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I loved a god of war

"Believe in Me."

Chapter Four:

To say the least I was surprised.

“It's happened once before, and that was a while ago. I thought the spell would have worn off by now but Aphrodite obviously pushed you.”
“Wait, Wait-” I interrupted, “Back up: This is crazy! How can you say that? I mean if anything the woman breaks the news!”
“Maggie,” He replied gently, “Let me explain then: Inuus is the minor of god of fertility, I've had to come across him before when he took enemy sides of wars, so he has it in for me as well as Aphrodite. They recently made a pact that whenever I'd fall in love with a woman and,” He paused awkwardly, “Slept with her, Inuus would make it so she'd bear a child.”

“What?” I gripped my stomach and backed slowly away from Mars.
“Maggie I am so sorry, please forgive me. I didn't-”
“Why didn't you tell me!?” I demanded, “Why didn't you take precautions?!”
“Maggie, it wouldn't have mattered-”
“It too could have mattered!” I yelled, I felt tears beginning to form out of the corners of my eyes and began to cloud my vision.
I sobbed for a second, “Why did this happen to me!?” I screamed.
“Maggie calm down please.” Mars begged.
“I can't!” I screamed.

I back into the wall and slid down to the floor and started to sob. Mars was instantly at my side, “Maggie, please calm down.”
I looked up to the ceiling and rolled my eyes and sighed still crying my eyes out, “Mars I have an education to finish! I want to be a historian someday!” I cried out.

I helplessly put my head in my hands and began to weep.
Mars petted my head, as I sobbed. I paused my sobbing and looked straight ahead and whispered, “I can end it.”
Mars was caught off guard, “What?”
“I can end it. I can get back to my studies without any, other responsibilities, and you-”
“Maggie please,” He replied, “Don't.”

I looked at him and made sure my eyebrows were brought low so he'd understand my anger, “Why not? It's my body I can do what I want!”
“Maggie: I have had many children in the past, some of the women not realizing that they are carrying a gift. A gift that can carry the weight of the world, change it, even be it's salvation.”
“Mars,” I replied weakly, “I can't my studies...”
“Maggie, please listen, finish this last semester, and there is a place where you can be safe even finish your studies.”

I sniffed and looked up, “What?”
“New Rome, Maggie, it's a city complete with apartments and a university, you can be a historian there. History is a big thing of Roman culture.”
“What? I don't understand, New Rome?”
“A secret city for demigods a safe place hidden from monsters, you'll be safe there from any of my enemies.”
“Your-r enemies? That has nothing to do with me.”
“Maggie, I'm sorry but that's no longer true, if Aphrodite knew about our encounter then word is out by now and as a god of war-”

“Your enemies will come after the things you love.” I finished.
Mars smiled, “Yes. A tactic known among many generals of many ages, you hurt your enemies loved ones: it's a fate worse than death.”
I sniffled a bit and there was a pause. “Maggie-” He started, “Please, give me time to set up a place for you and you can finish you studies here and I'll send someone for you when the preparations are done.”
“Mars I-I don't know... You're asking a lot.” I looked him in the eyes and he smiled,
“It's an adventure of a lifetime, and one you might regret but the rewards are countless.”

My stomach lurched, I might regret it?

“I will do my best to try to be there for you Maggie.” I was afraid...

I was about to dive into a sea of the unknown...
Was this guy worth it?
Was the future child worth it?
The pain I was going to experience?
The heartbreak?
The disgrace?
Was it worth it?
Oh if I only knew what was going to happen it would make this choice so easy.

But I don't, I don't know. I looked at Mars and replied, “Give me an oath or something to hold onto that what you are telling me is the truth.”
Mars smiled, “Maggie I swear-”
“A promise is no value to me.” I interrupted, “Give me something that will ensure you'll be there for me.” Mars was surprised at my demand and he thought for a moment. Then he suddenly stood up and then looked out of the window and then he suddenly stood before me wearing complete roman battle armor with red cape and everything with his helmet under his arm. He looked down at his belt and then pulled off a clip that held his war horn to his belt. He handed me the horn, “Blow this three times, and I won't be far away.” He cupped my cheek and caressed it gently. “Believe in me.” And then... He disappeared...


Whoo hooo! Finally got through the hard part! Tell me how am I doing?



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I love it!

Awww thanks!

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great fanfiction

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@Eliza Rush
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