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I loved a god of war


Between the morning sickness, all the cravings, eating, backaches, swollen ankles, not fitting in any of my clothes, gaining weight; all was pretty good, except for the fact that I haven’t heard from Mars at all. I didn’t do much outside the house since every I was puking my guts out every other hour or so or eating my heart out the next. Being pregnant is awful, and burdensome, literally.

After a couple of months of no Mars I decided that, he lied about the whole thing and just left me to deal with the baby. So I made arrangements at the house for a new baby. Dad smiled and laughed and talked about how he remembers Mom and him doing this when they were expecting me. “We painted the walls pink when we found out you were going to be a girl.” He said with a smile as he moved another box out of the old baby room. I smiled and bent my back back and with a hand supporting my aching spine and another on my stomach, and smirked. “Well we aren’t sure what it is yet.” I laughed and sighed.

I looked around the room, making note of it all, “It doesn’t you know, make you upset, does it?” I asked, “To be in here.”
Dad set the box in the closet and wiped his forehead with his forearm, he looked around, “Your Mother was the one that believed in the ghosts of the past.” He paused again, “Not me.” I fell silent at the mention of my mother again.“It’s ok, Maggie.” He said, “It doesn’t bother me to talk about your Mother.”
“Have they found her?” I asked shyly,

He sighed and put his hand on his sides, “No, they are not any closer to finding her anyways. You remember they assume she’s dead.”“Yeah, but you never know.”
“I know, I loved her too you know?”
“I know Daddy.”

There was a long awkward pause and I looked around the room and rubbed the baby bump, "It takes me back." I said, "moving all these boxes." Dad found another box and picked up another box, "Well," He groaned, "How about," Dad put it down and knocked off the dirt from his hands, "We walk into the future, instead of dwelling on the past?" I smiled as I felt the child move inside me.
"Sure Dad." I replied.

I turned and waddled over to the closest wall and put my hand against the baby blue painted wall and my finger danced on the flatness of the wall. I didn't know what my kid child was going to be but I hoped for a boy since this coat has been waiting to carry the famous new baby smell.

Dad continued to grunt as he lifted boxes I turned around and laughed, "Dad you could call some people to help you move these boxes around, I would help but this is in my way!" I said a little to angrily.
Dad chuckled, "Don't worry, I can take care of

"Dad I'm just saying that you don't have to risk your back to prove that you're still young!" I felt rage and frustration bubbling up inside so quickly I hardly knew what was happening and I felt like an erupting geyser on the rampage.
Dad laughed harder this time, "Those hormones are kicking in again."
If a person could have a physical aurora around them at that point it would be an intense fiery red and would put Vulcan's forge fires to shame.
Once Dad saw my expression he sighed, "Fine," He pulled out his cell phone and called someone.
I noted the phone my dad wielded, "A flip phone? Really?"
He looked at me and frowned, “This is what I use to get people to help me out for a project.”
I rolled my eyes playfully as Dad started to talk on the phone.





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I love it!

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great fanfiction

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@Eliza Rush
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