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Sea Princess

Chapter 3

I woke up when I heard someone bang the door open and then it banged back closed. I groaned and shook my head. Why couldn't everyone just leave me alone today? I wanted to be alone after what happened last night but I guess no one cared about what I thought.

"Morning inspections!" Luke's voice rang out. I shook my head and hid underneath the covers. Then they pulled away from me and I cringed back away from the light shining through my window. I hissed slightly and tried crawling under the remaining the

"Just 5 more minutes please." I begged. I heard him laugh at me. He rolled me so I was on my back and bent down and pressed his lips lightly to mine. I blushed when I learned Percy was still in the room. Luke straightened back up and he glanced around the cabin and smiled.

"5 out of 5." He smiled. I laughed as I shook my head knowing he was just doing that because it was my cabin. Then Annabeth walked in as Luke sat down on my bed. I sat up and stared at Percy as he walked out with Annabeth. I bit my lip as I stared after them chuckling slightly.

"5$ they go out when they are older." I said tapping my fingers to my chin lightly. Luke laughed and then smiled.

"Getting to be physic are we?" He teased.

"Maybe," I shrugged laughing. He shook his head and smiled at me.

"Meet me in the arena after you get dressed I gotta finish up inspections." He said. I nodded and sighed. He headed out and I started getting dressed. I hated getting up this early. It was just not my style to. I was more of the wake up at noon type girl with like 12 hours of sleep. I grabbed my bo-staff and headed down to the arena. I sat down on the bleachers and I noticed that Percy was going to the big house alone. I raised my eyebrows as he went by then I noticed Annabeth bringing up the rear.

"Why is he going up there?" I asked.

"He's got a quest." She said. I bit my lip and rolled my eyes as she walked away from me. I wonder what kind of quest he was going to have to do. This sucks. He's only been here a few days and he's already got a quest. I've been here almost 9 years and I've only had about maybe 2 freaking quests. What the hell was this? I saw Luke with his sword and I got ready with my helmet and my chest guard. Well I guess now would be a perfect opportunity to get out my pent up anger.

"Ready?" He asked. I nodded and made my bo-staff grow to its original size. When we started he got a couple good hits on me but then I started getting good hits on him. I knocked him off his feet and then glared down at him. I had channeled my anger from Percy getting a quest into my fighting. I pressed my bo-staff against his chest protector digging the tip into it slightly.

"I win." I said. I took the tip off him and he stood up. He dusted himself off before staring at me slightly confused.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"It's nothing." I said. I took off my stuff and Luke grabbed me around the waist and lifted me up so I squealed. He set me down and chuckled.

"So what's wrong?" He asked me again. I took a deep breath and hugged him tightly and buried my face into his chest.

"Percy got a quest." I muttered into his chest.

"Oh," He said. Wow was that supposed to make me feel better? Well it didn't.

"Wanna go for some swimming?" I asked.

"Sure," He said. He squatted down after taking off his armor and smiled up at me. I crawled onto his back and he stood up and carried me out to the lake. I smiled when we got. I love the water so much because it was so clear. When we got there I stripped down right away and then jumped in not really wanting to wait for Luke. When I got there a dolphin came right up to me.

Do you want a ride? She asked me. Oh my god that's cool! I can talk to sea creatures. Guess that's one of the perks of being the daughter of Poseidon. I nodded.

Just hold onto my fin she said. I squealed and then I saw another one come up as arms wrapped around my waist. I looked at Luke.

"Do what I do." I mouthed to him. He nodded as I grabbed onto the dolphin's fin and she took off and Luke followed us with the other one. I smiled at him as we rode with the dolphins. About after 10 minutes they took us back to the shore.

"Thanks," I smiled as I crawled back up onto the sand. They squeaked at me and then swam away. Luke came over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist in the front. I was staring up at him as he stared down at me as he rolled onto his side.

"You're my Sea Princess Cassi," He murmured. I blushed and smiled up at him. He pulled me closer and kissed my lips lightly. I pulled myself closer to him and his lips started to move with mine. He stuck his tongue between my lips and I met his with my own and we started making out right there on the beach. His hand slowly moved to my ass and squeezed it lightly making me moan in the kiss. His hand slowly started to move underneath my bottoms but then thunder caught us off guard. I pulled back and stared up at the sky which had turned an angry gray way out over the ocean.

"I hope it doesn't hit camp." I said staring up at the sky.

"They never do." Luke murmured as he kissed my neck.

"I know but this one looks like it might." I said. He pulled away from my neck and glanced up at the sky.

"It does look that way now that you said something." He said. I nodded and he went back to kissing my neck. He bit my soft spot and I moaned quietly. He chuckled at me and I smirked.

