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Sea Princess

Chapter 15

When we got back to camp I ran to find Blake who was chilling with a few friends at the volleyball court. They were taking a break and some of them had their shirts off including Blake. I stood there for a moment staring at the muscles in his back and just stared. Damn that was mine. I was still a little in shock sometimes when I said it to myself.

"Yo your girls back." Zach said. Blake turned around and smiled at me. I jumped on his back and he caught me just right. I laughed and kissed the side of his neck lightly causing him to blush.

"After a few dozen failed attempts you guys finally got it." One of his friends laughed. I smiled at them and gave them a thumb up.

"So I got great news." I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"What?" Blake asked looking back at me.

"I don't have to stay here this year for the school year." I smiled.

"Really? Where are you going to stay?" Blake asked surprised.

"With Percy. They went through some legal stuff and adopted me. Isn't it awesome? I might get to go to school with you!" I smiled.

"Yeah," Blake said. I slid off his back and went around looking at him in the face. I stared up at him confused and slightly hurt when I didn't see any reaction on his face.

"You don't sound happy," I said. He wasn't even smiling.

"I am-" He insisted. I frowned and tears started to gather in the corners of my eyes.

"No you’re not!" I said in disbelief.

"Cassi." He murmured reaching for my hand. I pulled back and stared at him. A tear broke through and rolled down my face. His eyes widened.

"No whatever! I hope I can go to a private school anyway!" I snapped. Blake didn't say anything as his friends raised their eyebrows at him. He didn't even move but once more tears ran down my face I saw his facade cracking. I clenched my fist in frustration and anger.

"FUCK YOU!" I screamed. That made him flinch and I ran off tears streaming down my cheeks. I ran to the cabin and packed a whole thing of clothes in a book-bag and shook my head. I slung it onto my back and then ran to the boarder. I stood for a moment before Jake who had been following me got to me.

"Where are you going?" Jake asked he stopped behind me.

"I don't know right now but I just wanna get away from here. I need to think and be alone." I said.

"Cassi you're being stupid." He said.

"Jake I wanna leave for a few days I'll come back. I promise I will." I said looking over my shoulder at him.

"But you're gonna get hurt! You're going to worry Blake." He said. I laughed humorlessly.

"He probably won't care. He doesn't care that I got adopted or that I have a family or I'll be going to real school in the fall." I murmured angrily.

"When did this happen?" Jake asked.

"Today and Blake didn't act like he cared. He acted like he didn't want me around." I muttered as I wiped a tear away.

"I'll talk to him." Jake promised. I nodded.

"Do whatever but I'll be gone." I said.

"Cassi don't." Jake said.

"I just..." I said then I stepped outside the boarders and took off running.


I was looking for Blake and I found him and his friends screwing around. I glared at him and pushed him forward causing him to stumble. He turned around angry until he saw who it was. I stared at him with a disapproving look and I wanted to beat the shit out of him.

"You know you’re a fucking idiot." I snapped. He glanced up at me confused.

"Why?" He asked. I shook my head and sneered at him.

"Cause of Cassi!" I snapped.

"I know I made her upset and all but her in public school won't last-" He said. I shook my head.

"You didn't make her upset! You made her run away dip shit. Today was probably the best day of her life and you ruined it for her! She thought that she could come to you and you two would celebrate together about what happened and you just completely shut her the fuck down. I mean seriously bro that's harsh to do to your girlfriend." I said.

"She what?!" He asked his eyes bugging out of his head.

"Yeah she just ran outside the boarders with a book-bag full of shit!" I said pointing to the spot where I had just seen her.

"Why didn't you stop her!?" Blake yelled.

"She darted off before I could do anything." I said.

"She's gone." Blake said.

"She's gone...because of you." I said.


I sighed as I walked down the sidewalk of NYC. I glanced at the people around me and no one seemed to care but then I stopped at my old penthouse. I stared up at it and then went inside the building. The person at the desk stopped me. I smiled at him.

