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I loved a god of war

Returning Home

It really didn't matter if I believed Mars' story or not, the fact was that a few weeks later I had found myself pregnant . With nothing else top do I dived full force into my studies, nobody wanted to talk to me anyways after the word got around, and snickers behind my back when they found out that the Father was the exchange student and suddenly "had to leave" after the baby came into the picture. It was unnerving but people are jerks anyway right?

But soon the end of the school year came around and by my calculations I was already four months along, and I hadn't heard anything from Mars. I tried the horn but I had no answer. I didn't have an apartment off campus, and I don't think I could get a job when i would need maternity leave in a few months and I could possibly leave at any moment. So I decided to face the music and move back in with my Dad. I only texted him saying that I was coming home for the Summer: Before that we hadn't spoken since I left for school. So I drove home and Dad helped me move back into my old room, halfway we took a break in the kitchen and he gave me some warm milk to drink while he had black coffee.

Warm milk always calmed me, but nothing calmed the fact that I had to tell my Dad that I was pregnant, because I was living under his roof and he needs to know. I mean it's not like I can hide it forever right? I took a sip of my milk and spilled the beans: Dad took it rather well for this situation. He seemed a little disappointed but he seemed compassionate. He broached the subject about Mars, (which I had left out) like, "Who was he? How did I meet him?" and "Where is he now?"

I thought it best at that moment to not tell Mars' true identity because Dad thought my Mother was crazed when she claimed to be a daughter of Minerva (Athena); What would he do when his daughter came home and said that she's carrying the child of the Roman god of War? So I decided to use Mars alias when he first met me, "Caesar," I replied, "His name was Caesar, um" Last name, "Guerra." Guerra meant "war" in Italian so I chose that for his last name, "He was an exchange student from Italy "
"Where is he now?" Dad asked.
I swallowed my spit to lubricate it and from nervousness, "San Fransisco." (not a complete lie I guess), "He wanted to keep the baby so he's getting things situated there and he's going to send for me when everything is ready."

Dad didn't say anything but the look in his eye I could see a compassion for me like: I had been wounded somehow and I didn't even know it and now he hurt because I hurt. But he didn't comment about it and he change the subject slightly, "When's the due date?"
"In September." I replied plainly.
"You have a doctor or a midwife in mind?"
I sighed, "Not quite yet, umm Mar- I mean Caesar and will work it out when he gets here." I bit my lip slightly and Dad nodded his head and graciously hugged me and quietly left the room. But before he walked out the open door he looked at me again and smiled then walked up the stairs to his bedroom and got ready for his night shift at work.

I sighed and looked out the kitchen window. Until now I didn't realize how much I relied upon a god that with a magic horn or something that he'd be there when I'd blow on it: He hasn't shown up. But he said that there was something going on, maybe he was busy or something. But I would let him have a grace period and when I really did need him I'd try again, but if not: I'd forget him and raise this kid on my own. As I looked out the window I saw the signs of late spring, late summer's day end before me. I sighed and whispered to myself, "Mars... Will you come back for me?"


OHHHHH this is so dramatic. I almost can't take it lol! But hold on friends this won't be just dama soon new characters and gosh ACTION will be coming! Thanks for being patient with me! Took forever to update cause I was working on things and i hit writers block for this story and then I was like! Why not go home?



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