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The Rise Of The Titans Series: Kronos's Revenge (Book 1)

Chapter 14

“What?” Hades scowled at them. “It’s not like I asked you to jump off a cliff.”

"Actually, that might be better," Percy heard Leo mutter.

“Father, we can’t hunt Krios down! It is unwise to underestimate your enemy, for Krios can be as strong as Kronos himself, who we know we cannot defeat easily,” Nico argued, his eyes flashing.

“You must. If you do not pick off the other Titans first, they will surround you and defeat you during the third battle with Kronos. I am inclined to believe that that is his plan,” Hades explained, the faces on his suit becoming more and more animated.

Hades's dark eyes raking over the group when nobody replied. He slammed his fist on the table, making a clang echo the large room. “You are all lucky I came when I did. You will return my favor.”

“Father, please.” Nico pleaded.

“No.” Hades bellowed firmly.

“Hold on, guys. I think I might have a solution to our problems.” Percy interjected, smiling.
“Do tell,” Hazel folded her hands in front of her.

“Well, it’s a long shot, really,” He murmured. He scanned the small group, his green eyes hesitant.

“You’re scaring me, Percy. Just tell us!” Annabeth grabbed his arm.

“Okay, OKAY!” He grumbled. “Does anyone have a drachma?”

“Here, man.” Leo tossed a glittering gold coin to Percy.

“What are you going to do, exactly?” Nico asked.

“Oh. I forgot about that.” Percy smiled faintly. “Oops.” He turned towards Hades, who was examining his nails and tapping his foot impatiently. “Lord Hades?”

“What do you want now?” Hades muttered, his eyes flicking up quickly to rest on Percy.

“I...er... Can I call my sister?” Percy stuttered. Hades threw his hands up in the air in surrender.
“Whatever, I do not care, just as long as you get that foul titan out of my kingdom.” He stomped away, black smoke curling off his suit. the faces on his suit seemed to smile for their stupidity.

“Thank you? I think?” Percy called after the god.

“Don’t bother, Percy.” Nico grumbled.

“So? Are you going to call her or what?” Frank yawned.

Percy didn’t answer, just simply raised his hand and water swirled out of the essence of the air. He tossed the coin into the mist and called out to Iris. “O' Iris, goddess of the rainbow, please accept my offering,” The mist shifted, clearing slightly. “Echo Jackson, New York Institute, please.”

The mist flatted and smoothed out to show a teenage girl wrestling with three other people. She had black hair, braided to the side, and flashing green eyes.

Percy raised a hand in the air, waving. “Hi, sis.”

Her head snapped up, black curls flying. “Wha-?” She was knocked to the side suddenly by a tall boy with pale blue eyes and black hair.

“Gotcha!” He gloated. He hauled her up, and flung her over his shoulder.

“Alec!” She squealed. “That’s my brother talking to me, and I’m betting it’s important. Put me down!”

“Brother? Really?” A blonde haired boy asked, a smirk running across his face.

“Shut up, Jace.” She slapped a hand over his mouth. He mumbled in protest.

“What’s up, Echo? Long time, no see!” Piper grinned.

“It’s going well here, if you don’t count being plowed over by Alec and subject to sarcasm from Jace.” Echo smiled, her black braid bouncing back and forth with her every movement.

"Mmmph," Jace tried to protest.

“We have a request, actually.” Nico pushed his way towards the message.

“Do tell.” Her mouth shifting.

“Can you help us take down a Titan?” Percy blurted out.

Echo’s forehead wrinkled, but she did not seem surprised by his sudden request. “Well, yeah, but it takes a whole lot of energy for me to walk through Iris messages. You guys know that. I don’t have that much of Hecate’s blood in my veins...and my angelic blood sorta, you know, counters the godly blood?”

“Please?” Hazel begged.

“Okay, okay.” Echo relented. She pointed a sharp, clear, and very long blade at the group. “You have to wait for me to get my Seraph blades and throwing knives, though.”

“Whatever you need.” Annabeth said, smiling.


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