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What Now?


The seven of us stood there looking at the awoken Gaea, now going back to sleep, once and for all. I looked at my now closest friends, Annabeth, with her look of fierceness with her dagger, next to her was Piper, also with her dagger, followed by Piper was Hazel, jewels surrounding her, next to her was Frank, in tiger form, nect to him was Leo, balls of fire in his hands, Jason floating in the air, and me, being carried by the waves, Riptide in my hand. I then looked at Gaea falling to the ground. What seemed like eternity, she finally fell and we all cheered. We all embraced and Annabeth and I had a long passionate kiss. as well as Jason and Piper, and Hazel and Frank. Leo stood there awkwardly staring at his feet. Piper told me how he began to act distant with the group. When the passionate kissing ended, we all stood there, not sure what to do next. Leo coughed and said, "Soooo...What's next?" We all stared at each other awkwardly. Leo continued, "How about some Applebee's?"



UPDATE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give me MORE!!!!

Well if percabeth dies then I might just die

tmcar1 tmcar1

idc if Percabeth is gone I never shipped it

WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not later though NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!