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The Impossible meeting

When they're sent

Percy's POV(after the Giant war)

I stood up and regarded Chiron."So all I have to do is find and kill this dragon?" Chiron nodded.He had just informed me that a dragon had gone on a mortal-eating spree and he wanted me to kill it.
"Seems easy to me." I said.I left the porch and entered my cabin,packing a bag and slinging it over my shoulder.I slipped Riptide in my pocket.With that,I passed Thalia's tree and set off down the hill.

Carter's POV(After they defeated Apophis,Carter and Zia are dating)

I landed Freak on the roof of Brooklyn House and dismounted.Bast was waiting for me.I walked toward her."What's wrong,Bast?Your message sounded urgent." Bast said,"A dragon escaped from the Duat.You need to go send it back."
I stepped back."What,now?I was getting Zia to go on a date!Can't it wait?" Bast replied,"I'm sorry Carter.But it can't wait.I'll explain it to Zia."
I grumbled as I reached into the the Duat and grabbed my bag and khopesh.I got back on Freak and flew off.

Harry's POV(after Voldemort has died,still at Hogwarts)

I went straight to Headmistress Mcgonagall's office after potions class.She had told me to come right away.I spoke the password and the gargoyle slid aside,revealing a set of worn stone steps.I ran up them and knocked on the door.
A voice echoed from within."You need not an invitation to enter,Mr.Potter." I opened the door and stepped inside.She stood there,with a sour look on her face,as always."A dragon escaped from dragon smugglers.You must retrieve it and bring it back here."
I nodded."Anything else?" "No" She said.
I nodded again,closed my eyes,and apparated to the dragon.


So this is like a Percy Jackson/Carter Kane/Harry Potter crossover.
Hope you like it.
I published this chapter July 31,2014.


@Protaokper it looks like you haven't deleted this yet so if you even have an account anymore I'd like to know if I can take it up? It''s completely fine if I can't. It's a bloody brilliant story. If you'd like to see some of my writing, my Wattpad account is KitKatCliche. None of my stories are finished yet, but I'm trying!

Yes, it took you too long to update...can you tell me what I should write for Chapter 4 of the Magnus Chase story?

Sakra Devanam Sakra Devanam

No. It's just taking a bit.

Protaokper Protaokper

It's done?

bolt bolt

MORE MORE MORE IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fangirllove22 fangirllove22