"I'm sorry miss but you can't spend the night in here. It's for residents only." The boy said. I remembered him. He looked way older though. He was kind of cute too. Damn why couldn't I have just been born normal?

"I use to live here though." I said as I batted my eye lashes.

"Name?" He asked.

"Cassandra Chrysler." I said. His eyes bugged out of his head and I held out my hand for the key to the penthouse. He nodded and gave it to me. I then went to the elevator and then went all the way up to the top. When I got out the hallway was eerie quiet. I opened the door to the penthouse and walked in turning all the lights on and then I noticed it. There were things in different places and then I realized there had been a light on when I walked in. No one had been here in ages. Who was here?

"Cassi wonderful." He said. I froze and saw in front of the window that overlooked the skyline was Luke. He turned around and his scar gleamed in the light. I froze and sucked in a deep breath. Of course it would be Luke, the boy who couldn't leave me alone.

"What do you want? What are you doing here? How did you get in here? How did you even know this place existed?" I asked. I mean a lot of people didn't know this place existed. How did Luke? I'm pretty sure I never told him about it at all.

"I don't want to hurt you or anything. I just want to talk." He said putting his hands up in truce. I stared at him trying to decide if he was lying or not. He smiled at me easily and I bit the inside of my lip.

"About what?" I asked as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Just life," He said shrugging.

"Luke I want you to leave. I'm tired of you and my life is difficult enough. Please get out." I said jerking my thumb towards the door. He turned around fully and looked at me.

"You've been crying." He murmured as he stared me in the eyes. I wiped at them and sighed.

"Yeah I seem to be doing that a lot lately." I muttered angrily as my hands clenched into fists.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he took a step towards me.

"It's nothing Luke now get out!" I said. He took another step forward and I took key off my necklace making it transform into a sword and Luke held up his hands.

"What do you want? Why did you come here?!" I asked as I swung my sword around through my fingers. I was getting tired of his games. He was here for something; probably me, but he was going to get the fight of his life if he tried to get it.

"I have no weapon." He said. I shrugged.

"That hasn't stopped you before when I'm unarmed. And so you don't have your precious backbiter?" I sneered. He then snapped his fingers and two monsters appeared. They just stood there not moving and I glanced at Luke uneasily. He was going to play dirty like always.

"Not going to have them grab me? I thought you just wanted to talk?" I asked.

"I don't want to do this the hard way." He said shaking his head. I chuckled at him and shook my head at him as a dark expression crossed over my face.

"There is no other way, Luke." I murmured. I then secured my book-bag around my shoulders and ran to go between the monsters that were standing in the way of my only escape. I could do this. I screamed and then slashed at the monster and he made a grab for me.

"Don't hurt her!" Luke commanded. I slashed the monster and he hit me and I went flying into the wall. I groaned and my hair got into my face but then I got out my shield. If this was going to happen I was going to go out fighting. I wasn't going to hold back. He started to pound on my shield. I grunted and then I took a blind stab out and got the monster in the neck. The next thing I knew he was gone. Fuck yes! I made a run for the door but Luke got in the way. I held my offensive stance and glared at him behind my shield that was out in front of me.

"Luke move." I said.

"No," He said. I slashed his arm and he looked at me shocked.

"I'm not joking." I snapped. He glared at me and spun around backbiter in his hands that he had not had a moment ago. Then we clashed blades. It sent sparks scattering and I glared at him as I pushed against him.

"Luke move." I grunted pushing harder.

"I can't fail him." He grunted as he tried to shove me back off him.

"Fine then I'm going to make this easier for you." I said. He smiled thinking I was going hang up. I hooked my leg around his leg pushed him backwards with a quick shove and he fell. I jumped over him and went for the elevator. I hit the button and watched the doors close as he got up and ran. Shit the cables. I prayed that he wasn't going to pry the doors open but he wanted me alive not dead. I sighed and then that's when something slammed into the elevators ceiling. My eyes went wide and then the part that could be removed from the roof started to slid off.

