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Harry Styles... My brother (Percy Jackson and 1D fanfic)



'WHY? WHY?!' I thought as we ran. The war just got over and we got a break, then we het attacked by a Minotaur and that Lamia creature, whoever she is! Oh, how I hate being a demigod!

After running for about 10 miles, we were all sprawled in the garden, panting heavily.

'I....HATE....ME' I muttered.

'What?' Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry asked together. 'Uhh....nothing' I replied getting up.

'Okay....' Louis said also getting up, '-enough of all this monster nonsense. We are-' he stopped and stared at Harry, with his mouth hanging open as if Harry had just sprouted some whiskers.

'W-w-what is that'' He stammered pointing on top of Harry's head, but no one paid him any attention, everyone was starring at Harry.

A blue Trident was floating above his head, but now it had started to fade.

He is the son of Poseidon?!

I looked at Leo. 'Son of Poseidon?! We have to get to Camp Half Blood' Being such good friends, we could read each others expressions clearly. 'Yes, but what about the others?' I merely shrugged.

'Ahem, Ahem' I cleared my throat. 'Kat wh-' Harry started, but I cut him off. 'This is called claiming. Harry you are the son of Poseidon. You are...' I hesitated for some reason, then slowly I said 'You are my Half-brother. You are a demigod.'

Everyone started at me, as if I had grown whiskers now, then Harry said, 'W-whats demigod?'

I was about to say 'Let Chiron explain' but I stopped. It must be difficult to be attacked without know who you actually are, and whats going on, so I decided to tell them the truth.

I removed my cell phone from my bagpack, and flipped it open. I opened the 'Monster Attack! AHHH!' app and activated the signal.

Leo made this mobile phone for the two of us- one for me, one for him, so if we go seperated, we could contact each other and from the 'Monster Attack! AHHH!' app, we would come to know when a monster was anywhere around us- when we reached London.

I know, he is AWESOME!

'Okay, sit down boys-' I said gesturing towards the benches, swings, shade below the banyan tree, '-time for a "Monster time story" '


After everyone was settled down under the shade of the tree, (Yeah, that was better beacause of the blazing heat) Leo and I stood in front of them, as if we were teachers about to punish them.

Okay, so, 'Whats a demigod?', huh, well, a demigod is an offspring of a god and a mortal. So you're half god and half.... mortal. I would have said human, but that would have been a bit weird, wouldn't it?

So, anyways, being a demigod is dangerous, it mostly gets you killed-' I looked at them, their eyes wide, mouth hanging open, they stared at me with confusion and a bit of fear. Well, who could blame them?

'So, for the demigods to be safe, there are two camps- Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood. Camp Jupiter is for the Roman demigods and Half-Blood for the Greeks.'

We told them the story about why there were two camps, the rivalary betweeen the Greeks and the Romans, the second Titan war, the second war with the giants, and basically everything.

'So, I reached Camp Half-Blood just before the second war with the giants, where as Leo reached before they even knew anything about the war.'

'So, that is the reason why the Minotaur and Lamia attacked us?' Liam asked us so calmly, as if her was told several times that he was a demigod and possibly that every other person would turn into a monster and kill him.

'Yup... so usually demigods get claimed by thirteen, and you guys are, ... welll much older than that, and you'll are being claimed now, thats really weird.

'So... I'm guessing we're gonna go to Camp Half-Blood?' 'Yeah, we'll have to talk to Chiron about this'

'So... um... what about the "secret place"you were gonna take us to?' Niall asked.

'Uhh.. yeah... the secret place is Camp Half Blood.' 'So... we're gonna leave in 6 to 7 hours?' Niall asked.

'No, we don't have time..... earlier we weren't sure whether you guys were demigods or not... but now that we know-'

'Wait a minute' Zayn said, ' Harry got claimed, so we know that he's a...um... demigod.... but, what about us?'

'Uh.. yeah, we know you'll are demigods since you guys can see through the mist... the mist is something that blocks the mortals to see the godly stuff, and well, Lamis said "friends" and usually when a monster says that, the "friends" mean demigods.'

'Ohh...kay' Zayn said completely mystified.

'Okay... so we'll leave now, but we can't...um go by an airplane' 'Why?' Louis asked. 'Because, Harry and I are Poseidons children, and if we enter Zues' dominain, we'll be dead since Zeus and Poseidon are rivals.'

'So... Harry and Kat could go by the sea, and the rest of us could go by Festus... but I don't know whether he'll be able to take 5 people...' (A/N Leo builds Festus using the Archemedies Sphere, you'll understand if you have read The Mark of Athena)

'Hey! We can go by the Hippocampus! There seven of them, and seven of us!' I exclaimed.

'Ah... Kat... thats the first intelligent thing you've told in such a long time' Leo said, with the impish grin plastered on his face.

'Oh Shut Up! Come on, guys!' I said walking away and gesturing them to follow me


You are welcome

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

@Son of Chaos
Haha, thanks.

Soumya Soumya

Don't listen to that doosh this story is awseome

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

Fuck you man I've seen way worse writing and quite frankly I think this is good and I hate 1D

Son of Chaos Son of Chaos

First look at yourself, then judge others. THANK YOU.

Soumya Soumya