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I Am Legen- I mean, Ashamed of You

My name is my name you and no one elses, I am ashamed that you would degrade the Incagnito family with... with... Grafon???????????????????

Disgrace I say, disgrace.

In other news, I, the wonderous Incognito Guy will run for President of the United New Jersey Of America (which is not the state I live in, that's the other guy That_Dam_Persassy) and will break away from the nation, along with New Hampshire and Alaska to form the United Incognito of Guyland. Any who wish to join me will be given an honorary family name (Incognito woman and child are taken).

I'm just kidding, I can do it all by myself and don't need any of you. Maybe Phoebe. And possibly theteenagefandom but mostly only me.

My rein shall be known in history as... the Incognito Rein and our flag will have a picture of a koala on it wielding a medieval flail. Goodluck and hope I spare your lives, younglings.

-Incognito Guy



Mhm yep I bet

Thank yo- I mean, I'm sure Incagnito Guy thanks you

Best chapter ever


Constrictor Constrictor

I stg this is such a stupid mystery he's obviously Apollo

Stop it Rick Stop it Rick