last night. I have some business to attend to away from the campus.
I'll be back for you tonight. ;)



My heart fluttered in my chest, I put the paper and sighed dreamily. Yeah I did that, my heart ran away with my brain at that moment in time. I felt like a teenager in young love all over again. My heart did flips in my chest.


I couldn't hardly wait.

I will tell you everything...” The note before said. The words hung in my ears: What did he need to say? Was it important? Life altering?
The day went by itself and before I knew it, I was waiting in my room. I didn't know where else to wait so I just sat on my bed and waited: my thoughts festering and bugging me the whole time.
What did he want to talk about?
Did he have a girlfriend back home?
Or? Was he going back home?

Anxiety rose up and tortured me, I curled up on my bed and tried to calm myself.
“Stop Maggie.” I told myself, “There is nothing to fear-”

“But fear itself.” A voice finished.

I froze and quickly turned around and found Caesar standing before me. I didn't even hear him come through my door! I looked and saw it was closed, that was creepy how he came in without a sound and managed to shut the door behind his silently as well.
“May I ask what troubles you?” He said sitting down on my bed beside me.
I turned on my bed so my feet touched the ground. I looked at the floorboards of the dorm room and tried to notice a pattern in the wood grains.
“Are you going to talk to me or not?” He asked.

I will tell you everything.” Those words in the letter echoed in my mind. They screamed at me, I wanted to scream them out to get those simple words out of my system but I found the strength to speak quietly, “You said in the first letter you sent me, you said you'd tell me everything.” I looked at Caesar and asked, “What is it?”

Caesar looked away and sighed heavily. There was a long pause until he finally looked at me directly in the eyes and asked, “Maggie, the truth might scare you, I must ask if you can handle anything.”
I was about to immediately answer yes but then I noticed the sincerity in Caesar's eyes and I began to reconsider my answer: Could I handle it?
The Truth: What was it?
Before I could follow down that train of thought I thought that I probably couldn't handle NOT knowing the truth, and desperately search for it until I died of... something.
I looked back at Caesar and answered, “I think I can handle it.”

Caesar sighed, and began to explain it all: He told me that the Roman gods were real, he didn't specify whether the Greek god versions were also real, but he told me that;
“I am really Mars, Roman god of War.”
I hardly knew how to take all this information in:
“I had to conceal my identity, Maggie. I was seeking refuge and quiet from the war that is to brew.”
“War? What war?”
“Maggie, I do not want to trouble you with my problems: All you need to know that Jupiter is blind to a fact that an age old enemy is coming back.”
I guessed I just had to be satisfied with that answer but, “Why college of all places to rest?”
Mars smiled, “That's what I like about it: Unpredictability: no one not even Jupiter will think to look here for me. Peace.”

He paused and then looked back at me, “Even a war god needs a time of peace,” He reached out for my hand, “and love.” He finished. I gently pulled my hand away. “So I'm just a toy you play with and when you're done you get rid of me.”
“No! Of course not! I love you and there is no other else.”
A growl arose from the pit of my stomach, “You tell that to all the girls don't you?”
Mars tried to reply, but he didn't answer: Exasperated I stood up, “See?! The thing is Mars I prefer men who stick around, and don't just use me but love me!”
“So the way you find out if men love is give them what they want?”
IF my eyes felt like knives before, now they felt like doughnut glaze.

“I, I, don't know what came over me that night: I couldn't control myself.”
Mars stood up over me, not in a threatening way, but cause he was just taller, he looked up and around, “I probably have a culprit: Venus.”
“And?” I said.
“She meddles in my affairs, and take advantage of the women I fall in love with, and now she...” He stopped and turned around and seemed frustrated and angry.
At this I became concerned and asked what was wrong.

“Venus has played both of us.”
“What how?”
Mars grunted and ran his hand through his hair, “I should have known this would happen! It happened with Emily Zhang now her!”
“See I knew it!” I cried out, “There is another woman!”
Mars turned around, “Forgive me Maggie but you're missing the point.”
“What point?”
“Venus has had it in for me since I broke up with her after Troy, and...”
“Recently Venus has made an alliance with a god named Inuus.”
My brains racked for a god named Inuus but nothing came up, “Who is he?”
“A minor god of fertility and well sexual intercourse, met him once and he's such an animal. The roman's worshiped many gods similar to him but he's the real one: unknown to the scholars of your time but he was a minion of Venus until we went AWOL and went to be on his own.”
“Ok but what has that have to do with me?”
“I swear when I tell you this Maggie I thought they were just bluffing when they said that they cursed me, it's the truth!”
“What is it Mars?!”
“It was a tactical miscalculation getting involved with you Maggie, I'm sorry.”
“Tactical miscalculation?” I replied, “What's wrong?”
“I didn't know that the alliance was actually valid I thought with Emily it was just a coincidence but now I understand.”
“Understand what Mars?!”

Maggie forgive me but you're pregnant.”


Phew! Finally got a new chapter done, hit a block. plz tell me how i am doing!



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I love it!

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great fanfiction

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