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Okay, so I'm not an author or anything, but here is something I need to rant about.

100% OC Stories:

Don't get me wrong, they are interesting. Yet, when you loosely (extra emphasis on loosely) base it on the series, it has little bearing. While my story might be considered "100% OC" it has quite a lot of ties to the originals series, referencing characters, and legitimate relations to them as well. Enough about my fic, now about the rant part.
When you make your story revolve around a Mary Sue, followed by Grover (Seriously, stop bringing him into this to justify your OC) and a few other demigods you created. When all that happens is OC's and using camp names, it becomes much harder to write after a while. You never brought any PJO characters in, which would help bring the story back around.

Don't even get me started on shipping with Nico (please, just no) or Percy, or really any of the PJO/HOO characters with your OC.

Thanks for reading this,
Stop It Rick



Mhm yep I bet

Thank yo- I mean, I'm sure Incagnito Guy thanks you

Best chapter ever


Constrictor Constrictor

I stg this is such a stupid mystery he's obviously Apollo

Stop it Rick Stop it Rick