"Oh no you don't!" I said. I pulled it shut and was hanging from the ceiling. He was too strong and I didn't have any leverage to help me at all. When I heard the ding I looked to see ground floor. The doors opened and I dropped down and ran out. I kept my key knowing it might come in handy and took to the street with Luke following me. I just hoped the mist would provide something for the mortals to see when they looked down at my sword because someone might call the police on a 16 year old with a sword walking down the street, but its New York, probably weirder shit has happened.

"Move it or lose it!" I kept saying to people. I then ran into someone. I looked up at him and he had a Hawaiian shirt on and shades. He felt so familiar to me.

"Why aren't you at Camp?" He asked. I pulled my sword out so that it was in front of me and glared at the man in front of me. If you're going to take me it's going to be over my dead body.

"I'm so tired of people trying to capture me!" I said frustrated. He looked at me confused.

"Cassi!" Luke said. He then stopped dead when he saw who I was talking to. The man in front of me wasn't fazed he saw Luke. Luke stood there and then he ran for it. What the hell was going on?

"You can't protect your daughter and son forever!" Luke shouted as he disappeared around the block. I looked up at the man in front of me. No way.

"Dad?" I asked confused. He smiled and nodded.

"Yes?" He asked. I made my sword shrink and put it back around my necklace.

"What are you doing out here?" He asked. I frowned and then crossed my arms over my chest.

"Running away, for a little while." I said.

"Gods what would your mother say..." He murmured.

"Mom's been gone for a long time...." I murmured. He sighed and his shoulders slumped forward.

"I know...gods what your mother would say to me if she knew what you were doing now! She probably smack me and say I can't protect her why aren't you?!" He said. I shrugged.

"Come on let’s get you back to camp." He said. I shook my head and took a step back from him.

"I don't want to go back though." I said.

"You won't last long out here with him chasing you." He said.

"I can handle it." I said trailing off. He shook his head.

"Just as stubborn as your mother too." He said. I glared at him.

"I am not!" I squealed. He sighed.

"Come on I'll get you back to camp." He said.

"No! I don't wanna go back there!" I said.

"Cassi-" He said.

"No I seriously don't wanna go back!" I said raising my voice. There were some people glancing over us with a curious expression and probably just saw a father and daughter arguing.

"Cassandra Chrysler do not tell me no!" He yelled. I glanced up at him and then ran in the opposite direction down the block.

"Cassandra!" He yelled. I bolted through the crowd and then after about 5 blocks and millions of people. I sighed slowing down and once that happened I felt a stabbing pain and I cried out and covered it quickly. I looked at my arm to see it bleeding. I glance behind me to see an arrow in the wall behind me. I looked to see a boy holding a bow and arrow. I took out my sword out and twirled it as the kid aimed another arrow at me.

"You're coming with me." He said. I laughed smirking.

"Right," I snorted. I ran at him and put my shield out and deflected his arrow easily. I smashed down on his bow and then hit him in the face with the hilt of my sword. I glared at him and he smirked as he knocked my feet out from under me. We were fighting for a good 5 minutes in the middle of the street when someone stepped in front of us. I was pretty bloodied up. I glanced up to see my father again.

"Leave demigod!" He snapped. The kid sneered but retreated quickly after seeing his face.

"You can handle yourself can you?" He asked. I glared at him and spit out blood onto the sidewalk.

"Shut up." I muttered. He sighed and then the next thing I knew was a cab was pulled up on the side of the street. No!

"It will take you back to camp...do not run away again." He said.

"Why did you save me?" I asked.

"Cause Luke-" He said.

"You have never stepped in before now! You didn't claim me until Percy came along! You don't really care about me!" I screamed.

"Cassi-" He said. I shook my head.

