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The Rise Of The Titans Series: Kronos's Revenge (Book 1)

Chapter 21: Frank Gees Crazy

Percy watched as Hades snapped his fingers, instantly, they were back at the camp.

Chiron strode forward and watched as the demigods suddenly appeared in Camp Half- Blood.

"Ha," Mr. D muttered as he joined the old centaur. Chiron glanced at each of the sheepishly.

"What is it?" He asked, looking at Frank with surprise. "Ah, and there's the praetor of Rome, isn't it? I reckon you are from the seven, yes?" Frank didn't answer. He stared at the ground, unable to speak; still startled by Hazel's death.

"We completed our quest, Chiron." Percy replied.

Mr. D gave them a weird smile, "I see, Perry. So I think you should not be angry at me for my false information, then?" He snarled.

Percy glared at him. "Maybe you should get my name right and-"

Annabeth put her hand on his crossed arms. "Sir, not at all, we were just saying -"

Chiron held his hand, "Annabeth Chase, the quest was in vain, remember?"

Mr. D snorted in annoyance. "Dear Chiron, I think you should discuss this little quest in the Big House, where I can enjoy it."

Chiron frowned and nodded, "Yes, follow me."
Percy wolfed down his pork chop before Chiron could speak.

"Now, someone tell me what happened." Chiron said, glancing at each of them.

Percy stopped eating and explained all the things that happened in the quest, about Hazel's death (whereFrank sighed as he mentioned her name), and Hades' quest.

Chiron suddenly smiled. "Yes."

They all stared at him. "What?"

"Zeus contacted me in Iris message a few nights ago, saying the war of the gods would start when a titan would steal all the god's symbol of power. Krios must be the thief."

"Well then, that's good, because I don't understand it." Percy muttered.

Chiron glanced at him with his narrowed eyes. "Start packing, Percy. You're going on a quest tomorrow with these seven."


Thanks for reading, guys! Because this is the last chapter of the book! I'll post the next book later!



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