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Audentis Fortuna Iuvat


It was the fire that changed everything; my life, my heart, my brain. It left me broken in the ashes with no one there to pull me out. It left me shattered beyond repair without a single drop of glue. It left me crumpled like a building that had suddenly had all its supports yanked out.

But it was how my story started, it was how I learnt to be brave.

(Set three years before Two Bodies, One Soul!)


Kerri Davis

Kerri Davis

Ages 15-17




I will!

Haha I'm already working on my first novel so don't you worry! :) Look out for PEM Moir (which is the pen name I use for comps and such)

Phoebe Phoebe

And who knows... with those good grades you may become a writer with books published somewhere else other than this site! Remember the name Phoebe!!!!


I know.... but I'm still sad!!!

I'm so sorry but it was time to wrap it up! I had to finish writing on this site by the time my school starts (on this Thursday) so I can work on getting the grades I desire. And mostly it was just time for this to end, I loved writing it but I had to stick to a timeline for some accuracy and that timeline just ran out quicker than I'd like. I love you guys and thank you for loving this story as much as I do!

Phoebe Phoebe