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Take Me As I Am

Chapter Two

I donned a orange t-shirt like Annabeth’s (my previous shirt was covered in blood no doubt from my arm being torn off) and she lead me out of the house I had been in this so called camp was deserted. There must not be many campers. I followed her up a path.

“I’ll give you the tour later, but for now the others have already started dinner.” We walked through camp. I didn’t pay much attention.

“Where is my flute?” I asked jogging to catch up. She stopped and looked at my confused.

“What flute?” Don’t tell me the monster took my flute! I sighed.

“Never mind.” We continued on until we reached a large structure made of columns. “This is the mess hall. Where we eat. You will spend time with Hermes cabin until your parent claims you.” I looked at her like I had no idea what was going on. “You are a demigod. One of your parents is a god or goddess.” The sun shined in my face and it all made sense. I thought about my flute really hard. It must be with my arm.

“Do you know where my arm is?”

“I presume that it was eaten.” Well she was hopeless. She motioned me to follow to the front. “Mr. D our new camper, this is Kree…” She was looking for my last name.

“Kree Abner.” As I spoke the late afternoon light hit my hair at the right angle. Everyone that looked at my was momentarily blinded. A ruckus erupted from the other campers. I was embarrassed all I wanted to do was disappear. The light my hair created ceased. The people looked in awe. I started to move back the way I came, but realized that they looked as if the were searching about the room for me. To make sure I poked one of them on the chest. He exclaimed and tried to find what touched him. I move to the front again, but on the other side and willed myself to be seen. I apparently reappeared because as soon as one person saw me they yelled and pointed and more joined in. From the babbling I cough that my robotic arm didn’t vanish. So it was just floating around. I laughed at that to myself. At once everyone stopped laughing. Annabeth moved towards me.

“Scratch what I said about Hermes cabin. Your father claimed you.” She smiled at me. She lead me to a table over flowing with teenagers. All of them looked at me. Blushing, I felt myself fade into the light. “Kree, it’s okay. It’s just no one has seen a power like that. Bending the light to conceal yourself. It’s amazing.” I came back into visibility. “This is Will your counselor. If you need anything he can help, just ask. I’ll leave you to your dinner.”

“So tell us, Kree. What sort of monster ripped of your arm?” Will asked, all the others looked anxiously for the answer. I tried to think about what I was running from and how I had got here. I couldn’t picture it though.

“I honestly have no idea. It’s like my memory was swiped or something.” They seemed disappointed at that answer. I held my mechanical arm out in front of me. Who ever made this is really good at robotics if they can figure out how to make it do what I want. I wonder if they implanted a chip in my brain. I gazed down at my plate which was full of pasta even though I never saw it move. That’s curious. Every one from the table suddenly got up and walked toward the bronze fire pit at the center of the room that was as big as a bath tub. Hastily not wanting to feel weird sitting alone I followed my cabin mates. Siblings? They each brushed a portion of their meal into the fire. The girl in line before me turned.

“Every night we tribute a portion of our food to the gods by burning it in the fire.” She explained before pushing French fries into the flames. I stepped up and moved some off also. I thanked who ever had brought me here as I did so.


Her dad is apollo, god of the sun............. WRITE MORRRRRRE I WANTZ TO READ IT!!!!!

Keep writing! It's really good!

Phoebe Phoebe
really good um whos her dad?
Sam Hamper Sam Hamper
Very good. Too be honest I didn’t think I’d like it, but I did and I’m going to subscribe.
SOS155 SOS155