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Sea Princess

Chapter 1

I was sitting in my cabin staring at the sky. It was a clear nice day at Camp Half-Blood. I glanced over at my reflection to see my sea-blue eyes staring black at me underneath my dark brown hair. There was blue eye-shadow around my eyes with a little black eye-liner. A lot of people questioned why I had black hair when Aphrodite had blonde. I lied my way through that. I lied my way through a lot of things, actually. I might be considered a complusive liar but I could kinda of care less because that meant I wouldn't be stuck in the crowded Hermes cabin. Aphrodite was supposed to be my mom but my real mom was gone. She had died in a car accident back when I was six in Time Square. It's the worst memory of my childhood. It still wakes me in the middle of the night with tears streaming down my face.

I had tricked Aphrodite into claiming me. She didn't think anything of it because she was mostly busy with her goddess stuff and things. There was also a little nagging feeling in my head that she didn't really care about who she claimed either. I sighed again and leaned against the window sill. A girl walked in and then checked her reflection and then walked back out after waving to me. One of the things that bothered me were that some girls and guys in this cabin were really superficial. I hated it. I decided I couldn't sit in here anymore so I went to go play some volley ball.

After winning two games I was in the zone! I was so pumped up and I was getting ready to spike it when I saw Annabeth walk by again. She had been going by for the past two hours back and forth to the Big House. It was getting annoying and I was sort of curious about what was going on really. I mean I liked to in on the gossip around the camp. I got the spike and then I left the game. I heard a few groans but they could handle on their own.

"So Annabeth what's going on at the big house?" I asked as I caught up with her. She turned her head to look back at me slightly and her eyes narrowed. She hasn't like me in a while and I don't exactly know why.

"None of your business," She said as she walked further up the path. I stared at her and rolled my eyes. Bitch. I turned around and smacked right into someone and fell flat on my ass.

"Hey watch-!" I said as I looked up. I stared at the new kid and then stood up. We looked freakishly a like and I didn't like it. We were almost the same height and I stared into his eyes. They matched my color and his hair was the same color as mine.

"Uh Cassi this is Percy. Percy this is Cassi from Aphrodite's cabin." Grover said. Percy nodded and smiled.

"I'm Cassandra Chrysler." I said. We stood there for an awkward minute and then sighed at the same tired. Our eyes met and then looked away in different directions.

"Well I got to go. I'll see you around." I said. I left them and headed down to the beach. I loved the water and the beach it was so calming. When I got down there I sat down at the dock and looked down through the crystal clear water. There were a bunch of Naiads sitting on the bottom of the sea floor. They were giggling and smiling up at me. I waved at one and she smiled.

"You’re a daughter of the sea." She said.

"No I'm Aphrodite's daughter." I said.

"What lies you speak!" She said. I was about to say something when I heard the dinner bell. I sighed and got up grabbing my flip flops and heading to the Mess Hall. I sat down at my table quickly and then looked around. I noticed Percy sitting at the crowded Hermes table and I felt bad for him. That is the reason why I tricked the goddess into claiming me.

"What's wrong Cassi?" Someone asked. I turned to face the table after catching Luke's eye and getting a wink from him and making a blush rise to my cheeks.

"Oh it's nothing," I said. They nodded and then went back to their dinner. After the offering I only picked at my food. I ate a few bites but I really wasn't as hungry as I usually was. Once diner was over I looked around the Mess Hall as everyone cleared out and I saw someone making their way over to me. I noticed it was Luke and a blush rose up to my cheeks. I had a crush on him since I had turned 12. But there were this uh 4 to 5 year age difference.

"Hey," He smiled.

"Hi," I smiled standing up.

"Wanna go for a walk with me on the beach?" He asked.

"Sure," I smiled. We went to the beach and walked along the shore letting waves wash over our feet. It felt so comforting and then I saw some Naiads coming closer to me murmuring to me about how I and the new kid were so similar in looks and stuff. It was getting on my nerves.

"Scram!" I hissed at them and then went back into the water. I saw Luke staring at me and I turned a dull red embarrassed.

"What was that about?" He asked slipping his arm around my waist.

"It was nothing just the Naiads talking about something...they were kind of giving me a headache." I laughed as we walked up onto the pier.

"Yeah they always show up at the worst of times." Luke laughed as he sat down at the edge and let his feet dangle and move the water back and forth. I sat down beside him and then dipped my feet into the water moving them back and forth kicking the water. I stared out in the distance and noticed kind big waves and I stopped immediately and the waves stopped. I sighed and Luke stared down at me in amazement.

"What?" I laughed.

"Nothing," He smiled.

"So how's Percy making out?" I asked.

"He's doing alright overwhelmed. But I wish the gods would claim their kids it's getting crowded in there." He said with bitterness in his voice. I stared at him and noticed the scar on his face and that his hair looked bleach blonde in the light.

