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Chapter 4

"You went all freaky ninja and attacked me? Why!?"

the girl fiddles with the necklace around her neck, it looks kind of like a kids art project.

"I might've thought you were an intruding."

that's a stupid answer.

"What would i be intruding? you know, besides like, canoeing and face painting?"

for a second, there's some confusion. then, the old man regains his composure.

"How about we start with introductions. My name is Chiron, and I am the camp director."

that's a weird name, maybe it's scottish?

"I'm Percy" the boy says, "and this is Annabeth"

the blonde girl nods.

"Well, i guess that leaves me. i'm Alice."

"How about we show you around camp, Alice."

Chiron pronounces my name like he just ate something sour, and i don't like it.

"Percy," he says, "Show her around."

Annabeth looks like she wants to protest, but keeps her mouth shut. that's wise.

"Alright," Percy says, "Alice, can you stand?"

"I think so." I say, slowly getting up, it hurts, a heck of a lot, but i manage. that Annabeth girl did some serious damge. must've been some punch.

Percy steadies me by putting my arm around his shoulder. I shoot a thankful glance at him.

"And Percy" Chiron says, just before we head out. "Show Alice around, and maybe see if she clicks with any of the cabins. maybe....." he trails off

Slowly, Percy nods.

"Come on Alice. you get the VIP tour. let's show you around."
slowly but surely, i manage to limp out of the infirmary, into the morning afternoon sunlight. Immediately to my right, i see a volleyball court. that seems like the only normal thing around here.

"So, Alice" Percy says "Welcome to camp half blood. there's really no easy way to put this, so let's rip off the band-aid fast. One of your parents is a Greek god." the sky rumbles. "Or goddess." Percy says, staring up at the sky.

"what?! no! that's not possible!"

"That's what i said too, when i first came here, but look at me now."

"I mean it's not possible because i knew both of my parents, at least, until i was 5...."

"exactly. who left, your mother or your father?" i look down. "Mom." i say shortly.

"That means your parent is a greek goddess. with any luck, you'll get claimed tonight at the bonfire. Come on, there are some people i think you should meet."



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