"Oh ha-ha I bet I could get you too moan to." I challenged.

"Really?" He teased as he bit down on my soft spot again. I opened my mouth to retort but all that came out was a moan. Pathetic but I nodded.

"Try." He whispered. I smirked and then pulled myself of top of him. He raised his eye brows at me but all I did was slid my hand down to his bottoms and I smirked as I trailed my hand around the top of his trunks. I stared into his eyes and I smirked at him slightly. This was going to be my sweet pleasure.

"Yeah I'm good," I whispered as my hand went lower down and I ran it over the front of his trunks slightly causing him to rise under my tip. I saw him biting his lip and I wanted the satisfaction of hearing him moan. I started rubbing faster and harder through the thin material I could feel him getting harder and harder. I smirked at him and then smiled. I slipped my hand underneath his swim trunks and I started giving him a hand job.

"Cassi," He moaned tilting his head back with his eyes closed.

"Ha!" I smirked. I pulled back and rolled back over in the sand and smirked at Luke.

"Aren't you going to finish?" He asked.

"I'll save that for you babe." I said. Then that's when it started raining. I squealed and looked at him. I pulled him up and we ran back to our cabins. He kissed me lightly and then we went to our cabins. I looked outside and cursed the weather and then a lightning bolt hit close to my cabin and I screamed. I shook my head at how stupid I am. I got changed into the something nicer and then looked out the window as the rain poured down.


I was staring out the window. It was still freaking raining, like seriously I was getting fucking sick and tired of the rain. Well Luke had been in and out of his cabin in the rain doing things strangely. I had nothing better to do so I was updating my journal. I didn't really have much time to write things in it anymore. I was writing it when my window slammed open. I groaned. I tried to close it but of course it wouldn't close.

"Please close." I begged as I strained against it. Then two strong arms came from behind me and closed it for me. I turned to see Luke smiling at me.

"Thanks," I smiled.

"No problem." He smiled as he pecked me on the lips. I smiled at him and then he sat down on my bed.

"I wish this stupid rain would let up," I said. Then another lightning bolt hit close to my window and I jumped and screamed. Luke caught me and chuckled lightly.

"Scared?" He teased. I nodded and he laughed at me. I stuck out my tongue out at him and he pecked my lips again as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I really don't wanna stay in here." He said.

"Then wanna go for a walk down to the stables." I said. He nodded.

"I have to stop by the armory. Why don't you go down to the stables and I'll meet you down there." He said.

"Alright," I smiled. I got my coat and we headed down there. When we passed the armory Luke kissed me lightly an then headed into the armory while I went down to visit my Pegasus Cookie. I named her when I was 7 even though I had no idea why I named her that. I walked down there and sighed. I grabbed an apple when I got down there and fed her once I got to her stable. After an hour Luke still hadn't shown up. It was frustrating as hell. Where was he? How come he hadn't shown up at all?

What’s wrong? Cookie asked.

"It's a long story...well I'm going to head back." I said standing up. I had always been able to talk to her and until now it hadn't made sense why. Well I take that back I had always had a feeling why I could talk to her I just had never wanted to accept the fact of what it was. I let her finish the apple I had before walking back out of the stables. On the way I passed the damn armory and cursed it.

When I got back to my cabin I stripped my soaked jacket off me and hung it up letting it dry and I sat down on my bed and stared out the window again as it rained. This sucks. Luke should have come down but he didn't. Then I noticed something moving in the corner of my eye. Luke was going into his cabin and he looked over and noticed me. A look passed over his face and I knew at that moment he knew that he had messed up royally. He ran over to my cabin and pulled the door opened.

"Cassi I'm so sorry." He said as he walked over to me.

"I don't care." I lied. Okay yeah I am a compulsive lair but you know it's all good. But seriously I was pissed at Luke for forgetting about me in the stables. Who does that to their girlfriend?

"Cassi-" He sighed.

"Luke," I mimicked. He sat down beside me and then I looked up at him.

"Cassandra I'm really sorry." He muttered. He gave me the puppy dog look and I sighed. I hated this because his eyes were really blue and his blonde hair was splattered against his forehead making the puppy dog look harder to resist because he was you know wet.

"Alright fine," I said murmured.

"What?" He asked tickling me. I squealed.

"I said fine!" I laughed. He smiled and then pecked me on the lips.

"I love you Cassi." He whispered. I blushed. It was the first time he had said that to me and it felt so right to say it back to him. I mean I did love Luke. Within a few weeks I had fallen in love with the kid after being friends for like forever with him.

"I love you too Luke." I smiled as I kissed him lightly.


Okay so guys I looked at my stats on the side of this story and I can't believe how big of a hit it is already!

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