"What?" He asked staring down at me. I reached up carefully and ran my hand across his scar.

"You never really did give me the whole story..." I said.

"It was a quest to the garden where Hercules went to get a stupid golden apple. I got hit by the dragon guarding the tree..." He muttered. I stared at him and then nodded and just lightly ran my finger over the scar. He closed his eyes and his breathing became lighter and he smiled slightly.

"Don't worry about the whole scar thing...I have the same." I said as I lowered my hand back down.

"Really you have a scar?" He asked. I nodded. I shrugged out of my shirt because I had a bikini on underneath and pulled my hair away. I showed him the scar that ran from the base of my neck to the small of my back. He ran his fingers over it gently and I stared at my hands.

"We have more in common than I thought," He said. I glanced up at him as he wrapped his arm around my bare waist. He pulled me closer and leaned forward. I tilted my head up and he pressed his lips against mine and his other hand cupped my cheek. After a minute he pulled back and I sighed. He leaned his forehead against mine and smiled. I took his hand that was on my cheek and entwined our fingers together. I smiled up at him and he laughed and kissed me lightly one last time.

"You know you're a pretty good kisser for a fourteen year old." He chuckled.

"Okay I'm turning 15 in a month, so almost 15 year old." I murmured as I blushed and pushed him back a little and he just pulled me closer. That had been my first kiss in the history of my life. And I know what you're thinking but unlike some of the kids in my cabin I am not a slut! Then as I thought that thunder rumbled.

"Sorry mom," I said. Luke looked at me confused as I pulled my shirt back on over my shoulders.

"I just called my sisters and brothers sluts." I said as the thunder rumbled again. Luke laughed and nodded. We kept sitting down by the dock for a few minutes before Luke stood up. I looked up at him confused.

"May I have this dance?" He laughed. I nodded and he pulled me up and he took my hand and then wrapped his arm around my waist and I put my other hand on his shoulder.

"You're short." He said.

"No I'm not! I'm vertically challenged!" I laughed.

"That's what they say now?" He teased. I laughed and stuck my tongue out at him as he spun me around on the spot. He carefully stepped off the dock and onto the sand and carefully helped me down and I hit the sand right as a wave came and got my legs all wet. I squealed at the semi-cold water. Luke then lifted me up and smiled. I squealed as he spun me around in a circle before setting me down.

"So was this like a first date?" I asked. He nodded and smiled.

"My first date," I said.

"Really?" He asked stunned.

"Yeah my first date, first kiss, and etc." I laughed.

"I'm glad I took your lips virginity." He laughed. We both were laughing when his watch went off.

"What's that for?" I asked as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Letting me know we have 10 minutes till curfew." He said.

"Ah, well we better get back then," I said.

"Yeah, come on," He smiled taking my hand. We walked back to the Aphrodite cabin to see Bethany sitting outside sketching. She was quite the artist when she really tried.

"What are you sketching?" I asked as I walked up with Luke. She didn't answer right away because she was really into it. She glanced up and smiled.

"The cabins, what's up Luke?" She asked.

"Nothing much walking Cassi back." He smiled. She whistled and then looked at us. We looked at her.

"Alright I'll turn around," She laughed as she turned to sketch another cabin. Luke bent down and kissed my lips lightly.

"See you tomorrow." He said. I nodded and hugged him. He then headed back over to his cabin and Bethany turned back around and wiggled her eyebrows at me.

"So when did this little get together?" She teased as she patted the spot next to her.

"After dinner," I said as I sat down beside her.

"So that's where you got to! I wanted to talk to you about talking to Jake. I need a new wardrobe for the upcoming change!" She said smacking my arm.

"Hey guys come before-" I said.

"Uh no, because without a killer wardrobe then you don't have the guy." She pointed out.

"Shut up!" I said. She laughed at me and the smudged something on her drawing a little bit making it a shadow.

"What was that?" I asked.

"It's the shadow of the statue." She said pointing to the statue of Aphrodite. I nodded and then leaned back against the bench. My knee started to bounce up and down as I yawned. She looked over at me slightly before she returned to her drawing.

"Tired?" She asked.

"No not really I just feel a little on edge." I murmured as I clasped my hands together.

"Because of Percy?" She asked.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"It's written on your forehead." She said. I shook my head.

"I mean I understand because you two are a lot a like and it's freaky scary. He's looks like he's your twin brother!" She said.

"Don't say that!" I hissed.

"Sorry, shouldn't have said that so loud but it's true. What if Poseidon was your dad?" She whispered.

"Um then you know my life would be hell because of the prophecy about one of the eldests god kids reaching their 16th birthday." I said.

"Right," She said. I sighed and then stood up.

"I'm going to bed. Night." I murmured.

"Night," She said. I went into the cabin and sighed smelling the vanilla sticks someone had put out. I smiled and then plopped down on my bed and stared at the ceiling for a moment before smiling and closing my eyes. Best day ever.



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