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The Impossible meeting

We arrive

Percy's POV

I walk toward the dragon.Man,that thing was huge.I'm about to stab it when I see a gryphon flying above.And on the gryphon's back....Carter?!

Carter's POV

I lower Freak above the dragon when I see .... Percy! creeping toward the dragon's big butt,sword raised.I almost fall of my gryphon before I get a grip.Percy had said he lived in New York City.Of course he would be here.I waved at him.He gawked at me and lowered his sword.
It hit the sidewalk.
And alerted the dragon.
It spun and,before Percy could lift his sword,swung it's arm.
It should have smacked him into the nearest wall.
But a spot of light hit the dragon.It seized up,became rigid and fell.

Harry's POV

I walked around until I saw the dragon.There was a gryphon floating above it,with a boy riding it.And a boy creeping toward the dragon's back,holding a sword.My mouth dropped open.
Then the boy riding the gryphon started mouthing something at the boy.The boy dropped his sword and stared at the boy on the gryphon.Then the dragon spun around and swung an arm at the boy.
It was obvious I had to act.
I aimed my wand at the dragon and whispered,"Petrificus Totalus!" The spell flew through the air and hit the dragon's scales.The dragon stiffened and fell.I walked toward it.I needed to get the gryphon too.Gryphons were dangerous creatures.

Carter's POV

I jumped off Freak and looked around wildly for the source of the light.A boy walked toward the dragon,holding a stick like a weapon.I run toward him and stop a couple feet away.
"Who are you?" I ask.
He ignores the question."Step aside,please.I'm getting the gryphon.It's dangerous."
I glance at Freak and back at him."Who,Freak?He's harmless." I don't move.
He stares at me,then wrinkles his forehead,like he's concentrating.He opens his mouth and points the stick at me.I tense.
Then a wave of water washes over him.He turns,spluttering and gets lifted off his feet.He knocked against the wall,and slipped,unconscious.I step toward him and remove the stick,which I realized was a wand,from his grasp.Then I spoke.


Hey fans!Hope you like this chapter!
I published this chapter July 31,2014.


@Protaokper it looks like you haven't deleted this yet so if you even have an account anymore I'd like to know if I can take it up? It''s completely fine if I can't. It's a bloody brilliant story. If you'd like to see some of my writing, my Wattpad account is KitKatCliche. None of my stories are finished yet, but I'm trying!

Yes, it took you too long to update...can you tell me what I should write for Chapter 4 of the Magnus Chase story?

Sakra Devanam Sakra Devanam

No. It's just taking a bit.

Protaokper Protaokper

It's done?

bolt bolt

MORE MORE MORE IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fangirllove22 fangirllove22