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I've always wondered...why isn't HEALTHINESS the standard for beauty? I mean, we find one person who's healthy state is considered attractive, then say "this is the standard for beauty! She is beautiful! Hips, breasts, hair, skin, everything. It's healthy for her, beautiful to my eyes, and therefore everyone ought to aim for that exact same picture." This is a bad mindset! We forget that everyone's bodies are different! One person's healthy may be another person's too fat or too skinny. Body types and shapes vary.

In a perfect society, beauty would be based upon healthiness. That way, people wouldn't have to make a choice between one or the other, and you could strive for both at the exact same time. The thing is that today, beauty is actually an unhealthy standard. Chemical products: in your hair, ingested, applied to skin, aromatic therapy, all of that. Even plastic surgery, certain diets (I know of one girl who looks like a Barbie doll but lives off of light, air, and water [as she claims]). It's all actually unhealthy. The standard for attractiveness is making us choose between our want for acceptance and self confidence and our personal health. And seeing as when people are rejected, it declines the state of their mental and emotional health, it's like making us choose between that or physical health: a choice that should never have to be made, seeing as they are actually directly connected and inversely related.

I think we should each trash the media's definition of beautiful and figure out what is truly healthy and natural for us individually. Think of healthy as beautiful, gain self-confidence, and you no longer have to make that decision. Even if it takes everyone else a bit to get over how we will refuse to conform to their two door options, our confidence and health and positivity will become infectious. It will make you feel beautiful and become an attraction factor in and of itself! Benefits all around. :)

~Torissa Nikole


So...this is sort of a random little thing I spat out in less than five minutes because I was mad at something related and wanted to be positive. It's unedited and probably not very well written, but the point was the message not the style quality. It's not PJO or writing related, so if I should remove it, just tell me. But yep. :)


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