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Behind the Shadows


Percy has a twin sister called Sapphire. She was adopted by Apollo to hide her from Zeus and Hades. She grew up with two loving parents and her best friend Luke.

Sapphire is now at camp half blood. She has been there for a few years now. When a boy named Percy turns up problems starts to surround Sapphire. A lot of things start to make no sense and the people Sapphire love begin to show their true colours. In a life that has been built on many lies there is one thing she knows. She is Sapphire Willow.

Note - Edited chapters are at the bottom. I've had to re-submit the chapters I have edited due to the website glitching whenever I tried to edit on here. I'm editing in order so it won't end up a mess of jumbled chapters.


Jake Mason

Jake Mason

Jake is Sapphire's partner in crime. He is her loyal and trustworthy friend. He is a ray of sunshine with his cheeriness and sense of humour.

Luke Castellan

Luke Castellan

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

Sapphire Willow

Sapphire Willow

Sapphire is the main character. She is about sixteen in the beginning of the story. She is twin of Percy, but their looks is about all they have in common. Sapphire is short tempered and uses her sarcasm as a weapon.


  1. Just Keep Swimming

    Chapter Thirty Three

  2. Panic

    Chapter Thirty Four

  3. Pace Pace Pace

    Chapter Thirty Five

  4. Hit The Deck

    Chapter Thirty Six

  5. Cool Down

    Chapter Thirty Seven

  6. Hold On Tight

    Chapter Thirty Eight

  7. To Drown or Not To Drown

    Chapter Thirty Nine

  8. Trouble and Truths

    Chapter Forty

  9. Cuffs and Glares

    Chapter Forty One

  10. Sailing The Unknown

    Chapter Forty Two

  11. Traitor in Danger

    Chapter Forty Three

  12. Let The Demigod Hunt Begin!

    Chapter Forty Four

  13. A Joyful Taxi Ride

    Chapter Forty Five

  14. Apollo Apollo

    Chapter Forty Six

  15. Hallucination

    Chapter Forty Seven

  16. The Blind Truth

    Chapter Forty Eight

  17. A Stretch For Focus

    Chapter Forty Nine

  18. We All Fall Down

    Chapter Fifty

  19. Bitter Sweet

    Chapter Fifty One

  20. Under the Sun

    Chapter Fifty Two

  21. Angry Campers Everywhere!

    Chapter Fifty Three

  22. Awkward and Badly Timed Jokes

    Chapter Fifty Four

  23. Alone No More

    Chapter Fifty Six

  24. A Fruitless Search

    Chapter Fifty Seven

  25. Unforgiving Fish

    Chapter Fifty Eight

  26. Silent Darkness

    Chapter Fifty Nine

  27. Death Flow

    Chapter Sixty

  28. Blood For Blood

    Chapter Sixty One

  29. The Boy With The Eyes. (Chapter One - Edited)

    Chapter One

  30. Out Of Character (Chapter Two - Edited)

    Chapter Two

  31. Fighting With A 'Borrowed' Sword (Chapter Three - edited)

    Chapter Three

  32. Power Over Friendship (Chapter Four - edited)

    Chapter Four

  33. Update - I am back!

  34. Secrets and Lies. Updated Chapter

    Chapter Five

  35. The Loyal and Annoying Friend - Updated Chapter

    Chapter Six

  36. The Sea Scented Cabin

    Chapter Seven

  37. Nice Clarisse and Blue Food - Updated

    Chapter Eight

  38. A Dinner Full of Forgiveness

    Chapter Nine

  39. Breaking and Entering

    Chapter Ten

  40. An Unexpected Fight

    Chapter Eleven

  41. A Failed Prank

    Chapter Twelve

  42. A Terrible Kidnap

    Chapter Thirteen

  43. Five Star Broken Boy

    Chapter Fourteen

  44. Angry Waves

    Chapter Fifteen

  45. Breath in, Breath out. Repeat (Updated)

    Chapter Sixteen

  46. The problem with the hole

    Chapter seventeen

  47. A daughters Love

    Chapter Eighteen

  48. Sing to Sleep

    Chapter nineteen

  49. Battler With Waves

    Chapter twenty

  50. Home Sweet Home

    Chapter twenty one

  51. Burger in the Face

    Chapter twenty two

  52. Stitch on a Smirk

    Chapter twenty three

  53. The Game of Love and Strawberries

    Chapter Twenty Four

  54. Oh Sister Dearest

    Chapter Twenty Five

  55. Empty Eyes

    Chapter Twenty Six

  56. A delightful Family

    Chapter Twenty Seven

  57. Sugar Rush

    Chapter Twenty Eight

  58. She Can Cook

    Chapter Twenty Nine

  59. Pasta, Cake, and Hermes?

    Chapter Thirty

  60. All Sibling Fight

    Chapter Thirty One

  61. The Bitter Truth

    Chapter Thirty Two


omg u have to continue this story!!! it is soooooo good

McShizzle_yall McShizzle_yall

Where is half of the chapters like 1,2,3,4? And please upate

rucas2003 rucas2003

I just found this less than a week ago and just couldn't put it down, you have such a great story