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The Rise Of The Titans Series: Kronos's Revenge (Book 1)

Chapter 10

"Jackson, there is not much time to explain your next quest, so I shall send you a guide." Zeus rumbled. The god raked his unwavering eyes across the crew of demigods.

"Well, that concludes the matter for your appearance at our meeting. We will propel you away while we discuss our other issues. Bye bye now, and I wish you luck on your quest," He said, waving his head.
Lightning flashed and engulfed the demigods, and they were teleported back to the car.

"Well..I have been waiting for a while. There you are!" said a voice. Percy glanced behind, and saw a small boy with sleek hair.

"Hello, guys." Nico di' Angelo said, his face morphed into a thin smile. His Stygian iron sword was sheathed by his side.

"Nico!" Hazel gasped, she ran over and hugged him, "Are you alright, brother?"

Nico nodded, "I am well, Hazel. Zeus has used me to be your guide," he said.

"I thought you were at camp!" Annabeth exclaimed, frowning at him.

"No, I travel around. Roman and Greek camps.... Percy knows that." Nico replied with ease. He looked at Percy, who nodded.

"A guide to where, Nico? Zeus hardly told us anything." Percy inquired.

Nico shrugged his shoulders smoothly. "Okay then, follow me." He said and started walking away.

"Nico! We have a car!" Leo called after him. Nico turned around and glared his dark eyes flashing.

"You're not taking the car there." He growled.

" Nico where are you going?" Frank asked nervously.

"The Underworld. You must meet my father."

"What? No..." Percy muttered. He already had bad experience in the Underworld, no way was he going back again. Hades was going to finally have a chance kill him.

Nico chuckled, "Percy, It is nothing of that sort. My father merely has the information you need to defeat Kronos and his minions."

He whistled loudly. Percy knew what he was doing. Before he could react, a huge hellhound jumped over to them.

"Mrs. O'Leary!" Percy said. The hellhound barked and jumped on him, slobbering over his face.
"Yeah, it's me, girl. Sit...SIT." Percy urged, pushing Mrs. O'Leary away.

Jason gave Nico a inquiring look.

"We are going to Shadow travel...not much to be said-- let's go." Nico said indifferently. Nico and Percy confidently swung their legs over Mrs. O'Leary and sat on it. The others followed their lead. Mrs. O-Leary gave a small yap and then sped away.



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