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You Choose: Camp War


This is the first in the YOU CHOOSE series, and I am super excited to write it!

A few things you NEED to know:

1. This will take FOREVER to make, so don't expect to finish the story soon until it's finished!

2. If you choose one way, it will take a while for me to make every single path, so you'll need to wait even longer for me to make all of the decisions.

3. You can ALWAYS go back to the start and redo it over again for a different experience!

7. There will be 2 major paths. Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood. I will start with Camp Half Blood, so if you want to join Camp Jupiter, you'll have to wait for me to finish the CHB storyline first!

16. I'm bad at counting xD

2057.8. When you talk to a character and they ask you a question, there will be a rating at the end of the answers you can choose from. The higher the number, the higher the approval of the other person.

"Do you like me?" Jordan asked.

*"Of course I do, you're the most beautiful person I've met." (80)
*"I've gotta go, forgot to unclog the toilet!" {Stall/leave} (50)
*"As a friend, yes." (30)
*"Ew, no!" (5)

The things you say can effect a person's mood and feelings for you. Be careful what you say! Some conversations may not have the numbers to tell you to mix things up.

**IMPORTANT** When you see the numbers show up after a talk, make SURE you add up all of the numbers. Write them down and add them up. That's how you're going to remember what your relationship status is with people. Like if the total number you got were... idk, 1,200-1-300, then that person would be highly fond of you. Just make sure you keep track of your numbers!

Actual story summary; it was inevitable. Two completely separate camps with half of them hating each other? War could happen in the blink of an eye; and it finally happened. But it didn't happen any time around the Seven's golden age. You are the legendary Percy Jackson's grandchild, and after a few accumulated years, you can finally join the fight (against your parents judgement) and are ready to jump in.

What path will you choose? Who will live? Who will die? Find out! It's your choice!



I'm just gonna watch this play out hehe.

Sakra Devanam Sakra Devanam


Constrictor Constrictor

Alright, welcome to the You Choose Trio! Now called the You Choose Squad! :)

Sure! :-)

Constrictor Constrictor

Than you don't get payed! XD

So you wanna join in?