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The Rise Of The Titans Series: Kronos's Revenge (Book 1)

Chapter 11

The ride was smooth and fast...at least for Nico. After years of experience for shadow traveling, it hardly drained him any power. Before he knew it, Mrs. O'Leary had arrived at the grounds of the Underworld.

Nico got off of Mrs. O'Leary swiftly and gestured the others to do the same. After the release of all the weight, the Hellhound yawned sleepily and curled up on the floor, snoring.

The rest of the friends looked exhausted except for Percy and Nico, who stood there, staring at the dog.

Oh yeah, Nico thought, A few years ago I shadow traveled with him...to meet my dad, it wasn't exactly a good sight.

"Get up, guys. The faster we get there, the more time you will have." Nico called warily.

"Too tired...." Frank groaned. Nico sighed. He glanced at everyone else...who were all heaving themselves around.

"Fine. We'll take a short rest," Nico grumbled impatiently. They dropped one-by-one to the ground and started to sleep along with Mrs. O'Leary. Nico turned and found himself face to face with Percy.

"Don't tell me you're tricking us to your dad to kill again!" Percy growled.

"Percy, He promised not to hurt you!" Nico protested.

"That''s what you said last time!"

"You saved Olympus and Hades at the second Titan war, and also saved everyone from Gaea. He has forgive you for your sins against him," Nico replied uneasily.

It's true! My father won't kill you, Percy, Just trust me.

"Percy, that was an mistake!" Nico said again, so loudly that Frank.

"What...?" they moaned.

"I think we better be going," Nico said. Percy gave him an indecisive look, but then nodded grimly. They shook the other demigods awake, who stretched and yawned as if nothing had happenned.

"The River Styx is right there." Annabeth observed.

"Don't touch it." Percy warned. Nico grimly agreed-- he had personally found Achilles in the river and saw Percy suffer to get "iron skin", which made him stronger than before, but one spot in his body would be prominently more weak.

"I believe that some of you know what we have to do next to enter my father's palace....we need to go to Charon's Ferry." Nico said nonchalantly.

"North." Percy added.

Without much of a word, they headed north and found Charon, the ferryman, making a fire. Right by him was his large ferry. He had an hood that covered his face.

As soon as Charon saw Nico, he managed an tiny smile. "Nico Di' Angelo, It's been a while." Charon said icily.

"Yes it has. You see..we have tight business here. Nine gold drachmas, take us over the Styx." Nico murmured.


This is Charon's web- http://camphalfblood.wikia.com/wiki/Charon




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