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The Rise Of The Titans Series: Kronos's Revenge (Book 1)

Chapter 5

Jason led them through the tunnel. The dim, red lights grew brighter and the tunnel grew wider. As she peeked through, Piper felt nervous and glanced at the titans again, who continued to walk in their slow pattern.

Sitting on a throne was a bigger titan, with skin the texture of molten lava and large horns that poked through his side. It was obviously Kronos, or some other more powerful titan, due to his authoritative appearance. Piper looked even farther from the titan lord and saw two figures that were tied up behind him. Frank and Hazel!

"Guys! It's Frank and Hazel!" Piper whispered loudly, pointing.

"No way," Percy muttered. He drew Riptide and glared at the lead Titan, and made a slight motive as if to burst into the room.

"Percy, that's dangerous." Annabeth warned. Percy didn't reply-- he was too busy looking at both Hazel to Frank. He started to slowly approach the room.

"Percy!" Annabeth whispered feverishly. "Piper, charmspeak him! His fatal flaw is loyalty, and he will sacrifice the world to save them, tell him to STOP!" She hissed. Jason lunged forward and grabbed Percy's arms, pulling him back.

"Percy, it's dangerous, do not sacrifice the world to help them." Piper said, adding effort to her words. Percy stopped glaring and fumbed with his sword. He glanced at Annabeth, then to Piper.

"Gods, sorry." He muttered under his breath and looked back at Kronos. Jason released Percy's arm, giving him an awkward smile, then swallowed and laughed nervously.

"What do we do?" Annabeth asked, raising his eyebrows, "We can't just stand here and watch."

"Look guys, here's the plan. I'll open that fountain over there for Percy to attack with the water, I will fight the Titans and summon lightning, Leo...you can free Frank and Hazel, and Piper, you can charmspeak them to stop fighting." Jason said, "We'll take them down. Let's do a surprise attack."

"Hang on," Piper murmured, "Isn't that too rash? What if we fail?"

"It won't be hard, won't it?" Leo cut in, "Kronos is weak, and his Titan minions won't be that bad...besides, we've dealt with giants!"

"It's settled, then," Percy said. Everyone reluctantly agreed.

"Let's go!" Jason murmured.

They rushed in, their weapons unsheathed and out in attacking positions. Jason threw his sword up and a bolt of lighting came down, electrocuting one of the Titans. Then, he darted for the fountain and cut it open with ease. Water rapidly shot out of the fountain and started to flood the room. Percy smiled and held out his hand at the water..... possessing it.

The titans froze and stared at their invaders, dazed, as Percy, Jason, Piper, and Annabeth crashed into their formations, slashing and swishing, along with water swirling and lightning striking around them. It looked like as if there was a storm in a room.

Out of the corner of Piper's view, she saw Leo nimbly pace past Kronos and reach Hazel and Frank, then started to cut their ropes off.

"DON'T JUST STOP LIKE THAT, FOOLS!" Kronos bellowed, and stood up, watching the fight with a surprising grin on his face. He pulled out a long, iron sword. Percy and Jason fought their way to the Titan lord. Thunder flashed in the air. Piper dashed into a Titan, who stared at her, mouth open. She smiled and charmspoke them.

"Don't kill us. We're friends, don't fight." she said sweetly. The Titan froze. Piper took advantage of the moment and slashed at him with her dagger, disintegrating him quickly. Piper was fighting another enemy, when suddenly water shot into the air and dowsed the rest of the Titan minions, washing them away.

"Percy Jackson!" Kronos snarled, as he stepped off of his throne. Fighting his way through the crazy war to approach him. He swung his sword wildly at Percy. Piper knocked a Titan down and dashed to Kronos.

"Don't kill us!" Piper shrieked. Kronos turned to Piper, his eyes glowing with fury.

"DON'T DARE TRYING TO CHARMSEAK ME, FOOLISH GIRL!" He growled. He slammed the flat of his blade against her chest, sending her sprawling to the Earth.

"Piper!" Jason yelled, scrambling over to her, but Kronos tripped him with the tip of his sword, letting him fall over as well.

Kronos smiled broadly, "The seven is a much weaker group than I thought!" He sneered, and laughed maliciously. He held up his sword in attacking position and swung at Percy.


Kronos looked like the way I described it, If your not sure,go to
http://camphalfblood.wikia.com/wiki/Kronos?file=Kronos1111.jpg to look at his picture.

Hazel's Web- http://camphalfblood.wikia.com/wiki/Hazel_Levesque

Frank's web- http://camphalfblood.wikia.com/wiki/Frank_Zhang



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