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I loved a god of war

My Kidnappers

My eyelids roll back and everything is a blur at first. All I see it warm yellow light that flickers, like a fire. I take in a large breath and I smell the smoke. Where am I? Oh gods, is the baby ok? I try to move but I can't; everything feels so heavy. I can't even move my fingers at this point. I see three shadows along the cave wall and I lie absolutely still.

I hear voices.

"what did you see?" A female voice asked.

"They're slow." A male voice chuckled. It was that guy that kidnappe me! He was working with others?! he had said I think, that he was sent by Mars. But that can't be true; he hasn't contacted me ever!

"I'm serious." The female voice said again.

"I didn't see anything." The male voice replied, "The Refuges are working well for us."

"Good. Miss Maggie should be waking up soon." The woman sighed, "Then we'll move on."

"why don't we move now?" Another female voice piped up complaining, I can even hear her teeth chattering from here, "I'm getting Andy to go and be a good ways ahead from them; instead of the waiting game."

"it'll be easier to explain everything here, in full detail, while we're safe rather than out on the road."

"Yes ma'am." The other woman replied weakly still shivering.

"You're sitting next to the fire Vic." The male commented, "Why are you so cold?" He asked.

the chittering girl didn't respond.

I saw the shadow apparently belonging to the guy raised his arms in surrender, "Fine don't talk."

"I'm going to check on Maggie." She said getting up an coming towards me.

i didn't know what to do: should I pretend to be asleep or stay awake? Better to pretend to be asleep or at least pretend to wake up so they don't know that I know more than they think I should.

So I close my eyes as the girl comes up and makes a quick examination. I feel her take my pulse. Good I could feel the pressure on my wrist. She gently prods my stomach similar to the way my OBGYN does.

I decide that it was time to wake up; I groan lifting my eyelids slowly. I hear a slight shuffle of dust and dirt under shoes, "She's waking up!" She called out.

There was more movement as the other were coming to my side and I open my eyes and see a girl about my age standing over me with strange clothing.

She wore a thin metal circlet on her head with a little charm that was three leaves attached to each other on the end of their stems. She had colorful cloth of many colors underneath gold armor with a belt that was made of cloth the excess hung down along with a skirt that was layer by some black leather leggings of some kind that went to her kneesand boots with metal playing covering her shins. Her arm bare clothing wise but she wore cuffs on her upper arms. Her hair was away from her face and up in a French twist, it was black as could be and the darkest I've ever seen. Her eyes were bright in contrast to her hair and light green that stared deep into me.

The other two came and looked as bizzare as the girl in front of me.

the other girl seemed a bit older in especially in the way she carried herself. She had a thick circlet of broze and had two tassels coming down from the circlet on both sides of her face made of glass and cord made of twisted chords.

Her armor was minimal, a chestplate that seems to wrap around her with leather straps and a skirt that had large fringe strips like you would see on a roman gladiator. She had a loose puffy shirt that was tucked into arm guards and her hands covered by leather gloves. She wore thigh high boots and pants that were black.

my kidnapper looked about the same only that he wasn't wearing his helmet, and his dark brown hair was pressed against his head.

"Hello Miss Patterson." The tassels woman said with a slight smile, "My name is Crystal, this is my compainons Matthew and Victoria. Sorry about all that earlier but it was nessisary to get you out we didn't exspect them to be there so we had to get you out quickly."

"Why ?" I asked.

"Mars sent us to get yoh because he had foreknowledge that they'd come for you."

"who is they?" I aksed

"Mars' has enemies. And enemies that want to kill you and the baby."


Dang it took me away to long to update but again i am writing from my phone lol XD AS ALWAYS I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! ~Eliza Rush



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I love it!

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great fanfiction

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@Eliza Rush
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