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The Rise Of The Titans Series: Kronos's Revenge (Book 1)

Chapter 17

Piper wanted to beat herself up. She had watched her own boyfriend get possessed by the Titan Lord himself, and yet she did nothing and fled like cowards along with her friends.
The demigods headed back to Charon's ferry where they boarded it hastily, once again. Bob stood next to Charon, arms folded. Charon had a look of disgust screwed on his face, obviously uncomfortable standing by the burly Titan.

Charon looked at Echo for a moment, his gaze confused. "And who are you? Are you one of Lord Hades's prisoners?"

Nico answered for her. "She's not a prisoner, Charon," he snapped impatiently, "And about angering Lord Hades... that's none of your beeswax."

"Beeswax...those things young demigods use." Charon muttered to himself.

Nico brought them out of the ferry and shadow traveled with Mrs. O'Leary into Atlanta. After the shadow travel, Piper was surprised that she didn't feel as drained as the first time she had done it.

It was night, but the lights of the skyscrapers were on, illumination skyrocketing through the sky like Zeus's lightning bolt. Piper admired the view and walked with her friends through the city.

"So, here we are...Atlanta," Percy said, "Do you know where in Atlanta, Nico?"

The son of Hades shook his head, his eyes raking across the tall buildings searchingly. "Perhaps we should ask somebody, " He murmured.

Leo let out a laugh, "Ask somebody? What are we going to do-- walk up to a random commoner and ask Hey, did you happen to see the Titan of constellations crawling around somewhere?"

Hang on," Annabeth interrupted, "Lord of the constellations?"

"Yeah...what about it?"

Annabeth looked at the crew, her eyes calculative. "If Krios is the Titan of constellations, then that means we would probably find him in a stargazing site or an astronomy tower!" She exclaimed.

This halted the group in their tracks. Yes! That is true! Piper thought joyously.

"Annabeth," Piper breathed, "That's brilliant! Do any of you guys have a cellphone with data?"

They shook their heads. "Hang on," Echo said, "We don't need a phone to find astronomy towers in Atlanta. As Leo has said, we could just go ask someone."

They turned to Piper, who just stared at them. "So...basically...I should go ask," Piper said, then nodded and looked around the crowd, trying to find someone who looked like they live in Atlanta.
She went up to a complete stranger and tapped her on the shoulder. The woman turned to look at her and stared at her expectingly.

"Ma'am, I've been wondering...is their is any stargazing or astronomy sites here in Atlanta?" Piper asked, smiling at her sweetly.

The woman looked at her and laughed, "Why would you want to stargaze here?" but she didn't wait for a reply, "Yes, of course there is an astronomy tower, there is one on Huff road in northwest Atlanta."

"Huff road? Alright, thank you ma'am," Piper replied, acknowledging her with a nod, then she returned to the other demigods.

"The woman said there is an astronomy tower on Huff road....wherever that is...in northwest Atlanta."

Annabeth grinned and took out her Daedalus laptop from her backpack. Echo sat in front of her to conceal the weird looking object from bypassing strangers. With a couple clicks of her mousepad, Annabeth pulled up a map of Atlanta and found Huff road, which was near Blandtown.

"Oh come on, that takes such a long time," Leo mumbled.

"I can call Mrs. O'Leary again," Nico cut in, "None of the regular humans will notice anything because of the mist." He snapped his fingers and something swirled around them like a tornado.

"That is the...preferable choice," Percy said, everyone else agreed timidly. Nico gave whistled. Immediately, Mrs. O'Leary popped up to them, yapping once again.

Some of the strangers glanced at her, and smiled, as if he was an adorable puppy. They dragged the dog quickly behind concealed bushes and boarded her.

"Huff Road, northwest Atlanta," Nico ordered, grabbing her by the scruff tightly. The hellhound barked excitedly and scrambled away.
They found themselves in a large, but empty room, full of white pillars and domes. The demigods walked slowly through the chambers. Piper slowly traced her hands across one of the intricately carved corinthian pillars.

"Now, look who is here!" said a deep voice. There suddenly was a loud gust of wind that blew Piper's hair across her shoulders.

A Titan stood there, his mouth widning into a horrible smile, "Let's see who dies first, shall we?"


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