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The Rise Of The Titans Series: Kronos's Revenge (Book 1)

Chapter 9

There was a flash of light, and Percy found himself and his friends standing on a flat platform of a mountain. The demigods glanced in different directions, examining their surroundings carefully. Percy noticed that Bob was with them, which was quite surprising.

They were standing in front of a huge Greek temple, decorated with pillars and intricately carved statues. Percy has been here many times-- it was, indeed, Mount Olympus.

"Come," Said a deep voice. He whipped around and saw his dad again, this time wearing royal blue robes instead of the beach-like attire he was wearing earlier. Poseidon gestured them to go into the temple, flashing Percy an unreadable look.

As they entered, Percy couldn't help admiring the works of architecture that plastered the ceilings, and the beautiful marble tiles that lined the floor. They entered a large room that contained twelve large thrones, each decorated with a different style.

Poseidon got up and sat at his oceanic-wave thrown, his hands propped up behind his head. The other gods started arriving at their thrones, too. The first one in was a tall women that looked a lot like Annabeth, no doubt Athena, herself.

The woman gazed at Percy and Annabeth for a moment and sat on her throne. He remembered a few years ago how she written off him in a council of gods, which wasn't a very pleasant feeling. Zeus finally arrived, striding in majestically, with his bright neon robe pulled tight.

Apollo came next, and winked at them. Then, Ares, who Percy saw glaring at him mutinously.
Next came Dionysus, or A.K.A Mr. D, who gave them a dry look.

Zeus opened his mouth to say something, but then, noticed Bob, studying him for a second, then turned to Poseidon.

"Brother, did you let this Titan..." Zeus began, but Bob cut him off, which made Zeus frown.

"My great Lord Zeus, I will not do any harm, I shall leave." Bob said, ready to turn toward the exit. Zeus glared at Bob, his lips the thinnest of thin lines.

"Are you Iapetus?" He growled. Percy stepped forward.

"My Lord Zeus, he can not explain this. If you wish so, I can explain....uh...after this." Percy cut in.

If he manages not to tell anyone else, Percy thought bitterly. Bob stood there, and hung his head, embarrassed. Zeus nodded. "Very well, Jackson. Hermes, please escort the Titan to the cabin."

Hermes muttered something about useless titans, and flicked his wrist. They both disappeared in a puff of smoke. Zeus's attention went back to the demigods.

"So, it has come to my attention, that Kratos has appeared at Camp Half-Blood. Leading you on to this quest that I believe has come in vain," Zeus said, furrowing his brow.

"My-my Lord, in vain?" Annabeth asked nervously.

Zeus rumbled, lightning crackling off his clothes, the other gods shifted uneasily.

"Brother..." Poseidon said wearily, looking at his brother. Lightning struck to the air and rain came down in torrents. Zeus turned to Percy angrily.

"Jackson....Kratos is not to be trusted anymore, I am quite surprised that you demigods would be stupid enough to trust such a traitorous god. Kratos himself has joined Kronos and his old army." Zeus growled.

"But why did he come to camp to address us, Lord Zeus?" Percy asked, attempting to get his anger under control.

"He is an minor god. One that cannot be trusted" Zeus growled. The minor gods in the back muttered briefly.

"SILENCE!" Zeus shouted.

"Brother, does this minor god situation...really matter?" Poseidon asked, glancing at his brother. Zeus tensed and turned to Poseidon, then sighed.

"My apologies," He growled, acknowledging the minor gods in the back, who's faces were quite indignant, "It was my anger speaking. It is Kratos that is the only traitorous god. I have only brought the demigods here to stop such a foolish quest."

"Sir, you say that this quest was in vain?" Leo bravely put in. Zeus flashed a glance at him, "Yes, I did. But you do have a real quest now," he said.

Percy inclined his head, his curiosity burning. "What?"



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