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The Impossible meeting

When they realize

Percy smirked and walked toward me. "No need to thank me."
I rolled my eyes and looked at the boy on the ground. He's wearing a robe and I notice a scar on his forehead. I turn from him and walk to the dragon, which is laying on the ground. It seems frozen. I poke it and it reactes by moving it's eyes toward me.
I jumped and ran back to Freak.

Percy's POV

I walked to the boy on the ground and gently pushed him onto his stomach with my foot. He flopped over and landed on his stomach.
I turned to the dragon and raised my bronze sword. Suddenly Carter jumps in front of me and puts up his hands. I yell and twist the sword away just in time.
Carter jumps away from the sword and says, "Don't kill it! I need to send it back to the Duat!"
I lower my sword. "The what?"
Carter looks bored. "The Duat, your resident alternate-dimension foot locker and afterlife. This dragon escaped from it."

Carter's POV

I was relieved when Percy lowered his sword. I gestured to the boy on the ground. "What should we do with him?"
Percy thought. "I can take him back to my place. You should come too."
I nodded and concentrated, opening a pocket into the Duat under the dragon. It falls into the pocket and I close it.
I stuffed the boy's wand into my pocket and lifted his arm over my shoulder. "Percy, you wanna help?"
Percy helped me take the boy to Freak and lay across Freak's back. Percy climbs on behind me and guides me to his place.


I haven't updated this for almost four months and I'm really sorry. But here's a new chapter!


@Protaokper it looks like you haven't deleted this yet so if you even have an account anymore I'd like to know if I can take it up? It''s completely fine if I can't. It's a bloody brilliant story. If you'd like to see some of my writing, my Wattpad account is KitKatCliche. None of my stories are finished yet, but I'm trying!

Yes, it took you too long to update...can you tell me what I should write for Chapter 4 of the Magnus Chase story?

Sakra Devanam Sakra Devanam

No. It's just taking a bit.

Protaokper Protaokper

It's done?

bolt bolt

MORE MORE MORE IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fangirllove22 fangirllove22