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Looking back, I remember making jokes when my dad gave me his lessons. Jokes like he was preparing me for the hunger games or the zombie apocalypse. Now though, I wish that was all it was...that would make things so much easier. Especially if I actually put effort into those lessons. I took me, well, a while to get to camp. And but then, I was no longer sure it was worth it.

The beginning went something like this:
Me: Dad do I have do this again, we live in Canada, I'm sure I can just ask the neighbours for water
Dad: you won't always be here, you need to learn how to filter the water so it's safe to drink.
Me: *groan worthy of Merida from brave*

I begin to show him what I can do. The filter system is beyond easy, I don't know why he bothers. The crash sounds from outside. My dad instantly springs into action, pushing me behind a table and out of sight.
The sounds of fight are heard for a while, then it stops. I wait for something to come for me. My dad, a monster, anything to know what happens.
It takes too long. I crawl out from under the desk and peer around the corner. Nothing.
Literally Nothing. No Dad. No monster. Only one three letter word scratched hastily into the ground: RUN







Protaokper Protaokper

I do try, I will admitt though, I do need to finish a lot of my stories---And i will be spending a lot of my time going back to them, as a part of a dare--My sister thinks i can't go a year without starting a new story---well, we're about to put that to the test! There shouldn't be anymore new stories until August 31st next year!

Athaliah Athaliah

No offense Athaliah, because every story you write is good, but do you ever complete an idea?Sure, two of your stories have more than ten chapters, but I just am amazed at how you keep starting stories. I could never keep up with so many different projects and ideas. *tips hat*

Grafon Grafon

@Tactum Ignis
Well thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it

Athaliah Athaliah

Yay new story!
And i'm the first person to read it!
Therefore I call OWNERSHIP of this story!
Just kidding,I couldn't write it like Athaliah does:(

Protaokper Protaokper