"No I don't need you! I can get back to camp on my own." I said as I started down the street.

"Oh no you don't." He said. He grabbed me by my bag and pushed me into the taxi. I glared at him and then the taxi took off and I was slammed back into the seat. About a half hour later I was back at Camp and they forced me out of the taxi and through the border where Mr. D was waiting with Chiron. I glared at the ground unhappily.

"God out of them all I wouldn't have thought you..." Mr. D said. I just walked past them and went straight to my cabin. I sighed as I passed the courts and it was empty. I stopped when I saw a few people standing in front of my cabin. I stopped and saw Jake, Bethany, Blake, and Percy. I sighed as I walked up to the cabin.

"Cassi." Percy said quickly. I didn't stop and Blake got in front of me.

"Move," I murmured.

"Cassi listen-" He said.

"Move Blake!" I snapped looking up at him. He looked at me and his eyes widened. He must see all the blood. He let me pass and I heard Jake yelling at Blake once inside. I sighed and changed into my bikini and walked back out.

"Oh my god Cassi you are seriously cut up!" Bethany said.

"I'm fine." I said as I walked toward the shore.

"She'll be fine." Percy said. They all watched me and I walked into the water.

"Cassi!" Blake called. When I walked back out the blood was gone the cuts were gone and I felt better. I sighed as I sat down on the sand and I felt someone come up behind me.

"Can I talk to you?" Blake asked. I glanced up at him before staring at the lake again and watched the moon reflect on its surface only to be broken by the rippling effect of ripples that were being caused by something out further.

"You want to talk now?" I asked. He nodded and sat down next to me not caring about getting wet.

"Why did you run away?" He asked.

"You know why." I said.

"I didn't mean to make you upset I just think that you...won't be able to handle public school." He said. I snorted quietly and he just stared at me.

"If I can handle fighting crazy Luke, meeting my dad, and then going against an archer I think I can do public school." I said.

"But the girls are vicious they will call you all kinds of things to make you crack and the guys will try to get with you and do nasty shit...and I don't want to see you hurt. And when did you see your dad?" He said. I looked over at him.

"I'm just worried about you that is all." He said. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer.

"I can handle myself Blake......and today. He's the one that got me back to camp against my will." I said.

"Sometimes you can handle yourself." He said.

"Fine...sometimes." I murmured.

"Just don't get mad at me if I get over protective." He said. I looked over at him as I rested my chin on my arms.

"Fine." I muttered. He chuckled and pulled my face up to his and kissed me lightly.

"And promise me you won't cheat." He whispered. I stared at him shocked.

"That's what that was about?" I asked.

"Cassi I'm not the best looking guy around." He said. I laughed and he got this sort of hurt and confused look on his face.

"Blake you picked me up when I was so down...no one can make me cheat you on. You're an awesome boyfriend, better than I probably deserve. Plus you are good looking, maybe to all girls but for me you are perfect. But then I'd probably cheat on you with Josh Hutcherson and Taylor Lautner and maybe Justin Bieber but I don't believe in hell that I will ever run into them so the odds of me cheating on you are practically none." I laughed. He smiled as the hurt was replaced with love in his eyes.

"I love you," He whispered.

"I love you too." I murmured. I heard people behind me sigh. I glanced down at the scar that had formed on my arm from when that archer shot me earlier.

"Stupid freaking archer." I said.

"Come on, let’s get inside your cabin." He smiled. I nodded and stood up alongside him and waked into my cabin. He bent down once I got changed into some clothes and he stood in front of me and bent down so were head level. I smiled and then that's when he kissed me lightly. I pulled back and leaned my forehead on his with my eyes closed.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too." He said. I then hugged him and he pulled back and smiled.

"I'll let you get some sleep alright," He said. I nodded and then kissed him lightly before he walked out of my cabin. I sighed and then leaned back in my bed and stared up at the ceiling. Please let it not be as bad as Blake described.


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